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Would like to ask some advice on driver selection in this thread.   My musical tastes are probably a little unorthodox for a Grado lover since I listen to a lot of soundscapey electronic music and hip hop so I'm looking for something that will provide me with with something similar to the Grado sound but with a little more thump in the bass and rumble down low if possible. The reason why I want to stick with Grados or Grado-likes is that I find no other headphone types...
@joseph69 Yes, they do. Why do you ask?
Just joined the PS1000 club. Always wanted a pair of TOTL Grados but the price was always a barrier for me. Decided to go one one of the local headphones stores today and they were selling their ex-demo Grado sets. Picked up one of the PS1000s for roughly USD$600!   One question though, these are labelled as PS1000 but they have red drivers... That would mean they're actually the 'e' revision, right?
Just ordered a pair of these from TTVJ. Looking forward to hearing them. Only have experience with a couple of Grados, a SR35is which was my favourite for quite a while until it was supplanted by my HF2 with g-cush. Anybody able to give me some idea what to expect in comparison?   I'm hoping they prove to somewhat similar to the HF2 with g-cush. The airiness and soundstage are something I haven't been able to experience with any other headphones. So if the GH1 can...
It's actually not that hard to drive. It can still get fairly loud on my cellphone, a Sony Z5. It definitely does sound better on my Cayin N5 or when using an amp though.
Welp, I had decided to order a pair of the Earphone Association 400Ohm and they've just arrived.   Don't want to be too hasty due to new toy syndrome, but I'm really liking what I hear. Early impressions is that they take some of the things I really enjoyed about the Zen 1.0 and improved on them. Lovely tactile bass but tightened up a bit and a more airy presentation.
 Hi Andy, I admit that hardware can't be changed at this point, but may I make the following suggestion? Presently from what I understand, the face << and >> buttons perform the same function as the scroll wheel and move 1 one line up and down as a time. Perhaps a setting can be allowed that allows the user to pick the following function of the buttons: 1. Move one line up or down (current behaviour)2. Move to previous or next letter (i.e. if current selection starts with...
If you can read Chinese or go through an agent, there are right angled ones on Taobao. For an LOD with a female plug, you can search EBay for "Sony LOD" and a bunch should show up. Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
 Actually, I prefer to use folder navigation and one of my music libraries has 831 folders with music sorted according to artist name. Which I guess brings me to my next question, does anyone know whether there any limits on the number of files you can have on it?
 Really? Thanks. That's good to know. I guess I'll be going down to take another look at it tomorrow. It depends on how fast that is though, I didn't find the the scroll wheel scrolling speed to be be very rapid but that might be because I'm not used to it.
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