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 About the same. V-Modas tend to be a little more aggressive and forward-sounding though, so if you compare them directly they might seem a touch bassier.
Thanks, everyone!  You can get a Creative Aurvana Live! 2 for about $100 as well. Fits your requirements and is more comfortable (but less durable) than the V-Moda. Sounds better in my opinion. Not sure how it compares to the Urbanite XL.
 Thanks! I have an A73, just need to spend more time with it. Fidue is really hitting a nice stride with their <$150 IEMs recently.  I was never able to find a direct EPH-100 upgrade in that price range. Sony XBA-H3 is the closest I can think of, and that rarely drops below $250 (and also comes with some usability caveats thanks to its form factor vs the EPH-100). 
There's also an alternative way to navigate the front page of this thread: http://theheadphonelist.com/headphone-list/ developed because it was getting too unwieldy.  They've become my sole travel IEM - very small footprint in my luggage, very high isolation (stock tips or Comply T200s), durable build, and a generally smooth and pleasant sound well-suited for all sorts of use. Plus the sensitivity is low enough that they work decently well with in-flight multimedia...
 Thanks, I appreciate that!  Seems the VC1000, while gone, is not forgotten! I treasure mine greatly - it's one of the all-time best values in the IEM world if you ask me.   They're scattered here and there but I haven't posted the full review yet. I completed one for InnerFidelity but ran into some issues when it came time to publish. Anyway, I'm still working on re-writing it for posting here. I like the Rockets a lot though, and included them in my most recent buyer's...
 Thanks, everyone! Had to skip a few to make the T20 #350, but it's an interesting IEM to be sure.   soundstige's post is great - way more detailed than mine would have been. I don't have much to add except that I too would not recommend getting an Ety for under-helmet use - with the long housings and angled strain relief they're really not the ideal shape. in addition to what soundstige recommended, I think the Aurisonics Rockets, or even a Yamaha EPH-100, would be a...
Added the RHA T20. As always, the most up-to-date IEM ranking can be found here. 
 It looks like I'll maybe get one of these from InnerFidelity...   Never seen those before. Do want.
 Only the IM02
 No, I'm quite behind on Audio-Technica dynamics.
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