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I've been using the W262 and I haven't had any issues with using it while running. They are built with a one size fits all approach though, so it's definitely not going to work perfectly for everyone.
I'm aware that some people consider the EPH-100 to be bass heavy, but I really don't hear it. They may have a slight mid-bass bump, but I don't think they have the sub bass to impress with genres like dubstep. I can't comment on the Atrios because I don't have it but I just ordered a pair which should be arriving in a few days. Do bear in mind though, that there is an on-line Atrios coupon CostProg50% which might still be in effect so it might be more cost-effective...   Can't say that they're exactly the same as the ESI Dr. DAC Prime but they're certainly very similar and about $100 less.
I''d forget about the Yamaha EPH-100. They're not what comes to mind when I'm looking for sub bass.
I think you may be a little unclear as to the difference between DACs and amps. A DAC accepts a digital signal and converts the 1s and 0s that digital music is comprised of into a form that you hear. An amp accepts an analogue signal and amplifies it to the point that you can hear it on your headphones. Your iPod and Macbook already have built in DACs and amps, what you're trying to do here is replace the built-in ones with external ones. Remember:   Data...
I've owned this Calyx Coffee DAC/amp for only a few days. It uses the Sabre ES9023 chip and has media playback controls built into the chassis for convenience. They're incredibly detailed and I do like them, however, I think I would prefer something with a warmer and more bassy signature. I'm particularly interested in the HRT Music Streamer II+, CEentrance Dacport LX or iBasso D7. Please PM with offers with appropriate amount of top-up on either side if...
Not to be nit-picky but by dedicated line-out, do you mean the WM-Port which can be used as a line-out? If so, you might want to change your description a little. When I hear dedicated line-out, I tend to think of 3.5mm outputs not a LOD. Thanks for the review though, I've got a Z1070 on its way to me and the waiting is killing me. Also, have you tried Neutron Music Player on the Z1070? I've never used it but from what I've read, it sounds very promising.
It was brought to my attention that I was perhaps pushing the ASG-1 in a little deeper than intended. After making adjustments, I have to say that there is no contest between the bass on the IE8 and the ASG-1. The ASG-1 has a very noticeable advantage in terms of bass impact and definition.
I just got a D1 and I have popping noises when I use WASAPI on Foobar. However, I've found that switching over to kernel streaming or lowering the buffer size seems to alleviate the problem somewhat, so those having problems with popping and cracking may want to try experimenting with that.
OP, if you really like the sound of a pair of headphones, just go for it. If you're buying based on looks, just remember that what looks cool to you now might not look so cool to you 2-3 years later on. The more something tries to conform to current fashions, the more outdated they look when fashion changes. If you've ever looked at people dressed in the popular fashions of the previous decades and asked yourself, "What WERE they thinking?" Just remember that those...
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