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 In this case probably not a better fit for you than the DN-1000s. I compared them here: http://theheadphonelist.com/headphone_review/dunu-dn-2000/  Yep, that review is in the works! 
 The RHA MA750 may not have as much bass as the T10, but is a more well-rounded and arguably more natural-sounding warm IEM. It is also quite good value - better than the T10 IMO. The Yamaha EPH-100 would be my other recommendation. The DN-1000 would also be a very good option - a little less bassy and brighter, but not far removed from the v-shaped tuning of the S4. The T10s have more bass, and if you need that level of enhancement you may not find anything better, but I...
  Quote:Hard to beat the HF5 for detail in that price range. Soundstage is easier. If you're looking to maximize value your best bet IMO would be a nice dual-BA (TWFK) based set. If you're aiming for HF5 price range (<$120) it would probably be a lightly used VSonic VC1000 or UE700. For sleeping the tiny UE700 is better, but not sure if the cable will hold up to sleeping duty.   Nothing that I'm familiar with is a perfect match. The 1964-V3 is closest - it's one of the...
 I guess a timeless design like the Grados is as good as any to model your headphones after. And no, aside from the fact that they have some upper midrange boost, as do the Grado headphones I've tried, these didn't really remind me of any Grado set.   This kind of deteriorates as you get down into the 6-7 pt range but near the top that's about right.
Added a new headphone review: Xiaomi Mi On/Over-ear headphones 
 Thanks! I wish there was a little warning chime I'd get when there's consistent reports of a large proportion of a particular earphone model failing with no fix from the manufacturer, but unfortunately that's not the case. 
 My two cents on this - This would be great into to have but there's so many variables that it would be a massive effort to keep everything straight. Two users can have vastly different experiences with the same IEM based on their use pattern, environment, etc., not to mention potential production and QC differences between different batches of the same earphone. Other considerations would include things like counterfeits - for instance, chances are fake Senn IE8s don't...
 Very glad to hear it! I spent 6+ months with the FLC8 to make sure what I was getting out of it wasn't a fluke, but it's definitely one of best combinations of fun and accurate among the IEMs I've got in my collection.  Happy listening! 
Added a review of the enhanced-bass Gorilla Ears GX-4b CIEMs. The overall ranking has been updated here.  
 Between those two, E30 (unless noise isolation is a priority), but as others have said you've got quite a few options in that price range. 
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