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Looks like the zombie x site is down here is a google cached version of it link
My set of AKG K702s with "Truth" UPOCC cable terminated with Furutech FP-704 connector.   Have original box with manual in excellent condition.   Also comes with the original cable.   I've owned these headphones for about a year and have put about 10hrs on them, I prefer my HD650s over these so they are up for sale.   Price is 260 shipped within Canada and the USA, ask me for shipping to other countries.   I will also do local pickup if the headphones are sold...
I had this problem with my SOHA II when it was running a pair of 12AU7s, but I recently switched to the 6DJ8s and there is no hiss at start up anymore... Also as a side note my amp seems to run cooler with the 6DJ8s but has lesser gain than the 12AU7s.   Edit: Weird I just rolled my 12AU7s in and it's different from before, I can now max the pot with out going deaf. They now have about the same gain as my 6DJ8s... Maybe running the amp at 6.3v did...
Here is my current pencil the Pilot H-3003. It's a balanced medium weight pencil with a retractable tip. Overall it's a very nice pencil to write with and I fully enjoy using it. Too bad this pencil is no longer in production :(  
A pc sound card is not going to be adequate. They will make sound, but it won't be particularly good sound. I own the HD 650 and AKG 702 and run them both off a SOHA II.
So I've been using this amp for some time now and it's great, but I've always wondered what is it's max output using 12AU7's? How would I go about measuring this this?
Bought a pair of AKG K702 and Custom OCC cable from Fran. Great communication, fast shipping, smooth transaction what more could you ask for? Would definitely deal with again if given the opportunity!   Thanks again for the wonderful headphones!   Jaivan
Just received my pair of K702's and have been listening to them out of my SOHA II amp.They sound great there is no sibliance or an overly bright sound. There is also sufficient bass not as much as my HD650's or my Westone 3's, but there is definitely enough bass. These phones really don't match up with pop music though, but classical and acoustic even some rock/metal music sound great on them much better than my HD650's.   Out of curiosity though I wondered what they...
Dammit I work that day, I'm free the following Saturday though... I can bring my HD650's and if Justin gets to shipping my Pico Slim I can bring that too.
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