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Dismantle the cupsSand them with 800 grit paper to give the paint something to key intowash off all the dust and swarf from sandingSpray with adhesion promoter or plastic primer automotive paint of your choice ( for one off jobs rattle cans shuld be fineClear coat or laquer to protect the paint work Here is a vid of how I do it but it is what I do for a living so it takes a while as I have to get things just right and they have to be durable enough to last for years 
They are available in the UK - I have already had a few sets but they are twice as  expensive as the standard pads at around £21 GBP - they are nice pads thoughIf you are on the lookout they are part number 556906 I believe
It looks like the HD25 have had a mini update. We have just had a new batch of HD25-1 mkII in and they have slightly different earcups. Not really noticable from the outside other than slightly more sheen to them. Inside you can see the are subtly different where the driver clips into the cup using similar clips to the ALU HD25 they also have not changed over from the silver phillips screws to hold in the cable clamp to the black T6 screws used on the ALU so they are not...
They turned out not to be too difficult to put back together although the soldering it a bit fiddly as they have lost of extra wires to support the dual sided entry. Here is a pic of the test pair I have done - I was not brave enough to paint the hinges but the rest of it went without any major issues  
HD8 Autopsy ;) These have taken a while for me to get apart as they are a bit to expensive for me to destroy a pair in the process and they are built like a puzzle box. Having got them apart I can see sennheiser put a lot of love into them and there are some nice touches like a ruberised panel inside the earcup to absorb vibrations - they also have a rubber surround on the internal bass port
I Have just had a quick check playing some white noise through our speakers and the isolation seems similar to the HD25 but I don't want to play it too loud and upset the guys in the next unit ;) I may try to rig up a test tonight after they have finished for the day. The one thing I have noticed which is a little annoying for use on the streets... We hare having quite a few storms where I live at the moment and having a detachable cable socket in each ear - the ear...
I don't have any HD25 ALU to hand at the moment but should have some more in a week. They do definitely have more bass than the HD25ALU but I will have to have another side by side listen to check the quality of the bass as more is not always better. The HD8 do produce more sub bass so they drop down lower than the HD25 ALU but I suspect the aluminiums have slightly more detailed / textured bass. I will have to have a good listen to both when they come in and check. 
Here you go - the pads are around 40 x 60 inside
I Have finally got some HD8s and have had a good play with them. They do feel nicer with the metal components - they just feel a bit more solid then the HD7. I have hooked them up to our ghetto fabulous HATS setup. It is not super accurate and there is a little background noise here in our industrial unit but it is good enough to compare A with B - all the tests were done one after another with the same setup to give a fare comparison. Here is a waterfall done with the...
Sorry for thread necromancy but I finally got round to doing a vid of the process    
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