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 Anything with memory wire will give you a similarly secure fit and some cables do have similar angled connectors, like these Shure ones: . You just need to use the cable cinch to keep the cord in place since it lacks memory wire. I'm sure there's more out there, too.   W40 is not quite as clear, more mid-bassy, and also darker, but still pretty balanced overall (more so than the A83). The A83 has...
 Not sure what the UM1s sound like - don't have one. The SE215 is a good earphone but not super small. The Westone 10 (which I do have) is a lot more compact and comfortable, but I prefer the sound of the Shures.    If you're looking for a contrast, the W40 or A83 would be better than the 535. They're all good earphones, so it really depends on what you're after. 
  Yes, this. Different eartips do modify treble response slightly and it took some playing around with tips for me to find the maximum smoothness. 
Added a review of the Fidue A83 
 One of the ~$30 T-Peos sets, maybe. The D200R would be the best option but it is hard to find. The Popular is $30 at mp4nation. Soundmagic sets are good too - both the E10 and E30.   No plans to try the 3.00 but I have reviewed the VSD3 here:
 In the absence of specific sound sig requirements I would say a KC06 from Ostry would be a good one at ~$60. Very clear sound, bit of bass punch, good vocal intelligiblity and wide presentation. The NE-600X will give you lots of bass (great if you like bass-heavy earphones) but for $55 it's not really worth it. The M1 has a more mid-centric sig that's better-suited for music than other multimedia.   You don't have the option of changing tips or lengthening the cable above...
 $30 is not much of a budget and you haven't really laid out any sound quality requirements so I guess you can't really go wrong with the SHE3590. It doesn't have flat or braided cables but for how inexpensive it is I don't think you can hold that against it.  You mean a ton of bass? There's plenty of IEMs that provide that - the Beats by Dre Tour 2.0, for example, or the JVC HA-FR301.  IMO the IE800 has noticeably more bass than the K3003 (which is not lacking in bass by...
 Not a lot of options with detachable cords in that price range... maybe Fidue A83? The Sony XBA-H3 drops below $300 also, though I don't know what the story is with detachable cables for that. For the Fidue any MMCX cable should work.   Anywhere from a few days to a few weeks per. 
 Diminishing returns and all that.. The DN-1000 is about the most difference you can get from the S1 with that sound signature so if that didn't sound significant enough, I doubt anything will. You can spend $60 on Brainwavz S1 or $100 on an S5 pr Rock Jaw Alfa Genus and get a smaller upgrade from the NarMoo, if that's more your budget, but they won't perform at the level of the DN-1000. 
 How much is a Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear? It's a V/U-shaped sig with good bass and treble, and a very decent value at $100 (US price).  Glad you like them! Haven't tried the Rockets but in that price range and for bass-heavy sound they're still among my favorites two years later.
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