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If they are fine already then leave them as they are 
  Don't worry too much about the middle contact coming loose as it is not really needed. I would recommend connecting the wires for the right ear directly to the socket and it is also worth putting some tape over the contacts or they may short against the metal on the socket when you close it. The center contact is not connected to anything in the driver but the outer two are connected to the very fragile voice coil wires, I would not try to bend them back into shape as if...
Could well be an air gap somewhere. Any extra hole in the cup will act like an additional bass port adding mode bass and overpowering the mids making them sound recessed. So check around the socket and bung up any holes with hot glue or something and if you changed the cable through the headband plug those holes as well and it should sort it out
Just send a message and a picture of the problem through and eBay message or email and we can give you the options
Sad times. I work at custom cans - most of our stuff has a 2yr warranty so we can probably sort you out without having to buy another one. What cable did you buy?
Here are a couple of pics I snapped 
Hi There,             Here you go ;) I think this is what you are after and
you can use a standard 3.5mm jack in that socket as well as the locking ones - that hole in the middle is a normal 3.5mm jack (TRS) then it has a thread on the outside to use with the locking ones so any standard stereo 3.5mm jack will plug into that hole 
Yes you can fit standard jacks into these locking sockets. Here are links to where he got them from
Someone just send in some "well loved" DT990 with some locking 3.5mm jacks for us to fit - these look like an interesting option as well if you are worried about pulling the jack out but the socket also fits standard jacks as well  
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