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My experience on this front is a little outdated, I'm not sure what something like an HD25-1 II or Amperior would run you in Europe but I'd try to buy one of those. Maybe someone else has newer recommendations.   Keep in mind that not all closed cans isolate well - there's actually quite a bit of variation on that front. 
 Hiss is not necessarily proportional to output impedance. My OPPO has a higher output impedance (around 1 Ohm I believe) and it's pretty silent.  I don't have any audiophile DAPs or decent amps in the $200 range, unfortunately. Just some old Sansa and Cowon players. Maybe someone else can recommend something with a very low noise floor for sensitive BA in-ears.   The UE900 has less bass than a GR07 BE, so it doesn't seem to be what you're looking for. You don't really...
Added the Popclik Evolo, an inexpensive IEM designed for the Latin American market.  The most up-to-date IEM ranking can be found here. 
 Yep, still highly recommended as far as I'm concerned: http://theheadphonelist.com/headphone-list/   TBH that sounds like you'd prefer something with more of a loudness EQ curve, say an FLC Technology FLC8. Not as neutral as an ER4S, but it won't have that slightly flat (dynamics-wise) feel of the Etys that you seem to dislike.   R3 is always a good RE-400 alternative. This is pretty much exactly my take on it; I only shy away from recommending it more often due to the...
 Yeah, I'll do the VE Duke but not the earbuds.  You don't even need to spend a lot, really. I would get the opposite of the Havi B3 (as far as balanced-sounding IEMs go) - the HiFiMan RE-400. It's still very neutral but just mid-focused enough to sound fluid and musical rather than dry and analytical. The RE600 is also within your budget and actually fits your description a little better than the RE-400, but the difference is so marginal that I wouldn't bother.  
 Yeah, but currently I've sent it to InnerFidelity for measurements. It sounded a little bright to me as well.
 It really depends on what you're looking for. I tend to prefer the GR07 to the RE-400 but they have different strengths and weaknesses. Either way, the FLC8 is a better upgrade and a good buy at that price. It will be more v/u-shaped than the HD600, RE-400, and B2, but you can vary the severity with the tuning filters.  
 That is quite steep. IM02 and DN-2000 are not exactly competitors due to different sound tuning, but either way I'd have trouble putting up $350 for the IM02 when the B2 is available at $140. Prices are very different in the US.  They just sounded like an X10 (which has plenty of bass for a BA) to me. No changes to the tuning as far as I know.  I don't know how to put it in terms of vocal "age" but the IM02 is a little darker compared to more conventional analytical IEMs...
 I actually meant specifically single armature IEMs like the HF5. It's a generalization with exceptions like most, and do keep in mind there are pros and cons to having a leaner or thicker presentation, so it's not necessarily a bad thing.  Very balanced but darker/not as bright and a little thicker than the CK10. It's more similar to the CK90PRO of the same generation than the CK10.
 Hmm... more conventional form factor than EPH-100 with a sound somewhat like the thick and dark-ish consonance but better overall quality. That's a tough one but what comes to mind is the Alpha & Delta AD01. It's not a bass monster by any means and doesn't match the Fischer's sound sig that well, but it'll fit nicely in with what you have and is the best upgrade to the Consonance I can think of with a conventional form factor. 
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