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Ah, got it. 
 Good to know!  The V3 has strong mids but it has stronger bass and also some treble emphasis. It fits the v-shaped description better than the H3, which sounds fairly smooth to me. It’s really all a matter of degrees – if I was rating the hybrids on how v-shaped they sound I would probably say Unique Melody 3X (too v-shaped IMO) > DN-1000 > Altone200 > DN-2000 > H3, but then the H3 still has more of both bass and treble than something like a Shure SE535. Not sure what the...
 That sounds like the 1964-V3 to me, if you're interested in venturing into custom territory (though I think 1964ears might have universals as well now). The XBA-H3 is not really what I'd call v-shaped, though it fits the rest of the requirements pretty well. It just isn't very bright, but considering it's a universal and probably easy enough to return, worth trying before spending more IMO. The DN-2000 doesn't have the bass power of the XBA-H3 or even the DN-1000, which...
 The A83 is pretty unique at its price point. Enjoy! 
 I only have the K551 and that's pretty big and unwieldy (it's bigger than the K545 as far as I can tell). The DNA Pro is more convenient to use outside even though I like the sound of the 551 better. 
 Amazon still has them in stock. If you're outside the US, lendmeurears
 If we’re talking about the same price point, another GR02BE is probably your best for similar sound. For a slightly more balanced tuning with better fidelity but still in a similar vein you also try VSonic’s VSD1S (~$50) or VSD3S (~$60). If you want to upgrade a little but with more bass-heavy sound you may consider the Brainwavz S1 or HiSound Wooduo2. Both are still v-shaped sounding and a little bassier than the GR02BE, but they retain the hallmarks of good clarity and...
 The S1 is less bassy and more balanced and refined; soundstage width is similar IMO but imaging is a little better with the Fidelios. Maybe a little harder to drive than the TX1/TX2, but it doesn't need an amp. Isolation is no better, unfortunately. 
Added a review of the last entry-level T-Peos I plan to cover - the Rich200. Very similar performance to its sister earphone, the D200R, but with slightly different tuning.  
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