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I guess I forgot to link it in the OP but there's a somewhat up to date Google Docs version here: . You can either grab the data and use your own excel sheet to sort it or use the Google Doc itself. 
  I haven't heard the JH16.      MA-350 has deeper bass and a warmer, more bottom-heavy sound. SHE3580 is clearer and more balanced/v-shaped.   Sure, I'll take a listen. The RHA was definitely not the set holding me up, though.
Added Reid & Heath Audio MA-350  
The UE900? Probably, though if you're willing to spend that much I would say the SE535 might be a better signature match for the LCD-2 I heard with flatter mids and maybe a bit less treble energy than the UE900.
  Someone asked this about the M-80 and I recommended the Yamaha EPH-100. If the M-100 follows the sound of its smaller sibling, that should still be a pretty good choice. It actually has quite a bit of bass but it not bloated/intrusive, much like the M-80 and LCD2. That's probably the smallest spend for something decent with that signature, too.        The R-30 has no innate advantages over a dynamic-driver earphone such as the GR06 just because it is an armature but it...
I haven't written anything about the Heed for two reasons   1. It's my only proper full-size amp, so I have no real basis for proper comparison when I say it sounds 'good' 2. It's not stock. The are quite a few mods performed by the previous owner meant to get it to sound its best with the AKG K601. I don't have a list of those mods on hand, unfortunately. 
I haven't heard the GR04 but the GR06 and R30 both sound quite good with modern music. The GR06 is more mid-forward but also has better bass impact. The R-30 is a little more laid-back but has an advantage in overall balance and treble smoothness. Really depends on what you think you'll like better. The R30 may seem a little bass-light after the CX300 but it's got good bass for a single armature and will be a big step up in clarity.
I haven't heard the BA200 yet. I'll try and fit it in some time this year.     I appreciate that and agree . Still quite a few pending reviews to complete but I'll be sure to take the break if I can ever get out of this rut.
I don't think you can get the K2 SP anymore and the other two don't sound anything alike. I feel like this needs restating:  
Right, I reviewed the original OE.
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