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 The A81 sounds quite different - it’s bassier and has more of a v-shaped sound signature to it with brighter treble as well. I’m not as impressed with its value proposition as I am with the A63 so it’s low on the priority list for a review.  For wireless in-ears good battery life will be a challenge but with full-size or even portable headphones you can fit a nice and large battery in. I got a press release the other day for a full-size Bluetooth set advertised at 40...
Added the Fidue A63 
 Different sound signatures, so yes. Makes even more sense if you can return the one you like less.  True, but to be fair the MH1 is more the exception than the rule. The US MSRP of a retail-packaged MH1C is $79.99 which isn't so far off the SBH80. In any case, wireless will never be as cheap as wired, but there's also some inherent convenience value in it, as well as compatibility, etc. For what it's worth, the $50 MEElectronics AF32 I tried last week sounds better...
 Nice foresight there . I realize now that my first Bluetooth set, the Sennheiser MM400, was a little early and the state of the technology back then resulted in a headphone that just couldn't justify its price. Things have definitely changed, especially on the pricing side.   
 Thanks  Indeed he did:  In playing with the nozzles I managed to rip one off :/ . A dab of superglue and its back to normal. 
 I haven't tried them, or most other cans people tend to recommend in that price range. I would say the Sennheiser HD25-II if you don't mind on-ears but there might be newer options. You'd probably be better off asking in the recommendation forum.  Same as above, my experience with cans $150 and up is pretty outdated. I've always though the Ultrasone Proline cans sounded like the TF10 (especially the PRO650 and PRO750). I also quite like the HF25 with electronic music. 
 The 40+ mm drivers in the Grados can move a whole lot more air so it will have an advantage in visceral "impact" even if on paper they are evenly matched in bass quantity. Only way to know for sure whether flat bass from an IEM will do it for you is to try one.  I really didn't spend enough time with it to say.   I doubt it.
 I haven't tried it. 
 The Meelec M6 double-flanges can improve isolation on those a little and don't sound half bad. I use them over-the-ear as well. 
 Yeah lots of people have requested them. I still haven't gotten a set but they're in the back of my mind 
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