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Well, firstly, despite what some online stores are selling it for, you don't need to pay USD $900 for it. I got mine for about USD $700. For anyone considering this amp, it pays to look around a bit more rather than just settling on the first result in google.   It sounds really good. A completely black background with custom IEMs and capable of powering my Fostex T50RP (not necessarily the best of my heaphones, but certainly the hardest to drive) quite comfortably....
Just got the Kojo KM01-Brass and I thought I'd share some pics.      
For those using the Microstreamer with an android phone, does it affect the battery life a lot?
Fun little thing that might might be cool for other Concero users, I was able to get my Concero working with my Galaxy Note II using the USB Audio Recorder Pro app.
Thanks Twinster. Tried UARP and it works. Too bad space is at too much of a premium for me to load my phone with hi-res files. Fortunately, I bought the Pan Am more as a transportable amp than as a DAC so it's not too disappointing. The Pan Am used as just an amp is certainly very far from disappointing.
  Did some further testing and it appears that the Note II does need UARP to work with the Pan Am.   Also, tried out UARP with my Note II hooked up to my Resonessence Concero and it does appear to work.
Hi Danba. Have there been any differences in compatibility between the Exynos and Snapdragon versions of the SIII? I saw that the ALO Pan Am was listed as compatible with the SIII in USB debugging mode. Thinking that the SIII was more or less interchangeable with the Note II, I tried the Pan Am with my Note II but have had no luck, regardless of whether USB debugging is enabled or not. I'm assuming the people who have the Pan Am working with the SIII are using the...
Yup on both counts. I saw in the USB android DACs thread that the Pan Am would function with the SIII with USB debugging on, but in my case, the DAC seems to be detected but no sound is produced and the track plays at a faster speed. I thought it should work since I thought that whatever worked on an SIII would work with the Note II. Maybe your SIII is using a different SOC and that's the cause of the difference? Is your SIII the Snapdragon variant? My Note II uses the...
+1 for neutral. Although I have to say that I didn't even know that I would like neutral until I got the Concero. While deciding on a DAC, I also tried the Ifi iDAC and the Lindemann DAC but with the Concero, instruments just sounded more... real.   I do think it should be mentioned that the differences between the filters will not necessarily be hugely obvious to everyone. I think a few others in the thread have mentioned that and it's the same for me except for...
I can't get it to work as a usb dac with my Galaxy Note II. Any suggestions?
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