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Added the Zipbuds PRO, a surprisingly great-sounding budget IEM with a gimmicky zipper... The most up to date IEM ranking can be found here. 
 Not sure which price range you're aiming for, but based on the CK10 comparison I am guessing mid- or top-tier. For example the Fidue A31s (the latest set added to this thread) has pretty much the exact CK10 form factor with a warm and very smooth sound signature and fits the rest of your requirements very well. However, it's a fairly inexpensive mid-tier IEM and has appropriate performance.If you're looking at higher performance tiers, a bit of compromise will be needed....
 I'm afraid I haven't heard anything quite like the SF5EB. The NHT SuperBuds are much more "conventionally" bassy, meaning they have a warm, thick, somewhat muddy sound outside of the bass range a-la Beats Tour 2.0 IEMs. I suppose it would take a hybrid, but the hybrids I've tried aren't tuned for as much bass. The closest would be the Sony XBA-Z5, but that's well over $200.
 Yes, definitely. In the fall. 
 No better price than free, and these are actually much more useful than your average budget IEM because you can sleep in them (and there's a mic/remote as well).
Added the Fidue A31s, an IEM that places comfort above all else. As always, the most up-to-date IEM ranking can be found here  
 The Alpha was the one I thought of. If the Beta sounds similar, should be a great fit as well. 
 In my experience you generally don't want a hybrid earphone like the Dart if you're looking for balanced/neutral sound. Of the 20-30 hybrid earphones I've tried I don't think any have fit that description.  
I really want a GMP 435 S in white. Surprisingly sleek for Pro headphones; photos don't really do them justice. 
  Someone mentioned Ortofon which is the first thing I thought of as well. The e-Q5 is right in that price range and has a bullet housing and nice balanced sound without being overly analytical. Runner up in that regard would probably be the VSonic GR01, but if bass punch is a factor and you're trying to go less analytical, I don't think I'd pick the VSonic over the Ortofon.  The requirement for a straight housing eliminates most of the dynamic-driver options in that price...
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