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 Not the hybrid part 
If anyone is interested in DIY impressions for custom IEMs, posted a brief article on the subject (written together with average_joe) here:   The hybrids I've tried tend to be a little v-shaped in response, often with brighter treble, which is not at all like the RE-400. The smoothest ones I've tried are the Sony XBA-H3 and Fidue A83. The A83 is closer to "RE-400 with more...
Added the VSonic GR07 Classic to my IEM Buyer's Guide in place of the regular GR07. No point in overpaying.   No, not really brighter than GR07 overall but the treble emphasis is different in nature - with the GR07 the treble peaks come in lower down, which tends to make it a little unforgiving in terms of sibilance. The DN-2000 has its treble boost higher up (together with the subbass boost I guess that makes it "U"-shaped rather than V-shaped). I don't find the DN-2000...
Added the Brainwavz R3 (rev.2) 
 If you're asking about my personal preference, the FXD80 is not really my signature. It's too withdrawn in the lower midrange and not warm enough tonally. If I listened to more EDM type music it might be my favorite as it's really good for that, but I'd personally rather listen to a VSonic VSD3S, UE600, Ostry KC06, Sony MH1C, etc.   The sound signatures are somewhat different - the SE215 is quite smooth and not THAT bassy whereas the MA750 is more v-shaped with somewhat...
 I do have one and it's not a DN-1000 competitor. So far it's sounding very warm and bassy on all of the tunings. Not a bad thing in itself - plenty of people like warm and bassy - but that also means the MA750 is a better match for the DN-1000 than the T10i is. 
 Interesting question. There definitely are a couple - three that come to mind are the T-Peos H-100, JVC HA-FXD80, and Dunu DN-2000.   DN-2000 would be my pick but it differs from the DN-1000 here and there. I compared them a little here: . The DN-2000 is still a significantly better match for the DN-1000's signature than the Altone200.
 I don't think they are - just not clear enough. On-par with Brainwavz R3, maybe, but they're also like 2x the price .
 The AX35 should be more durable but they sound very different from the RE-400 - the RE-400 is much more balanced, with very level bass and extremely smooth treble. The AX35 has more bass punch, thinner and less strong mids, and brighter, harsher treble. 
 Whoops, noted!  Didn't realize I was infamous   I've never heard of this brand. Pretty filled up right now on stuff to review, but I'll keep them in mind. Thanks!
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