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My portable DAC uses a micro b port. Would it be possible to get a micro b to micro b LOD to use with my Note 2?
I believe that update was only to fix some driver issues with Windows 8, so it wouldn't do anything for you.
No arguments there on my part. I still love my Concero and that won't change but it's that classic audio enthusiast quandary, isn't it?   "Sure, my current gear sounds good, but if only I had bought this/upgraded that/waited for the newer model, how much better would it sound?"   Anyway, to keep this relevant to the thread; if the Concero DSD is 32 bit, that would mean it's not using the Sabre ES9023, wouldn't it? In which case, there would probably be some sonic...
Thank you project86. That's somewhat reassuring. I guess I can't complain too much though. I did get the Concero knowing Resonessence were going to release some new stuff. It's just that I thought they were probably going to announce something larger and more expensive to fit between the Concero and Invicta in their product line which I would be able to happily ignore since the main reason I got the Concero is that I wanted something small for my modest bedroom desktop...
That made me feel much better since I just bought my Concero last week, but I just checked their twitter and now they say:     Keeping my fingers crossed.
You're looking for a preamp. It's just that you're looking for one with a line out as well as a pre out. I have a similar setup to the two of you as I have 3 inputs (DAC, PS3 and CD player) and two outputs (line out for my headphone amp and pre out for studio monitors).   I got the Pro-ject Pre Box DS,   but if you're on more of a budget, you could get...
I tried the xDuoo with my Note 2 and UM Merlins a couple of days ago. I really really like the way it sounds but having to restart my phone everytime I plug it in and the loud "pop" sound when turning it on unfortunately proved to be a deal-breaker for me. Would be really interested to hear of any possible workarounds or fixes for those issues. It really does have a nice solid feeling build quality.
Regarding my earlier post about contacting feiao from Fiio about a short micro-usb cable, I did get a reply stating that they have one in the works.
Thanks for the review. So far, would you say that the AK100 doesn't go so well with low-impedance gear like IEMs like others in the thread have theorized?
I'm not sure about the PS15 wallwart in specific, but the LED does not flicker with my replacement power supply. 
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