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I don't think I would get one as a player but I would love a new fiio amp that "borrows" this new shuffle's design.
How about this? SendStation - Products - earBuddy
I upgraded to a Sony A829 from an ipod and I'm enjoying it. It is a little low powered but that can fixed by an amp if you're willing to carry one around. If you use bluetooth headphones sometimes, it's one of the best for that purpose Another thing about Sony players is that you can access a test mode on them and further tweak the bass gain and treble gain if you so like. My A829 came with the bass gain set at -4.5.
No love for dubstep in this thread so far? Checkout: Kromestar YouTube - kromestar witch kraft bass L-Wiz YouTube - L-Wiz - Strength Loefah YouTube - Loefah - System (Dubstep) DQ1 YouTube - DQ1 - WEAR THE CROWN Ekstrak YouTube - EKSTRAK - MASS DAMPERS Especially if you're looking for the darker stuff. Not dubstep but awesome nonetheless: Broken Haze YouTube - broken haze album raid system digest Hope these help.
Quote: Originally Posted by koven how does the PL30 compare with the PK3 and 3?? I can't compare them to the PK3s because I pretty much stick to iems and canalphones. I've never heard the Superfi 3s, but I own a pair Superfi 5 Pros with the UM2 cables. It's not really a fair comparison because of the price difference and the 5 Pros obviously trounce the PL30s. But, for what it's worth, I wasn't disappointed with the PL30s and they are...
I can't comment on the EP630 as I haven't heard them. I think the ratings of the PL30s in the review that mark2410 mentioned don't really convey how good a value they are for their price. While they might be outclassed if you are willing to spend $50 as mentioned in the review, I would say that there are quite a few earphones that cost $50 or more which perform worse than the PL30s. To give you some idea, these are some of the more mass market earphones I have that I'm...
Hmm... No dice. Looks like Google Checkout doesn't work.
Hmm... Interesting. accepts Google Checkout which doesn't send your credit card number and financial info to the merchant, so that might be an option for those of us without US credit cards. So, all you might need is someone you know and trust who lives in the US who is willing to receive and send out the item to you. Can anyone think of a reason that might not work?
No contest. At the price range you're looking at, the Soundmagic PL30. Pretty much the best at the price and they outperform other earphones that are more expensive. I have a pair myself and I love them. Pair them with a Fiio amp and you've got a great portable rig. They still sound great unamped though. Bear in mind that the PL30s require some burn-in to reach their full potential.
Does anyone have experience with these earbuds from a company named Kicker? EB141 Earbuds | KICKER Kicker seems to be a company that specializes in car audio and the EB141 have 14mm drivers which might indicate that they will turn out to be bassy earphones.
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