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sold--Tung sol BGRP nos matched pair $400 sold--RCA vt231 nos matched quad $400 sold--Kenrad vt231 matched pair $200 sold--Sylvania 6SN7GT Bad Boy 3 Hole Plate Tubes matched pair $350
Any release date for either?
Turtle beach has a new "elite" dts completely wireless unit coming out on the 4th. May be worth having just for the convenience factor.
Is the mixamp pro + pc360 still close to the best option for surround on the xbone?
Can I have the lab as usual?
The cd ripper I use is MAX. Find it here, http://sbooth.org/Max/ It is freeware and a lot of people use it on computer audiophille.
I was checking this thread every day, nothing new, nothing new.... wait a couple of dayws to check and there is 48 new posts?.... lol
A lot of different 6sn7 combos. Havent messed with the kt77/6l6 to much. I can make it fast, extended in both directions, and ss sounding or I can make it slow, warm and rolled. I cant seen to find that magic combo of fast, warm and a little rolled. Oh well, I will be running it with some kt77 this meet and some different 6sn7 to get some impressions. Havent spent as much time listening due to ear aches and the release of the ps4 and xbox1.
New Posts  All Forums: