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Round nozzles here as well.  How "budget"? If it's $60-ish, that sounds like an Etymotic MC5 to me - the best isolation you'll get for the price, clear (non enhanced-bass) sound, reinforced cables. If you can go up to $100, the Shure SE215 would be a good choice - it has user-replaceable cables, which are a plus for longevity, and a bassier sound signature that's generally better-suited for non-audiophile users. 
 Xiaomi Piston also. Already covered that one. I do have a KC06 and will probably get to review the VSD3(S) as well.
 EPH-100 or MA750 are probably your best bet. They're not far apart in bass impact and overall sound quality but if you listen at lower volumes the EPH-100 is probably better because the mids are less recessed. There's also the RHA MA600, which is worse than the MA750 overall but has more bass than the 750 and most other earphones. 
 Are you absolute sure they're genuine? Just asking. The unit I tested had plenty of bass, not lacking compared to the SE215 for sure. Treble is a little relaxed, yes. There's a peak somewhere in the upper treble but it's not enough to bring the overall energy back up :/
^ Glad you like them!  The SE215 from Shure uses a very small dynamic driver as well, and is not v-shaped, so it's hard to say there's a rule. Maybe a slight trend. 
 I personally haven't tried the IM50. There's a huge difference in sound signature (esp. bass quantity) between the RE-400 and EPH-100, though, so you should figure out if you're after flat/somewhat mid-centric (RE-400) or warm and powerful, with very deep bass (EPH-100) before considering either. 
 Not quite yet, but it'll be up there in the 9.x range, around the Dunu DN-1000 and Westone W4/W40. 
 The Onkyo HF300 is pretty good for $100 but I wouldn't put it in the same league as a GR07 or BA200. It's more on the level of the RBH EP1 - generally good, especially for the consumer market, but with some sonic flaws. I found it quite mid-bassy and warm compared to the GR07/BA200; it ends up sounding a little bloated and veiled. The Bass Edition of the GR07 is closer in bass impact but still quicker/tighter/more resolving, and clearer overall. Other aspects are...
 Not entirely sure yet, but i do think it is better than the DN-1000, which puts it pretty high up there 
 Same as Fidue A63/SS Flux, 8.2. While I personally prefer the signature of the VSD1S to these others, I can never decide which is better when A:Bing them (which I've done extensively).  I do think the VSD1S is better than the VSonic VC02 and GR06, though, which puts it above an 8.1.
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