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 I enjoyed the IM50 very briefly and thought it had a nicely balanced, smooth sound. I don't have a CKX9 but I have a CKX5, which is more in-line with the tuning of a Piston 2 than an IM50. The higher-end CKX models are meant to be even more bass-heavy than my CKX5. If you're looking to stay with a more IM50-like sound then you're probably looking for something more balanced, like a Philips Fidelio S2 (hopefully available in the EU, Philips being a European company)....
 I'm one of those who prefers the FX101 to the FX1X. If you like heavy bass these are way better than the CX300-II, which are warm but not that bassy. Not sure about the EX450.  I have one but I don't know if I want to review it - it's in that awkward category of high-end basshead IEMs and just doesn't sound that good for how expensive it is. Not sure when I would recommend someone spend $700 on it.
 Can't beat the Klipsch for comfort but there's quite a few IEMs that fit your requirements for sound, since they're pretty loose, including. The X11 should be okay - it's not technically perfect but a good easy-listening IEM with very smooth sound, and of course is very comfortable.  I'm not a fan of the RHA T10 but the newer T20 is quite good for a more neutral sound. Build quality is very good as with all RHA gear and the sound can be adjusted (very slightly) using...
 Was waiting for their new flagship IEM but not sure when those are coming out. If never materialize I'll check out the M6 PRO.  Darn, what about the DBA-02 mkIII? Their dynamics are nice but their old BA sets were killer.   Pretty sure the X11 only has one driver per side (2 total... but that's not the way they're normally counted). SE425s are dual-drivers. For Shure it's the 2nd digit of the model number that signifies the number of drivers.  Generally speaking there's...
 The Xiaomi Mi headphones would work for this. In on-ear mode they definitely have more a fun and enjoyable sound signature.  Lots of other decent options too but these are among the most fun that I've tried. 
Noted about the Trinity Audio. Yes, the B3 Pro I should be among the best you can get for this. One other set I've recommended in this type of situation is the Etymotic EK5, which is rated at like 300 Ohms.
Added the Philips Fidelio S1 and S2 reviews. These have been a long time coming.  As always, the most up-to-date summary table can be found here. 
 Not sure what those are (or are comparable to). Perhaps someone else has something to recommend. 
Added a review of the Alpha & Delta AD01 from Lendmeurears The most up-to-date ranking can be found here. 
 You'd figure most people on Head-Fi keep their tips. I know I have a big, loosely organized box. Not familiar with that particular shape, though.
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