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Hmm... my unit is a bit scuffed up from a couple of falls but the hinges seem to be tight. Will be sure to update if the construction goes south.  I do not EQ for review - that introduces too many additional variables. Those who use a proper equalizer will be able to get very different results with pretty much any headphone.
 I don't know about the Powerjax but the RHA MA750 is right in that price range, durable, and sounds quite good so you won't have to wonder if you're getting your money's worth.  
Added the Monster DNA Pro Over-Ear 
 It's the next review up for completion - should be done in a day or two. The touchy treble is one of its few flaws but on the whole I still think it's very good for $70-80. I'm using it with Comply T400s - they seem to dampen the treble peaks somewhat. Still, even at its best I don't think the AX-35 competes with the DN-1000 in bass (either quantity or quality) and clarity, and doesn't sound quite as natural in terms of note thickness and overall tonality. Granted, bass...
 Never heard of them. Interesting designs.  This is why I have neglected to give it one.
  Your best bet would probably have been to tweak the SM64 via EQ. I haven't tried anything that mimics the SM64 through the bass and mids but just has more sparkle. 
 If you read my review of the CAL!2, I don't think it's an upgrade over the CAL! at all. 
 I was only talking about the sound profile - the larger drivers result in bassier sound.  I might get to try the universal version at some point after the next batch ships, but nothing definite. And yes, I would agree that the JH13 is slightly v-shaped but its midrange is not at all recessed-sounding.  I personally preferred the W4 - its leaner and a little brighter, which makes it more balanced-sounding as a result despite it having perhaps a bit more bass...
All suggestions have been noted! I have a few cans in the queue but none are particularly exciting. The only three I know will get a review are the UE6000s (someone asked about these a while back), the Monster DNA Pro, and the new ADL cans.
 Depends on what you want – more mid-centric with punchy but not very emphasized bass – Monoprice.  Slightly v-shaped with a good amount of bass – the 3590. I tend to prefer the Philips.  It is not leaner than the SHE3580 but it doesn’t have the lush fullness of the SM3, either. The SM3 has emphasis on the lower mids and lack of presence in the upper mids, which gives it that sound. The JH13 does not suffer from a lower midrange bias. I haven’t had a chance to try the...
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