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 Strangely, never come across a B&O product in the wild.   Came very close to getting these but it didn't work out. Might try them in the future.
 RE-400 has the same "limitation" as the UE600 mentioned above, it's not a mid-bass heavy earphone. You can consider the HiSoundAudio Crystal and SteelSeries Flux for a little more bass in a similarly compact form factor. Both are still pretty balanced, but a bit bassier than the RE-400.   They definitely didn't make the recommended insertion depth any shallower, but with foam tips they should be more than tolerable.  And thanks 
 Indeed. Some minor quirks here and there but can't fault that clarity.  Yes  Anything with a 1** model name is a regular PFE. The rest of the numbers just refer to colors and various types of inline remotes. For example the PFE 111 is the "basic" white PFE with no remote.  The MA750i might be too bassy coming from a Noble, and not clear enough in the midrange. Treble should be fine but it's just not something I recommend for balanced sound. The Etys recommended above are...
 I have the Altone200, which is T-Peos' newest triple-driver hybrid (1 dynamic + 2 BA) earphone. Best part is that it's only $145 or so currently. Posted some thoughts on it the other day here: 
 I'd love to review them but it won't happen anytime soon - don't have either one on hand and lots of other stuff in the pipeline. 
T-Peos D200R has been added. Planned review list on the front page has been partly updated. 
 Veiling is a big no-no for me these days but coloration I often don't mind. Guess I should add the HD8 to the "want" list.
 I would definitely consider an Ety for nice BA-generated highs if the PFE gives up the ghost. Hopefully it won't though - it's a great earphone. With a $200 filter the PFE still falls in the top 10 in my ranking. Yeah, it's a basshead earphone at best. I compared it to the slightly less expensive NarMoo S1 here: and came to pretty much the same conclusions. 
 The PFE is still pretty darn capable despite being old and single-BA. The list suman posted is good - Ety HF5 if you want neutral, B2 or R-50 if you're okay with a slightly brighter tone (VC1000 is my favorite of these but it's hard to find now). RE-400 if you want slightly warmer but still close to neutral and with no bass enhancement. I would add the TDK BA200 to that category as well. All of these can be worn over the ear though of course the BA200 and R-50 are the...
 I don't remember noticing a difference. I was using them with Complys.  Hah, thanks. Would be happy to try it.    Definitely not a good sign. Sounds like a mechanical problem with the armature but I can't say I've ever experience the same. 
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