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 In the absence of new TWFK IEMs on the market it's a good deal. I would only do it if you're very careful with your IEMs, though, since you'll have no warranty.  Yes, the X10/X11 (and Klipsch's "oval gel" tips) are perfect for small ear canals. 
 Right, that definitely agrees with my experience with the XX Elation compared to the old FR301, FX1X, FX101.  It's too bad all of the TWFKs from that generation seem to be gone - all of the DBA-02 clones, the VSonic VC1000, UE700, Phiaton PS200, etc etc. With that in mind the Etymotic ER4 would've been my recommendation as well. There's also the new q-jays, which still use a TWFK as far as I know and look really great. Unfortunately I haven't tried them and they are very...
 They do have larger-than-average nozzles but it seems they fit most people - it's quite rare for someone to come back and say they didn't fit. It'll come down to individual anatomy of course, but if you're generally using medium or larger tips with your other IEMs chances are you'll be okay. 
 Yeah, I was equally surprised. I was expecting to have to give them a pass as I have with most other "mainstream" IEMs in this price range.  Nice JVCs - looks like the latest evolution of the micro-HD line, which I've always liked quite a lot. I'm also very much enjoying the new JVC XX Elation in-ears, especially compared to the previous-gen XX models. Huge IEMs, but the sound is rather tame for an XX model, which is fine by me.      Also, the next one up is a $700 BA...
Added the Zipbuds PRO, a surprisingly great-sounding budget IEM with a gimmicky zipper... The most up to date IEM ranking can be found here. 
 Not sure which price range you're aiming for, but based on the CK10 comparison I am guessing mid- or top-tier. For example the Fidue A31s (the latest set added to this thread) has pretty much the exact CK10 form factor with a warm and very smooth sound signature and fits the rest of your requirements very well. However, it's a fairly inexpensive mid-tier IEM and has appropriate performance.If you're looking at higher performance tiers, a bit of compromise will be needed....
 I'm afraid I haven't heard anything quite like the SF5EB. The NHT SuperBuds are much more "conventionally" bassy, meaning they have a warm, thick, somewhat muddy sound outside of the bass range a-la Beats Tour 2.0 IEMs. I suppose it would take a hybrid, but the hybrids I've tried aren't tuned for as much bass. The closest would be the Sony XBA-Z5, but that's well over $200.
 Yes, definitely. In the fall. 
 No better price than free, and these are actually much more useful than your average budget IEM because you can sleep in them (and there's a mic/remote as well).
Added the Fidue A31s, an IEM that places comfort above all else. As always, the most up-to-date IEM ranking can be found here  
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