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Added a review of the Brainwavz S0. The latest ranking including the S0 can be found here. 
 Never got to try them but I've been told they sound better than the ZX700. 
 All of the top-tier IEMs I currently have are reviewed in this thread with the exception of the Heir Audio 8.A, Westone ES5, and Custom Art Harmony 8 Pro.  For analytical, slightly v-shaped sound the Reference would be a good choice if you're limited to that price range. If you're open to spending more I would also look at the 1964EARS V6-Stage. More $$ than that - the Custom Art Harmony 8 Pro or even the JHAudio JH13.
Well, the measurements look pretty good . I'm glad Koss is still bringing out  decent new headphones.
 No A3. I have the XBA-Z5 but it's more of a basshead IEM so I'm not sure I will review it. Not something I'd buy for $700, personally.   Haven't tried anything like that. The best wireless IEM I have is the Sony SBH80, but that basically sounds like the Sony MH1C.
 That's a tough one. The Philips Fidelio S2 might be an option as that is about how I would describe it - with a good fit (which can be a bit challenging as it's a shallow-sealing earphone) it has similar deep bass and a hair less mid-bass than the GR07 Bass Edition (which is right in line with your bass requirement) and takes off some of the sibilance of the GR07s (at the expense of a bit more upper midrange lift). With a slightly less literal interpretation you have some...
 Yep, Xiaomi Piston 2 or 3 if you want buttons (plural). Both have 3-button Android remotes (I actually prefer the remote on the Piston 2 because the buttons are a bit easier to use without looking). Both sound really good, too - the Piston 3 is indeed more balanced while the 2 is on the warmer and bassier side. Not super airy, but in that price range and with a 3-button Android remote it doesn't get any better than these two.
 I don't have any experience with the CK100 PRO. The DN-1000 can be thought of as a v-shaped, enhanced-bass earphone with a rather exciting sound signature, but it can also be considered an analytical earphone similar to the TWFK-based Brainwavz B2 or ATH-CK10, but with an added subwoofer. Of course the bass won't be as flat and fast on the DN-1000 as those BA monitors, but the upper part of the frequency spectrum isn't very different.     Hmm.. the Audeze headphones don't...
 I don't know what qualifies an on/over-ear headphone for workout but I like the HD25 with EDM, personally. It's got a mildly v-shaped sig that works well. Other all-around good headphones with a bass emphasis should work fine, too - I generally like all of the ones you've listed. 
   Out of these definitely SE215 for performance. M6 is good and works well for EDM but as Shawn71 said treble is not that subdued. Might be a better value for workouts at $20 if you're going to abuse them, though. Replacment M6 is cheaper than a replacement Shure cable.  I don't know anything about gaming with IEMs so I'm probably not the right person to ask. Not sure how IEMs will help your goal of interacting with others - a good IEM will isolate more outside noise than...
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