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 The earphones fitting your needs/sound preferences is much more important than some number assigned to the earphones by a random headphone geek on the interwebs  If the GR07's sound seems like it will resolve the issues you have with the DN-1000, it may be an upgrade for you (but perhaps not for someone else). The H3 and IE8 have more boomy bass than the DN-1000, so probably not an upgrade in this case. The SportBud has good bass quality but lower quantity (closer to GR07...
 Bass not tight enough on the DN-1000? If that's the case probably going to have to either give up some bass quantity in exchange for quality/tightness (e.g. GR07 BE or Philips Fidelio S2) or spend more $$ than the DN-1000 costs (e.g. DN-2000, FLC Technology FLC8, and so on). 
  Both the Music One and VC1000 have much less bass than a DN-1000.
 Most dynamics and some BAs will have more bass than the RE-400, so you're in luck there. The smooth treble while maintaining detail is the hard part - you have sets like the RHA MA750, which by virtue of being rather bassy end up losing some detail in the midrange compared to the RE-400 and other flatter earphones. And then you have sets like the GR07BE, which have both the bass kick and the clarity/detail, but aren't particularly smooth. Your options are to try something...
 Yeah, they're not similar. Ortofons are pretty well-balanced, maybe a touch warmer than neutral but not significantly so. Very good earphones if you're in that situation where you don't want much of a bass boost OR a super flat sound. The FXT90 has a more conventional "v-shaped" sound tuning with enhanced bass and sparkly treble, and a more forward presentation as well compared to the more spacious e-Q5. 
Added a review of the Brainwavz S0. The latest ranking including the S0 can be found here. 
 Never got to try them but I've been told they sound better than the ZX700. 
 All of the top-tier IEMs I currently have are reviewed in this thread with the exception of the Heir Audio 8.A, Westone ES5, and Custom Art Harmony 8 Pro.  For analytical, slightly v-shaped sound the Reference would be a good choice if you're limited to that price range. If you're open to spending more I would also look at the 1964EARS V6-Stage. More $$ than that - the Custom Art Harmony 8 Pro or even the JHAudio JH13.
Well, the measurements look pretty good . I'm glad Koss is still bringing out  decent new headphones.
 No A3. I have the XBA-Z5 but it's more of a basshead IEM so I'm not sure I will review it. Not something I'd buy for $700, personally.   Haven't tried anything like that. The best wireless IEM I have is the Sony SBH80, but that basically sounds like the Sony MH1C.
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