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 No, not yet. 
 Not sure yet. I don't think the R3 is better than the RE-400... a little less mid-centric maybe, but also a bit dull on top.  Don't know about the pouch, but I agree with the rest :). Glad you're enjoying the Flux!   Not too worry, there's not many things I've heard in depth but haven't reviewed  
 The price . Other than that, don't know yet. They're still en route.   Good to know! So far I'm finding the bass of the KC06 satisfactory but if only the deep bass is raised with the KC06A that's not a bad thing.  
 Yeah, aside from the Philips O'Neill earphones I have yet to be disappointed with one of their in-ears. I do like the KC06 and would like to try all of these other popular sets. The VSD3S is at the top of my list but I need to repost the VSD1/VSD1S reviews here first, and complete one for the newer GR07 Classic. By the time I get done with that there will be a new crop of popular budget IEMs .   “Pre-ratings”.. I like that. Let’s say in the 9.3-9.4 range for the Dunu and...
 I think a year with heavy use is reasonable unless we're talking an unreasonably expensive product like a K3003 or something.  Yep, that's exactly what I mean. It's hard to say at what point one becomes a better deal than the other - if you can afford the extra $30 for the S2 without a stretch, I would do it just to get the nicer construction with more metal bits. The extra Comply tips are a nice bonus as well.  The TX1 and TX2 are definitely worth adding here. Just not...
 Time will tell in regards to longevity but the initial build quality on the Altone seems fine. It's a pretty basic design, nothing fancy. Put it side by side with T-Peos' sub-$100 sets like the D200R and you won't immediately know which is the higher-end product. But that's fine - the D200R has been plenty durable.   I don't know about the RE-400 but I can see why someone would use an amp when running BA or multi-BA earphone from a smartphone. The RE-400 should be fine...
Updated the IEM Buyer's Guide with current prices, and added the dual-driver NarMoo S1 in the Basshead / sub-$50 section.  I think one of the reasons the Flux is not more popular is that the sensitivity is pretty low, but in practical terms it makes no difference except that you might have to raise your source volume a couple of notches compared to other IEMs. 
None of the mentioned sets (UE600, RE-400, Crystal, or Flux) have boomy bass. The Flux and Crystal have a little more while the RE-400 and UE600 have less, but the bass quality is good all around.  Only the RE-400 comes with bi-flange tips but you can get aftermarket ones for any of them. The Flux has the skinniest nozzles but the MEElec M6 bi-flanges work with it. 
 Strangely, never come across a B&O product in the wild.   Came very close to getting these but it didn't work out. Might try them in the future.
 RE-400 has the same "limitation" as the UE600 mentioned above, it's not a mid-bass heavy earphone. You can consider the HiSoundAudio Crystal and SteelSeries Flux for a little more bass in a similarly compact form factor. Both are still pretty balanced, but a bit bassier than the RE-400.   They definitely didn't make the recommended insertion depth any shallower, but with foam tips they should be more than tolerable.  And thanks 
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