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 I really doubt you want an earphone as flat as the HF5 for hip-hop and EDM. Haven't tried the X7i but the SE215 is a good pick if you need powerful but not overbearing bass and good build quality. Keep in mind the 3-button iPhone cable will cost you extra. 
Fingers crossed for a chance to try the M100 at some point.  Neither, really - isolation is below average on both. I guess if pressed I would pick the E10 but if I were looking for a budget headset with mic and decent isolation I'd go for a T-Peos D200R or Rich200 (the latter of which has a signature not very different from the TX2).
 Right, especially considering that the EPH-100 didn't exactly get bad reviews. Seems like it might be a case of a parallel development rather than a direct replacement. 
 Yep... I want that. Any word on price?   Had too google what it is, so no, unfortunately. 
 Different price range and not as smooth as the MH1C, but overall the EPH-100 should work. It doesn't have the treble boost of the FXT90. 
 Hard to say whether ignorance or malice are to blame, but with the mislabeled boxes it's just too easy for consumers to pay more than they need to.    The KC06 is not at all v-shaped, it might actually be the opposite. Mids are pretty forward, although the treble is not lacking in presence either. It's not harsh, but if you're treble-sensitive I would probably avoid it, and would definitely avoid the Heaven II, which is a little less smooth, and most v-shaped earphones (v...
 I've had the KC06 for a week or two but have been busy with other things, like the GR07 Classic. I like the midrange of the KC06 - there's a bump there that reminds me of the Fidue A63. It's not as warm as the Fidue and brighter/less smooth at the top, but the general mid-forwardness is there. Midrange presence is great and vocals are very clear and extremely intelligible. There's also plenty of sparkle. So far I'm not impressed with the bass, which is decent but lacks...
 I don't have any plans for the T1-E but I should have impressions of the KC06 and Havi B3 Pro1 soon. 
 Tough ask - the DN-1000 is a good value at $200 and it's not a very common tuning. You will probably like the sound sig of the JVC FXT90 more than the MA750 and GR07 but it's not going to reach DN-1000 performance. Other sets that are going to be more durable and keep up in sound quality are going to cost a fair bit more - ones that come to mind are the Fidue A83 (although it has a little less bass than the DN-1000), Westone 30, and 1964EARS V3. These have detachable...
 DN-1000 is brighter, clearer, more crisp, and more v-shaped overall. XBA-H3 is warmer, smoother, and thicker-sounding, It's more forgiving but still has very decent treble energy, just not as much as the Dunu, and sounds a hair more muffled overall.   I haven't heard the TTPOD. The CKM500 does roll off a little at the bottom end compared to something like the EPH-100 or RHA MA750.
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