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T-Peos D200R has been added. Planned review list on the front page has been partly updated. 
 Veiling is a big no-no for me these days but coloration I often don't mind. Guess I should add the HD8 to the "want" list.
 I would definitely consider an Ety for nice BA-generated highs if the PFE gives up the ghost. Hopefully it won't though - it's a great earphone. With a $200 filter the PFE still falls in the top 10 in my ranking. Yeah, it's a basshead earphone at best. I compared it to the slightly less expensive NarMoo S1 here: and came to pretty much the same conclusions. 
 The PFE is still pretty darn capable despite being old and single-BA. The list suman posted is good - Ety HF5 if you want neutral, B2 or R-50 if you're okay with a slightly brighter tone (VC1000 is my favorite of these but it's hard to find now). RE-400 if you want slightly warmer but still close to neutral and with no bass enhancement. I would add the TDK BA200 to that category as well. All of these can be worn over the ear though of course the BA200 and R-50 are the...
 I don't remember noticing a difference. I was using them with Complys.  Hah, thanks. Would be happy to try it.    Definitely not a good sign. Sounds like a mechanical problem with the armature but I can't say I've ever experience the same. 
 No, I had no problem wearing them the right way. I did try the PFE232 down but the fit just wasn't as secure as cable-up. 
 It really depends on whether your ear shape will allow an equally deep seal.
Thanks, everyone!  The Crystal has a huge advantage in the form lower bass quantity, and I agree - it does have very good quality bass overall. The H3 isn't as tight, but it's not far behind and the bass is a lot more powerful.   Yes, you can. Not sure what that does to the cable noise and such, and the fit definitely won't be as secure. 
Posted a comparison of four triple-driver hybrid earphones - the Sony XBA-H3, Dunu DN-2000, Fidue A83, and T-Peos Altone200:  The short version: 
 If genuine and as well-made as the DTX 71 I had, 10/10's fair.   In addition to what others have said, the Rock-It Sounds R-50 is a good bet. Or even the original Phonak PFE if you want even lower isolation. You can still find some on ebay. 
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