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Posted a brief review of the Custom Art Harmony 8 Pro and Pro 330v2 models here: . Full write-ups to come later. 
 No plans to try these right now. 
  Up to about 15 so far. Standouts for me are the Sony SBH80 among in-ears and the meelec Matrix2 among on/over-ears. Planning to put up a brief round-up in the near future. 
Time is currently more of a limitation than product. I also want to do more Bluetooth stuff as there's a lot of promise with some of the BT headphones I've tried lately. Unfortunately I only have a few free hours per day and some days those are spent entirely answering PMs, comments, emails, etc . I don't see that changing any time soon so I don't know. Maybe shorter reviews with fewer comparisons are the answer. 
 No particular reason - just lack of time. There's a lot of stuff not on the list that should be 
At least 2k of those comments are mine, probably more. That's a lot of hot air 
 I don't have the VSD3, only the VSD3S. If my experience with the VSD1/VSD1S applies, the difference between them will be nearly impossible to tell unless you get both an A:B them extensively.   I think I am getting some Sidy models but not sure which. I'm not managing to keep up with all of the Chinese brands anymore. There's like 5 new ones this week.
 Might get a brief go with one pretty soon.
 Not the hybrid part 
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