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Does the display only consist of 2 lines?   Do you need to unlock it when you want to change volume? Would it be possible to use it blindly without taking it out of your pocket?
Hi Kaosun. I've been thinking of getting a vintage PCDP. The options I have available to me are a Technics SL-XP7 or a Sony D-99. Both are in working condition. The Technics comes with all its accessories but the Sony is on its own. Would you recommend either of them?
Pictures and more details on the sound if you would be so kind! And how's the build quality?
I was wondering whether anyone who has the L! can compare it to the Denon D1100 or A100? Those seem like a more fair comparison than the D2000-D7000 series.
    Looking forward to some impressions if and when you some time.   I've just sent in my AS-1b for the v1.2 upgrade so I'm curious as to how the changes strike you.
    When was the last time you asked?
I've been away from the forums so I'm kind of out of the loop, but has there been any further word on the AS-2 Dual Driver? I seem to recall that Dale originally mentioned a possible release date of May or June. I'm tempted to send my AS-1b in for the 1.2 revision but if the dual driver version will be out in the next couple of months, I figure I might wait for it and upgrade once instead of twice.
I'm not sure I get your point.   I'm aware that the noise-canceling requires the bundled earphones. I wouldn't use those usually but I like using NC when I'm on a plane and I'm okay with using the bundled pair for the duration of a flight.
So, I've rooted my Z1070, can anyone tell me how to backup the noise-canceling app? I'm kind of new to Android and I'm curious as to whether the NC app works on the North American firmware if/when they release it for download.
I'd just like to commend Dale and Aurisonics level or service. Dale told me that my AS-1b would be a little delayed because of a defect but my pair would be sent overnight at their expense. I'm glad that their QA process allowed them to find the defect before it reached me, less trouble all around. The shipping upgrade is really appreciated! 
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