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Regarding my earlier post about contacting feiao from Fiio about a short micro-usb cable, I did get a reply stating that they have one in the works.
Thanks for the review. So far, would you say that the AK100 doesn't go so well with low-impedance gear like IEMs like others in the thread have theorized?
I'm not sure about the PS15 wallwart in specific, but the LED does not flicker with my replacement power supply. 
I just got a RCA 12AT7 and a RCA Cleartop 12AU7 and I see what you mean, mauroj. I find that the differences aren't as obvious with electronic music but vocals and traditional instruments sound much more realistic in timbre. Thinking of picking up a Mullard 12AU7 next and maybe a Telefunken in the future.
Hi Danba. Govibe Magnum works with my Note 2.   http://jaben.net/shopping2/GoVibe-Magnum-portable-amplifier.html
I'm curious. Do you guys feel that NOS really provide a much better sound? I have a bunch of tubes, but they're all current production. I could get some NOS ones but they're quite a bit more expensive. Also, have you tried any of the lower gain tubes such as 12AT7s or 12AU7? I don't have any high impedance cans and never go past the 12 O'clock mark on volume so I've been thinking that I don't really need the gain of 12AX7s.
Pete, to clarify, do you mean disable USB charging on the Glacier or on the phone?
We'll have to wait and see, I guess. I wish I could help, but I won't be able to get the Glacier for at least a month. As a side note, when you get the Glacier, could you compare it to the Sony Z1070?
I agree with the suggestion of a right-angled plug or at least a version that comes with a right-angle plug. I really like the look of the cable. Any estimates on a release date? Also, does it use memory wire?
That's a bummer turokrocks. I just got a Note 2 myself and I was thinking of getting an Apex Glacier as well, so I was hoping your experiment would work without modifications. I just PMed feiao at FiiO to make a suggestion that they make a short OTG micro-usb cable, so hopefully they'll at least look into it.
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