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The rean ones fir perfectlyhttp://www.rean-connectors.com/en/products/tiny-xlr-chassis-connectors/rt3mp
I Just made a short video of the operation which may help
Hi Garraty,               The HD25 and HD25 plus are almost identical to the last version of the HD25-1 MK II Basic eddition but as you mentioned the plus comes with more accessories. They have new moulds for most of the parts ( when compared to the HD25 ) but they look the same to the untrained eye and there seems not to be any changes to the driver other than the clicking mechanism to adjust the headband being a bit firmer. I have listened to a box fresh pair of the new...
Sorry for the necromancy ;) I was looking for some tips on modding the GS1000 as I had one in to be re-cabled and could not find any. In case anyone is wandering .... It is probably not the sort of thing you want to try unless you have a lot of time on your hands. The tricky part is getting the drivers out without damaging anything. It is hot glue but I did not want to heat the driver directly and cause damage so the only way I could find to do it was to use a soldering...
You may well be able to repair the driver - or if you are in the UK I could help you with it. You can re-solder the voice coil to the bottom of the contact and glue it back in place. If you do change the driver it will need a bit of a burn in and they are not all the same - the impedance can vary by a few ohms from driver to driver but your ears will compensate after a bit of listening time. You could measure the impedance of your working driver and ask beyer really nicely...
Yes - they are enamelled wires. Dipping them in a bit of flux first helps. We dip the ends in flux paste and then use a very hot soldering iron - over 400 degrees C and let the solder flow into it. That does the trick every time but if you using a basic soldering iron and having real trouble, I have herd that resting the wire on an aspirin and tin the ends while it is pressed against it works - heating the aspirin releases some kind of acid that helps eat the enamel  Hope...
The pads are the same but they are using less sticky tape on the head pads than then have been for the past year or so.I am not a golden eared tester but I have had a quick listen to a pair that have had a bit of a burn in and they sound the same,to me, as a box fresh pair of the slightly older version.
Glad i'ts not just me who spots these things ;) Also spotted they have one of our very early cables on the center one
A quick look at the new 2016 HD25
 The HD7 and 8 have been tuned for DJ use but possibly not ideal for production but... the treble does become a little more crisp after a little burn in . The HD6 may be better but I would say, in the sennheiser range - the HD25, HD380 or HD600 would be good as they have a flatter response.
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