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 It really depends on whether your ear shape will allow an equally deep seal.
Thanks, everyone!  The Crystal has a huge advantage in the form lower bass quantity, and I agree - it does have very good quality bass overall. The H3 isn't as tight, but it's not far behind and the bass is a lot more powerful.   Yes, you can. Not sure what that does to the cable noise and such, and the fit definitely won't be as secure. 
Posted a comparison of four triple-driver hybrid earphones - the Sony XBA-H3, Dunu DN-2000, Fidue A83, and T-Peos Altone200:  The short version: 
 If genuine and as well-made as the DTX 71 I had, 10/10's fair.   In addition to what others have said, the Rock-It Sounds R-50 is a good bet. Or even the original Phonak PFE if you want even lower isolation. You can still find some on ebay. 
 Makes sense, unfortunately. No deal of the year this time...
 That it's a bit harsh/uneven in the treble but otherwise very capable, especially considering the price.    Might have been some sort of temporary pricing issue/error in a distributor feed, which would affect all sellers using the feed. My bet is it's a legit TX2, which is a hell of a deal (assuming it gets shipped out to you).
 I have the cheaper CKX5 (which should be in your price range) and it's good. Has that typical audio-technica sound - plenty of bass, clear mids, crisp but slightly edgy treble. V-shaped sound, but not severely so. The CKX5 model is the smallest of the three and it's still pretty big, but definitely manageable. The rubber ear fin thing can be removed if necessary, though they look ugly without it. 
  Yeah, this is still the one I recommend most often for sports. Pretty decent and priced to almost be disposable. The ATH-CKX series is good as well, just less disposable. They start at around $50 here in the US. The only other sweat-resistant set I've tried recently was the Westone Adventure Alpha and that was pretty disappointing. 
Almost forgot - fans of bass who write reviews should enter the Tekfusion Twinwoofers review giveaway ( - they're among the bassiest units I've heard in a while
Round nozzles here as well.  How "budget"? If it's $60-ish, that sounds like an Etymotic MC5 to me - the best isolation you'll get for the price, clear (non enhanced-bass) sound, reinforced cables. If you can go up to $100, the Shure SE215 would be a good choice - it has user-replaceable cables, which are a plus for longevity, and a bassier sound signature that's generally better-suited for non-audiophile users. 
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