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 The design looks nice but I haven't been very impressed with any Pioneer headphones in the past, so I haven't looked into testing these.
 Sorry, walked by it at a store the other day without a second look. All I own from Skullcandy is the Navigator. 
 Compared them the other day in the comments here: \ If you're okay with the extra bass (and extra bass bloat) of the Pistons and/or just prefer warmer and more full-bodied sound, the Xiaomi set wins out. Otherwise, the SHE3580 is the better option. SQ difference between them isn't very big.    Lots of good options depending on what exactly you're after. LG QuadBeat recommended above is very nice...
 Haven't received it yet :/  Yeah, it's as you would expect - the A63 has tighter bass but also less of it, more forward mids, and smoother treble. The Piston sounds boomy in comparison but has better bass extension also. It's warmer and more full-bodied. A little more veiled, but not as much as you might expect from such a bassy earphone. Except for the bass, where the Piston loses a bit of refinement/control, I didn't think either had an advantage in detail, etc. 
 Right, with the tubby housings of the Pistons I was just happy to find a single-flange that was both comfortable/secure and not terribly boomy. 
 Sigh... if only there was enough time to check out all the headphones. There's many more I'd personally want to add... ATH-M50X, Momentum, couple of Sony's new sets. Even some of the less expensive sets I tried at CES this year seemed very promising. Just never got a chance to re-visit them. 
Ah, right. The ADL unit is mostly matte black with some of that textured plastic sort of like you get on the Klipsch Image One, so I can see the resemblance. Not sure why the images I uploaded to Head-Fi got compressed so badly. The original images here look better.
 Not the most illustrative photo, to be honest, but sounds like it should be a great pairing with the ADL H118. If you like bass, that is 
 Doesn't seem to be limiting the number of higher-end options hitting the market, so that's fine by me. I see myself recommending the Pistons quite often though, especially as the PM I receive most often these days is "Recommend me a ($25/$30/$40/$50) earphone for EDM with lots of bass and crystal clear treble... bro"  Nope, sorry. 
Added the ADL H118. 
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