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I'm not sure I get your point.   I'm aware that the noise-canceling requires the bundled earphones. I wouldn't use those usually but I like using NC when I'm on a plane and I'm okay with using the bundled pair for the duration of a flight.
So, I've rooted my Z1070, can anyone tell me how to backup the noise-canceling app? I'm kind of new to Android and I'm curious as to whether the NC app works on the North American firmware if/when they release it for download.
I'd just like to commend Dale and Aurisonics level or service. Dale told me that my AS-1b would be a little delayed because of a defect but my pair would be sent overnight at their expense. I'm glad that their QA process allowed them to find the defect before it reached me, less trouble all around. The shipping upgrade is really appreciated! 
Hi Dale! Nice to hear from you on Head-fi. It's awesome to to hear that you designed your products with the ability to upgrade in mind. I'm not sure whether I would but it's always nice to have options. I look forward to getting my AS-1b!
It's the power control widget.
I've used these with the X1060 and I never went above 20. They do benefit from amplification but their baseline performance without one is already very good.   Anyway, nice to see that others are enjoying the ASG-1. I really miss them. Looking forward to seeing how customizable the AS-1b are in sound.  
Is it easy to keep the vents and ports on both sides matched up?
I can confirm that it works on an unrooted Sony Z1070 with Gingerbread 2.3.4 using the 480x800 94177e6-120128 build by Rasher. Touchscreen sensitivity seems a little iffy, but haven't really tried sitting down and experimenting with the settings yet. Preliminary testing seems like it can be improved in that manner. dfkz's theme seems to work fine but player only stays in landscape mode, unless there's a setting that needs to be changed to enable it. Widget controls are...
I guess I'll take a stab at this. First, read my post here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/594393/which-of-these-will-most-improve-the-sound-through-my-hd595s-through-computer-dac-or-dac-amp#post_8124497   Now that you're hopefully more enlightened about DACs and amps, I'll address a few details specific to your case. Firstly, I very much doubt that your phone has any digital or analogue line-outs. The D3 only accepts digital coaxial and optical inputs which means it's...
Hmm... Didn't really notice the isolation or lack of it it during my time with ASG-1s, so they're probably about average. That being said, I didn't go to any any particularly noisy places when I had them, so it's hard to say.   Edit: Actually, scratch that. I remember a couple of occasions when a friend who was sitting about 1.5m away had to tap my shoulder to get my attention so they're not too shabby in that regard.
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