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 For me the M-80's comfort is just average for a headphone of that type. Even the HD25 is better because the cups have more freedom of movement. HD25s aren't the best-sounding thing out there but it sounds like what you're after overall - can't really get much more rugged or secure on the head than that. I thought the on-ear momentum sounded OK but not great - not as good as the full-size one, anyway. 
 Could be an OEM vPulse, or a knock-off. No way to know without comparing them, really, but the price makes sense. IIRC the regular vPulse has been down to $40 or so on sale.   It's a pretty standard ~5.5mm nozzle - similar to the size used by Sennheiser, old UE products, MEElectronics, etc. You might consider just grabbing one of these if you're not sure what shape of tips normally works for...
 Maybe not THAT boosted, but more so than any other non-IEM headphone I currently have here. I agree that some of the DNA variants looks great. I wonder if the DNA Pro will have more color options in the future. Somehow I doubt it - I don't think the brighter-sounding full-size set is going to be Monster's bread and butter.
 I agree with everyone else - the VSD1 or 1S will be a very good option for you. The UE600 is better at a few things but not the right choice here.
 I personally haven't tried either of these new Audio-Technica IEMs.   Good question. I think the answer is no - the only way you could get RE-400-level clarity in that price range is with something that has brighter treble, but of course that can create its own problems. I'm thinking something along the lines of the LG Quadbeat F420, which is superbly good in the clarity department and costs very little, or the VSonic VC02.    What suman134 said. It's not the worst cable...
 Unfortunately I don't have any hands-on experience with the X3. I've only tried the X5 briefly - it sounded very good but I think it might be overkill for the HD25, same as my HM-901. If the X3 is anything like the X5 in sound it should be more than sufficient. 
 The UE 600 is a very formidable budget earphone. I'd listen to it over the SE215 or CX985 any day. If you want an upgrade from it and you like the balanced, accurate sound, the HiFiMan RE-400 is a good bet towards the lower end of that price range. The VSonic VC1000 would be a good one as well if you're okay with a slightly brighter - but very clear and resolving - sound.  No plans at this time.  I think you will still miss some clarity with the A63 if you're used to the...
 I'd definitely be curious to try these. Unfortunately the DNA Pro being pretty good doesn't mean all is well in the world of consumer headphones - there's still a lot of crap out there. Even the regular (non-Pro) DNA is consistently disappointing with the muddy midrange and loose bass.  
 It doesn't sound as good as the MA750 (bass is overwhelming) but it's still nicely built. I would probably be tempted to save a chunk of change and just get the MA350 over the MA600. The RBH EP1 is another set that's nicely built with a cable-down form factor and under $150. It's got a pretty plain aesthetic, too. 
Hmm... my unit is a bit scuffed up from a couple of falls but the hinges seem to be tight. Will be sure to update if the construction goes south.  I do not EQ for review - that introduces too many additional variables. Those who use a proper equalizer will be able to get very different results with pretty much any headphone.
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