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Just my two cents, but don't get K701, just on comfort alone. I had them for a year and those god damned bumps on the headband were so uncomfortable with any use over say, half an hour. I do have a big head, but my friend, who bought them from me had the same issue, he fixed it by putting a layer of foam inside the headband, looked ugly but worked. Good sounding cans though.
I'll just leave this here:
"I am little afraid buying something from a non-amazon store, just in case either fit, isolation or sound will be not up to liking. Amazon usually takes care of me, if I need to send it back, no hassle. The XTZ look good, and this may be something I will look into when I need to renew my research for sport headphones." They have a 2 weeks return policy, and are well established in Sweden. I think they sound so damn good that I would disregard the sport branding, and the...
I would suggest XTZ EarPhone 12 Sports, they sound great, have a mic, and they use a dsp filter in the player for iOS that makes them sound unbelievably good! Here is my review of them: and you can buy them here:
The iPhone app is a music player with access to the iTunes library. It's pretty simple and from what I noticed it isn't that draining on the battery. As I said, the dsp app isn't absolutely necessary, the earphones sound just fine without, that just brings that extra edge...
Hi, I would recommend the XTZ EarPhone 12 Sport, especially if you have an iPhone or iPod while you run, because they have a player app that corrects both frequency response and impulse response, making them perfectly linear. They do sound really good without it though and will work well with other players. The cost is $110, but they are definitely worth it. They come from a small Swedish brand and I think they look great and the quality is high.   Hope that...
That fight scene must be the most horribly bad thing ever, totally hilarious! The incredibly bad fight with the little model house blowing up, the very un-erotic sex scene that cuts and jumps to a strange Alice in Wonderland/Godzilla fight, Weird Shit!! Thanks for Sharing it!
"Late Night Heartbroken Blues" - Miss Li
"Tom Traubert's Blues" - Tom Waits
Quote: Originally Posted by wuwhere "Secret Lover" - Chris Impelliteri "I Wanna Be Your Lover" - Bob Dylan
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