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 With the SE525 you're sacrificing a lot of bass - compared to an EPH-100 it's almost flat. Good earphone overall, just a radically different sound sig.  Not sure how the XBA-A3 compares to the XBA-H3 - maybe there's a comparison out there somewhere. I do think the H3 is a good earphone so assuming the A3 is better and not worse it should be good as well. 
It's not unusual for companies to have region-specific products but in this particular case it's all the good stuff that seems to be Japan-exclusive 
 Yeah I guess it wouldn't be a big issue for many if they are clearly labeled as such. Something to do on Facebook for major holidays I guess :P  Shouldn't take that long. My estimate is 2 weeks.   Unfortunately I don't have them and I don't think they're coming from InnerFidelity, either. Audio-Technica really doesn't market these models outside of Japan. 
 I wouldn't mind giving some of them away on facebook or whatnot but that requires time I don't really have, plus I have some reservations about giving away "pre-owned" earphones (which all of mine are). Most sets I have are just set aside for future comparisons.   Lost somewhere back in the 2000s . 
    That's a tough one... with its particular signature (deep bass, warm tone, minor midrange recession, and fairly smooth up top) AND better all-around performance there's nothing I can think of except some customs - the Westone ES5 and Heir 8.A come to mind - and even those tend to have a little less bass overall. If you're okay with taking a cut somewhere - for example in bass quantity - and not expect an all-around upgrade there are other options. The Sony XBA-H3, for...
 Probably counterfeit  RHA MA750 may be an option. Also since you're in the UK, the Rock Jaw Alfa Genus - with Silver filters it sounds a like like the Brainwavz S1 I recommended, but it also gives you two other sound options (the gold filters give a nice balanced sound... the black ones I'm not a fan of). 
 If you like the consonance, which was somewhat v-shaped sound, I think the Brainwavz S1 would be a good replacement, or a VSonic VSD3S if you can give up a little bass and go with a brighter, clearer sound (that's still punchy). Beyond that probably depends on budget. JVC FXT90 maybe? 
 No, I haven't.  I don't think it's necessarily better but I didn't compare them due to pretty different signatures. The M-80 is definitely warmer and bassier, with a more lush and full-bodied sound. The Matrix seemed to me fairly neutral (it was a loan and went back, I think Tyll @ InnerFidelity has it now). If it had more treble, it could pass for "analytical" but as is it's just smooth and neutral-ish. 
Added the LEAR LUF-4F, LUF-4B, and LUF-4C quad-driver custom-made universal IEMs. 
The other day average_joe posted a guest article from Tim Wickstrom of BA driver manufacturer Knowles on the evolution of sound. It provides a quick run-through of sound reproduction history leading up to this point and some of the advantages of BA technology, from the perspective of one of the world's largest manufacturers of balanced armature drivers. Anyone curious to read it can find it here:   Yes, that sounds about...
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