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If you can read Chinese or go through an agent, there are right angled ones on Taobao. For an LOD with a female plug, you can search EBay for "Sony LOD" and a bunch should show up. Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
 Actually, I prefer to use folder navigation and one of my music libraries has 831 folders with music sorted according to artist name. Which I guess brings me to my next question, does anyone know whether there any limits on the number of files you can have on it?
 Really? Thanks. That's good to know. I guess I'll be going down to take another look at it tomorrow. It depends on how fast that is though, I didn't find the the scroll wheel scrolling speed to be be very rapid but that might be because I'm not used to it.
I tried out the N5 today and it's a really nice sounding player with a very high quality feel to its build. My main criticism/suggestion is to allow for faster scrolling through long lists/folders. Considering that there 2 micro sd slots, it's quite possible to put in a lot of music in there which makes being able to navigate through long lists rapidly quite an important function. My suggestions below:   1. Make the < and > buttons function as page up and page down...
 Thanks Lee! Your generosity is much appreciated.
That's disappointing. I just put in an order on Aliexpress thinking that the beta Asura was going to be included.
Have you heard the Aurvana Air before? If the Zen are comparable while having a bit more bass, these would really be right up my alley.
I'm a bit curious as to why everyone seems to hate the Sony foam-silicone hybrids? I actually like them quite a lot on the Z5. I admit that they were not incredibly comfortable in the beginning but I never found them that bad. I figured that the foam would break in eventually and they'd become more comfortable later on and they did in the end.. Due to the shallow fit of the Z5, I actually use the large size tips, although I'm usually a medium, and I find that the foam...
I was wondering whether anyone could comment on the soundstage. In theory, I should like earbuds since I like airiness and space and that's supposed to be a major advantage of earbuds over IEMs. But out of the earbuds I've tried, only the Creative Aurvana Air has lived up to expectations.
Possible a dumb question, but the FX850 is my first pair of IEMs with MMCX connectors. Any advice on how to plug and unplug them in as safe a manner as possible? From what I've read MMCX connectors are kind of delicate and applying a light amount of force doesn't seem sufficient. I'm not quite comfortable applying more.
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