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 Yeah, I wouldn't tag any of those three as particularly "smooth" and I don't think the Momentum is very balanced, either. The Brainwavz R3 recommended above is a very nice option, sounds almost like an RE-400 and has a rather heavy-duty build. If you really want to go indestructible with similar sound there's also the Aurisonics Rockets, but those are quite a bit pricier. 
 They're very different earphones, I don't think my review will be very helpful with this. I certainly wouldn't compare them head to head. If you want smooth and balanced, near-reference sound, get the Music One. If you want something colored and energetic, with a v-shaped sound signature, then the DUNU is better.  That's much safer than getting a repair done..
 +1. I still have my pair somewhere.
 I still remember when the majority opinion on Head-Fi was that you can't get a worthwhile earphone for under $50. How things change...  Sorry, never tried a Fischer Amps product.
Added a review of the Xiaomi Piston 3 earphones. The IEM ranking has been updated.  
 Black. In this case I reviewed whatever EarSonics deemed fit to send out.   The GR07 is something you can't easily beat for ~$100 if you like the sound signature. The FLC8 someone else recommended is a good step up if you also want detachable cables, and its sound can be modified using the tuning system. However, its isolation is similar to the GR07/DN-1000 level (rather than Etymotic), but you can switch to a foam tip to try and maximize it without adding flanges. Foam...
Added the EarSonics Velvet. As always, the most up to date IEM ranking can be found here. 
 Shure only has one dynamic driver model and it's pretty sensitive. So are RHA and Klipsch earphones, at least those I've tried. However, that doesn't mean they'll be a poor match for your setup, just that they don't meet the requirements you previously posted. I personally think the MA750 from RHA is very source-independent, and a very nice IEM overall.   Yes, the VSD5 is in the queue. So far it just reminds me of the other VSonic IEMs... they definitely have a "house"...
 Sounds good to me - I have heard how detailed BA bass can sound when it's properly extended without the mid-bass hump of the JH13s (Hidition NT 6, for example) and it's glorious.   Totally agree. Also, Audio-Technica still doesn't give us that much of the good stuff ever since they pulled the CK10, CK90Pro, and CK100 off the US market way back when.  Armatures rarely have even phase response. Typically you want a high-impedance dynamic driver for something like this. Say,...
  Haven't tried it but that page says improved deep bass and not much else. The old HT-21 I had was pretty average in terms of bass extension so that wouldn't be a bad thing at all. 
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