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 I hope so too . To me it's the logical next step for a CK10 fan.  You're looking at some pretty mid-centric earphones for someone who's trying to avoid that. The SE215 is probably the best option for you out of those.  You might also consider the Phonak Perfect Bass if you can find it (it was still available on amazon last I checked) or the SteelSeries Flux if you can live with a bit more treble energy. 
Definitely curious about the current crop of AT IEMs. Just need to finish up with the CKX5iS before tackling any more. 
 Currently the Ocharaku/Olasonic Flat-4 Nami 
 Likely, though not in the immediate future. 
 I do have a K550. My recommendation for sound would be the VSonic VC02 but I don't think it's particularly well-suited for running. Maybe if you glue the detachable cables in place it would be alright. Other than that, the LG Quadbeat F420 would be a decent option, or the Ety MC5 if you're willing to live with less bass impact. None of these are designed for running and I'm not sure how the sweat resistance will be in the long run.  Hope you enjoy the A63! 
I don’t adjust the nozzles much either so my 2011 mkI GR07 is still tight on both sides.  It’s about on-par with (certainly not worse than) the Ultrasone IQ.  The CKM500 has a more mid-bassy sound than the TS02 IMO. You might not like the bass quantity on it. It is an S4 upgrade nonetheless – just that most people upgrading from the S4 wouldn’t want less bass but are okay with more.  Yeah I got your meaning. The Dunu is better but also has a different sound signature – in...
 Probably not terrible, but I didn't think they were as good as the HD448 that was on the next demo stand over, and you can get those for $70-something. I also thought the UE6000 was better. 
 The DN-2000 I'm sure I'll cover eventually. Not sure about the other two.   The sound, or the looks?  No, the C12 is a lot more mid-bassy than the DN-1000. The DN1000 has lots more deep bass than both the A63 and E30 and about as much mid-bass as the A63, but more than E30.  It also has a very different sound signature from the Fidue. It actually seems to me like the signature of the A63 might work better for you, but the DN-1000 has many advantages such as bass depth,...
 Glad you like them!   Not at this time. I could possibly get my hands on them, just got a pretty full schedule. 
 Out of those I've briefly tried the HK (wasn't impressed) and the Momentum (liked, but wasn't blown away with). Maybe I'll get to try the rest some day. 
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