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 ER4S is not so much sensitive to source as having a decent amount of voltage available to drive it. But I've rarely heard any issues aside from volume - even the Sansa Clip does okay if you don't need things loud.  As for an upgrade - if you mean a concession-less one that improves on the ER4S in every way, then no. But if we don't expect the upgrade to do everything better then there's plenty, like the 1964 V6-Stage for instance. At the very least it's an improvement in...
  I can only comment on the Piston and GR02 BE. I've never tried the Delta and the Symphonized NRG unit I tried sounded pretty bad... giving it the benefit of the doubt and saying it was defective. Between the GR02 and Piston I'd go for the piston for sound unless your two primary criteria are bass control and clarity, which the GR02 does better. The GR02 is better-built, however, and neither is really designed for sports use (both lack sweat resistance and a "sport" fit)....
 I mean the Reference - it's the only Alclair model I've reviewed. 
 Depending on your budget I'd also consider the Custom Art Pro 330v2 and 1964EARS V6-Stage. Both are around the same price as the RSM and perform a little better than the cheaper Alclair Reference. The V6 Stage is a little more v-shaped while the Pro 330 is a little lighter on the top end. With the Music One I feel like you will miss some of the resolution of the ER4S even though you'll get some more bass in the tradeoff (I compared these to the pro 330 v2 here). Haven't...
 2. Not with an iPhone3. No, You're adding another amplifier between the two you already have in the signal path (car and phone), 4. Use a hair dryer or heat gun (or sugru or something).
 Darn, I keep thinking CAD is still 1:1 with USD. Forgot about that.  VSD3S is still plenty good value at $45 or so. 
 If you liked the GR06 in general and don't mind something with a little less midrange emphasis, the VSonic VSD3S would be a good buy. Or the GR07 Classic. Lots of other options out there as well if you'd like to try something more radically different in terms of sound sig.   If you mean generic over-the-ear cable guides, I've done this by wrapping thin strips of tape around the ends of the guide (where the cable has the most tendency to slip out).
 To be honest I hadn't checked what it costs until now, but it looks like under $350, which is very reasonable. It's good out of the box but especially great for someone who likes tinkering.   May explain why mine still has about as much in the way of sibilance as my GR07 BE.
 No, the 3590 is less sibilance-prone. The 3590 is somewhat v-shaped but I've never found its treble to be very strong.  I haven't tried all the combinations but the "neutral" is nice and the "vocal" is quite fun (reminds me of the old Audio-Technica CK100 somewhat). It can be fairly bright or v-shaped, too, the latter I think on the rap (?) setting.   I haven't written up full comparisons yet but those are coming with the review. The FLC8 seems to be on-par with the...
 Not much difference on any of those counts. If you like a mildly v/u-shaped sound signature and don't mind its size, I say get the DUNU. If you want a lighter and potentially more comfortable earphone with detachable cables, more neutral performance out of the box, and more flexibility in terms of sound, get the FLC8.
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