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Added a review of the UBSOUND Fighter
 Thanks. The only one of these I have here is the Titan 1 but mine's imbalanced and the treble sounds a little off. Otherwise quite decent. Agreed on the IM50, which is the only other one of these I've tried. 
Updated my IEM Buyer's Guide by sound signature here: http://theheadphonelist.com/earphone-buyers-guide/   New additions for 2015 include the DUNU DN-2000, Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear, Ostry KC06, and VSonic VSD3S. The older VSonic VSD1S has been removed.
 No experience with the XBA-A3.  My Custom Art Music One review is on the 1st page of this thread. It's a very good earphone for the money.   I had an RSM at one point. Sent it back for a refit and never got it back. Oh well. As for aftermarket cables, I personally am not a fan. I know some people tout night and day differences between different cables but that has not been my experience.   Yep, hopefully later this month. They're really bass-heavy (and also just generally...
 I generally prefer the Piston but it depends on what you're after. For warmer sound with heavier bass the Piston2 is a much better match but for more neutral sound with not as much bass depth/punch or warmth, the E10 is better.  That or you're not getting a very good seal with them, which tends to increase perceived treble presence in that range. There are a few earphones that are bass-heavy but significantly more smooth than the MA750. These are the ones that come to...
 I actually never, ever saw one of these again. Always thought that was kind of strange...
 Not at this time.  Have it, hate the size. Hurts my ears after 30 mins or so. Don't think I can be fair evaluating the sound of it for that reason so I haven't used it much. Philips O'Neill Tread   Hmm... maybe EarSonics SM3 or even SM2? Although the TG334 does not sound like what you were asking for previously - it doesn't exactly have treble sparkle - the opposite, actually. 
 If durability is very important and you want to stick with a bass-heavy sound, maybe the RHA MA350? Not the best or most accurate-sounding set, but it hits those two requirements very well.  I've always thought the 1964EARS 1964-V3 was a good upgrade from those JVCs  
 Tried the IM50 briefly and thought it was quite good, but no plans to get a pair in for full review at this time.  Never tried it. Surprised I didn't notice it at CES but I guess it looks like a regular M6.
 ATH-CK100 is the closest I can think of but they don't make that anymore. Other than that - beats me..
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