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 Sounds like you did get a newer version because mine came with the gray-gray-dark gray configuration out of the box. Glad you're liking them so far! It really does take a while to properly "discover" and explore this IEM but it should be an enjoyable process. 
 I would pretty much go by sound signature and comfort. If you're okay with an on-ear fit and a warm and smooth sound that puts clarity in the backseat a bit, the M-80 is your guy. If you'd rather have something more aggressive and v-shaped (emphasis on bass and upper mids/treble) and again don't mind the on-ear fit, go for the HD25. In all other cases, the M50 (or M50x) is more of the default/safe choice.
 That's true, and the Classic definitely sounds a bit different from the old GR07, but when you compare it to something fairly different like the FLC8, the gap between different GR07s becomes pretty much negligible. I don't think you could A:B two different GR07 with the FLC8 and come to significantly different conclusions.
 The A:B comparison I included in that review for the GR07 Classic still holds for the older GR07: http://theheadphonelist.com/headphone_review/flc-technology-flc8/ - it'll give you a more v-shaped sound with more powerful bass and slightly brighter treble than the GR07. I consider it an upgrade, but it kind of moves in the opposite direction from the GR07 than the warmer and smoother Momentum.
 I've heard of these a few times now - just haven't had time to look into them yet. As always, there are dozens of new IEMs on the market this spring and summer, and I haven't gotten around to posting reviews of all my favorites yet.     Depends on budget and preferred sound signature. At $200 and for v-shaped (boosted bass and highs) sound I don't have anything better than the DN-1000 to recommend. However, if you wanted to spend less, or more, or had a different...
  Ultimately it depends on the kind of sound you are looking for. If you like some enhanced bass, you can go Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear G (the Android version). Something balanced - HiFiMan RE-400a. Something in between - Philips Fidelio S2.
 Yes, just a bit more extreme. The RE-400 and GR07 are each closer to "flat" than the 8320 and Piston 3.
 Should be the next one posted on THL :) The Piston 3 is kind of the opposite of  the 8320 when it comes to relatively balanced IEMs. The 8320 is much more mid-centric and has slightly rolled-off deep bass and not real bright highs. The Piston 3 is... none of those things, really. I do think the Piston is the better earphone, but it's not at all a straight-shot upgrade from the 8320 due to how differently it is tuned.  I can't really think of a straight 8320 upgrade within...
 I only tried it briefly and it seemed like an evolution of the E10 to me. Maybe my brain was playing tricks on me just because it's a soundmagic. The only other thing I had with me was the GR07, and it wasn't as neutral as that. 
 Really depends on what you're looking for. I tend to prefer neutral sound + silicone shells so for me it would be the Custom Art Pro 330v2 (brief writeup here: http://theheadphonelist.com/brief-impressions-custom-art-harmony-8-pro-pro-330-v2/) or an extra $100 to go 1964EARS V6-Stage (and I'd give up the silicone shells for that). But, if I was looking for a more "fun" sound with some extra bass I'd pick the 1964EARS V3.  Those are sony hybrids. 
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