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Just send a message and a picture of the problem through and eBay message or email and we can give you the options
Sad times. I work at custom cans - most of our stuff has a 2yr warranty so we can probably sort you out without having to buy another one. What cable did you buy?
Here are a couple of pics I snapped 
Hi There,             Here you go ;) I think this is what you are after and
you can use a standard 3.5mm jack in that socket as well as the locking ones - that hole in the middle is a normal 3.5mm jack (TRS) then it has a thread on the outside to use with the locking ones so any standard stereo 3.5mm jack will plug into that hole 
Yes you can fit standard jacks into these locking sockets. Here are links to where he got them from
Someone just send in some "well loved" DT990 with some locking 3.5mm jacks for us to fit - these look like an interesting option as well if you are worried about pulling the jack out but the socket also fits standard jacks as well  
I just got my DT 770 32 Ohms and I wanted to know more information about mass loading the drivers and damping. I was looking at this but am unsure as to what exactly this does.   The idea is to give more bass detail with the extra mass and make them sound less boxy by absorbing the more of the sound coming off the back of the driver so less bounces back through. The kit was designed...
1 ) mini XLR in more secure and better for balanced but harder to fit2) Balanced cabling keeps the left and right channels completely separate which gives better stereo imaging and does seem to improve the SQ a little3) Should be alright but someone on here may have more experience of the 3.5mm sockets4) There are loads of options and it is probably worth checking out the DIY cable threads for opinions but good quality copper should do the trick without colouring the sound...
Just for a bit of an experiment I have given the T70 the balanced detachable treatment. Turns out the theory is basically the same. There is slightly more room for the XLR socket in them as they don't have the circular plastic ring that holds the damping that the DT770s have but the headband is trickier to pull apart as it has tiny plastic clips hidden away inside to release the ends.  
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