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Added the Fidue A31s, an IEM that places comfort above all else. As always, the most up-to-date IEM ranking can be found here  
 The Alpha was the one I thought of. If the Beta sounds similar, should be a great fit as well. 
 In my experience you generally don't want a hybrid earphone like the Dart if you're looking for balanced/neutral sound. Of the 20-30 hybrid earphones I've tried I don't think any have fit that description.  
I really want a GMP 435 S in white. Surprisingly sleek for Pro headphones; photos don't really do them justice. 
  Someone mentioned Ortofon which is the first thing I thought of as well. The e-Q5 is right in that price range and has a bullet housing and nice balanced sound without being overly analytical. Runner up in that regard would probably be the VSonic GR01, but if bass punch is a factor and you're trying to go less analytical, I don't think I'd pick the VSonic over the Ortofon.  The requirement for a straight housing eliminates most of the dynamic-driver options in that price...
  They should know that the XX IEMs are just not bassy enough for me    Yes, I'm happy with the Elation so far. Seems to be smoother than my old FX101/FR301 (harshness is my biggest issue with those).  +1 on that being an IE7 clone. Not a bad thing, those were always comfy for me, assuming Kanen got the nozzle angle right.
 No, I haven't tried the Supra. SD-2 is good, a bit on the warm/dark side compared to my custom Noble 4S (which I consider more neutral overall) but very smooth and pleasant. The Alclair Reference is a bit more v-shaped overall. Unless you can go to the next level of Custom Art (Pro330v2) I would stick with universals in that price range for neutral sound.    Substantial bass means not the SD-2 and probably not the SM64... SM64 has very good bass but I wouldn't call it...
I haven't tried them myself but that^ seems reasonable. Wouldn't mind an FXT90 follow-up/upgrade. Unfortunately JVC just keeps sending me more Xtreme Xplosives...
 The T10 wasn't to my liking so it didn't get a review. The T20 is at InnerFidelity for measurements, but I should be doing a review of that one after I get it back. 
 I have no clue what the MDR-1A sounds like (or the Sony for that matter) so I can't say which IEM sounds most similar. The MA750 and Momentum are very good earphones that sound moderately different from each other. I tend to prefer the smoother MA750i.  Same as above, no experience with those headphones so I can't make any recommendations based on that, but if you're looking for balanced/neutral IEMs there's tons of options in every price range. I recommended some...
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