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Quote: Originally Posted by GrooveRite Anyone know where I can get a good deal on the Turbines? You could try your luck with Ebay. There is the occasional person selling them at a really good price. I got mine for $118 including shipping. Or you could try here: Monster Cable MHTRBIE MHTRBIE TURBINE IN EAR H $99.99 is quite a steal.
You could try these. SendStation - Products - earBuddy
Quote: Originally Posted by Slides I think I will order both the hybrids and regulars as well and see which work best. And what's up with those 3 flange tips that came with the turbines? I couldn't even get them all the way into my ear. That's probably due to the shape of your ear canals. It's different for everybody. Most double flange tips don't fit for me and the ones that do, usually end up providing worse sound than if I were to use a single...
Could either of you look at how the clips are attached to the main unit? Specifically, are they attached the same way as the Koss KSC35/75? Would they work with the headband used in this mod? Koss KSC75 QuickMods - Overclock.net - Overclocking.net
I'd suggest the album Endtroducing by DJ Shadow although I'm not sure whether you'd consider it too abstract or directionless. I'd say the entire album comes off as a coherent whole although that effect might be lessened or disappear if you only listen to tracks individually. Can you mention any tracks that might be good examples of the criteria you're looking for?
Quote: Originally Posted by fyu lol. have you noticed the total lack of negative reviews? Can't say that I have. They do usually mention bad points about the gear they're reviewing though and that's what I focus on. I don't pay attention to the star ratings though, I think it's too simplistic to reduce the whole review to a single score. Please bear in mind that I'm not saying that Cnet reviews should be the single most important factor in...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ojsinnerz I don't really see CNET reviews to be reliable. And for the price you pay, you can get better products, like the phonaks and the turbines. Really? I've found that some of their reviews coincide with quite a few opinions that I've seen on Headfi. Admittedly, their reviews might not be quite as detailed as some I've seen here, but they do review more headphones than quite a few places that provide more...
Quote: Originally Posted by fyu nope. a good search is still needed. i saw three threads today that were just rephrasing each other. Sad but true. Better posting standards would still allow them to be answered and off the first page faster though.
I don't own a pair of these but I was checking them out as a potential purchase and reading reviews about them. Some of the reviews I read mentioned their large size and that they might stick out pretty far out of your ears, so unless you actually have a demo pair in a store around you, you might want to be a little cautious. Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Tour In-Ear Headphones Headphone reviews - CNET Reviews
I agree that more people need to learn to use the search function, but I do think that threads that ask "What earphone recommendations are there for a budget under $XX?" do have some value because what's available changes over time. That being said, I think there should be rules or standards in place for when such a question is asked. I've seen too many threads that start with the OP providing no information on what sound they're looking for or what they'll be using...
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