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Sold on another platform.
Just chiming in after a couple of months of use to say that I'm very impressed by those tiny iems! They sound really great, and are so easy to put in, offer great isolation with simple flange tips, which makes them very comfy. Just had a listen at my SM3 which were gathering dust lately... well, they sound SOOO veiled compared to the DBA-02. I even wonder if they're not broken or something.   They are probably my favourite set of iems I bought, and the cheapest also!...
New price drop: 150€
New price reduction: 160€. Come on, no one is interested in a modded X3?
Price reduced: 180€.
  I'm selling my modified Fiio X3 (OP amp replaced with a AD8620, as in this thread http://www.head-fi.org/t/669830/fiio-x3-mod-ad8397-to-ad8620) The player is absolutely in mint condition, it has only been used for testing purpose.   Comes complete in box with accessories. Feel free to ask me any question.   Sending to Europe only, sorry. And postage fees to be determined.
It has a much more powerful amp, but I'll take the risk and say that it does not sound noticeably better. That's my experience.
I own the DBA-02 MK I and th SM3 v1. The latter has an imbalance problem, that's why I bought the DBA-02 to replace them. I'd say they are quite different. The SM3 has much more low end, and an emphasis on the lower mids, thus giving a much warmer sound. However, the bass is also quite slow in comparison. Some would say they have a more realistic decay. They are also more detailed. There is more micro detail. That is not to say that the DBA-02 is a slouch. They are very...
Using DBA-02 MKI here, for about a month now. I have used some really nice IEMS, SF5pro, IE8, SM3V1, Sony EX-600, RE-252...and well I can say I was blown away by the quality of those! I bought them for about 50€, and that is from far the best bang for buck I had since I entered high-end portable audio. That and the Clip+.   The bass is perfectly tight, and about the right amount. I thought I would find them bass light, but not so. The bass is there and goes to sub-bass...
Hi Mark,   I have a couple of questions:   - How do the DBA-02 compare to those? I guess they are not even in the same league, but I would like you opinion. I own the RE-252, and while they're very proficient and technical (moreso than the DBA-02), I generally reach for the DBA because they are more fun. - Do they need an amp to sound good?   I have an opportunity to buy them second hand good as new for nearly half of the p new price, so I'm wondering...
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