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 Thanks! I wish there was a little warning chime I'd get when there's consistent reports of a large proportion of a particular earphone model failing with no fix from the manufacturer, but unfortunately that's not the case. 
 My two cents on this - This would be great into to have but there's so many variables that it would be a massive effort to keep everything straight. Two users can have vastly different experiences with the same IEM based on their use pattern, environment, etc., not to mention potential production and QC differences between different batches of the same earphone. Other considerations would include things like counterfeits - for instance, chances are fake Senn IE8s don't...
 Very glad to hear it! I spent 6+ months with the FLC8 to make sure what I was getting out of it wasn't a fluke, but it's definitely one of best combinations of fun and accurate among the IEMs I've got in my collection.  Happy listening! 
Added a review of the enhanced-bass Gorilla Ears GX-4b CIEMs. The overall ranking has been updated here.  
 Between those two, E30 (unless noise isolation is a priority), but as others have said you've got quite a few options in that price range. 
 . That's a great feeling. Nothing like finding a good signature match for your tastes, music, & gear!
   Mic requirement makes it tough... maybe RBH EP2? Has a warmer, bassier sound that's a fair departure from the FXD80, but thanks to pretty forward mids it maintains very decent clarity. Otherwise... Ultrasone IQ I guess.
 X10 was officially replaced with the X11, but here in the US X10 is still cheaper. Not familiar with the IM01 or Final Audios aside from the Heaven S/A/C (which are discontinued, I think) and the Heaven II, which is probably brighter than what you're looking for. I didn't find it to be too harsh, but it's not an especially smooth earphone. I guess you can also consider Ultimate Ears 600 and SteelSeries Flux In-Ear PRO if available. The UE600 provides a more mid-centric...
 I actually like the small RE-400 double-flanges. Also have used them with some Meelec M6 tips and Complys, but I wouldn't recommend buying any extra tips outright - not until you've tried the stock tips and any others you have sitting around.   The Silver Bullet is probably the closest to what you're asking for.  A63 might work in terms of sound but comfort can be tricky. Most of the rest are either bass-light, harsh, or bloated compared to the Xcape. VSD1S is good if you...
 Yes, much more so than what you're asking for.    Considering that you liked the RE-ZERO and don't mind having a less bright and revealing earphone than the B2, I would agree that the RE-400 is a better option than the others you're considering.  The R3 is quite similar to the RE-400 (more so than the B2) but I think it moves in the wrong direction from the RE-400 for what you want - towards a warmer, less resolving sound. 
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