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 That's true, and the Classic definitely sounds a bit different from the old GR07, but when you compare it to something fairly different like the FLC8, the gap between different GR07s becomes pretty much negligible. I don't think you could A:B two different GR07 with the FLC8 and come to significantly different conclusions.
 The A:B comparison I included in that review for the GR07 Classic still holds for the older GR07: http://theheadphonelist.com/headphone_review/flc-technology-flc8/ - it'll give you a more v-shaped sound with more powerful bass and slightly brighter treble than the GR07. I consider it an upgrade, but it kind of moves in the opposite direction from the GR07 than the warmer and smoother Momentum.
 I've heard of these a few times now - just haven't had time to look into them yet. As always, there are dozens of new IEMs on the market this spring and summer, and I haven't gotten around to posting reviews of all my favorites yet.     Depends on budget and preferred sound signature. At $200 and for v-shaped (boosted bass and highs) sound I don't have anything better than the DN-1000 to recommend. However, if you wanted to spend less, or more, or had a different...
  Ultimately it depends on the kind of sound you are looking for. If you like some enhanced bass, you can go Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear G (the Android version). Something balanced - HiFiMan RE-400a. Something in between - Philips Fidelio S2.
 Yes, just a bit more extreme. The RE-400 and GR07 are each closer to "flat" than the 8320 and Piston 3.
 Should be the next one posted on THL :) The Piston 3 is kind of the opposite of  the 8320 when it comes to relatively balanced IEMs. The 8320 is much more mid-centric and has slightly rolled-off deep bass and not real bright highs. The Piston 3 is... none of those things, really. I do think the Piston is the better earphone, but it's not at all a straight-shot upgrade from the 8320 due to how differently it is tuned.  I can't really think of a straight 8320 upgrade within...
 I only tried it briefly and it seemed like an evolution of the E10 to me. Maybe my brain was playing tricks on me just because it's a soundmagic. The only other thing I had with me was the GR07, and it wasn't as neutral as that. 
 Really depends on what you're looking for. I tend to prefer neutral sound + silicone shells so for me it would be the Custom Art Pro 330v2 (brief writeup here: http://theheadphonelist.com/brief-impressions-custom-art-harmony-8-pro-pro-330-v2/) or an extra $100 to go 1964EARS V6-Stage (and I'd give up the silicone shells for that). But, if I was looking for a more "fun" sound with some extra bass I'd pick the 1964EARS V3.  Those are sony hybrids. 
 That is correct. Except for this one crazy prototype I saw once that let you remove the custom tip and put a universal one in its place. Can't remember whose crazy idea that was.
 Couldn't have said it better than kova4a - that has been my experience with the CIEMs you've listed (SE5 aside - haven't tried those) and others. Of course that's not to say you won't like one of them better than the ER4 overall. Just don't expect an ER4 sound signature with better clarity. 
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