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Added a review of the NarMoo R1M 
 I appreciate the offer but I don't think I can take on any additional reviews at this point and a discontinued item would indeed have a low priority. 
 Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to try the Minerva single-drivers. I don't know if this is helpful but I did find the Pro in silicone to be a good upgrade from the Custom Art Music One - maybe someone has compared those with the single-driver Minervas. I wouldn't say the duals have particularly high bass quantity, but they're not lacking in bass.  There's a list below the table on the front page. It's not complete, but it's a good start  . I also have two on loan...
 That's an unfortunate experience, but I every new earphone heard is a step towards discovering what you can and can't tolerate  A good question about the A161P - what comes to mind are the "Heaven"-series earphones I've heard from Final Audio Design - Heaven A, Heaven C, Heaven S. The newer Heaven II seems promising as well but I haven't spent enough time with it yet to be sure.  Don't know if there are any other single-BA earphones on the market using the Knowles ED...
 Boosting treble does result in the impression of greater clarity*, but in the case of SS01 vs Philips S1, the difference is negligible and once you spend time ear time with the S1 it won't sound less clear than the SS01 anymore. Also, while the S1 has greater subbass weight, keep in mind that it's not a very bassy earphone overall. It's only about on-par with the VSonic GR07 in overall bass quantity.  *That's not to say that a brighter earphone is always clearer than a...
 Same here, still use the A161 to benchmark other IEMs all the time.  I haven't tried the JBLs but two other sub-bass heavy IEMs you should consider are the Yamaha EPH-100 and RHA MA750. I wouldn't bother with the GR07BE - despite the name it's not a very bassy earphone.  This was my experience with the A161P as well. Gets very loud, very quickly.  Impedance is 35ohms at 1k per InnerFidelity measurements, but definitely not linear.
Added a review of the Astrotec AX-35 
 Yes, the UE900 does all of those things very well. The BA200 lags a little in sheer expanse and its treble is not quite as present and extended, as one might expect from a warmer-sounding earphone. 
 It's been way too long since I've heard the e-Q7s... it's been discontinued for a long time. The UE900 is a little brighter and less warm than the BA200,and has a slightly more noticeable dip in the upper midrange, but overall they're not very different. 
 Glad to hear that 
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