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 Tried the IM50 briefly and thought it was quite good, but no plans to get a pair in for full review at this time.  Never tried it. Surprised I didn't notice it at CES but I guess it looks like a regular M6.
 ATH-CK100 is the closest I can think of but they don't make that anymore. Other than that - beats me..
 I believe it was the original SM64 but I'm not sure at this point - it's been quite a while. The SE535 is a respectable earphone with very nice mids, it just never really blew me away. Also, if you found the UM3X too flat (especially in the bass region) the SE535 really won't do it for you.  No experience with the FX850. The last JVC FX-series set I tried (FX700) was a little more v-shaped and less forgiving than the XBA-H3 and SM64, and didn't have the bass quality of...
 No, no chance of sleeping in them - not on your side, at least.   Thanks! It does sound like the SM64 is your best option. Can't fault the bass on it and the mids are very good aside from a slight upper mid dip (the opposite of a KC06 in that respect). Also, the top end is not flat in the sense of an SD-2 or even HiFiMan RE272, but it's refined and not harsh. There aren't many warmer-sounding IEMs with outright flat treble. My other recommendation would be the Sony XBA-H3...
 Thanks, I appreciate that   What you're asking for certainly exists, but there's also multiple variations on each of the things you want. For example, two earphones can both be described as be spacious and lush, but one may be extremely lush (thick, rich, whatever) and somewhat spacious, and the other may be very spacious and slightly warm. Both would fit your requirements as you've put them forth, but sound different from each other, and one may certainly appeal to you...
 Anything with memory wire will give you a similarly secure fit and some cables do have similar angled connectors, like these Shure ones: http://www.amazon.com/Shure-CBL-M-K-EFS-Three-Button-Control/dp/B0043241X8 . You just need to use the cable cinch to keep the cord in place since it lacks memory wire. I'm sure there's more out there, too.   W40 is not quite as clear, more mid-bassy, and also darker, but still pretty balanced overall (more so than the A83). The A83 has...
 Not sure what the UM1s sound like - don't have one. The SE215 is a good earphone but not super small. The Westone 10 (which I do have) is a lot more compact and comfortable, but I prefer the sound of the Shures.    If you're looking for a contrast, the W40 or A83 would be better than the 535. They're all good earphones, so it really depends on what you're after. 
  Yes, this. Different eartips do modify treble response slightly and it took some playing around with tips for me to find the maximum smoothness. 
Added a review of the Fidue A83 
 One of the ~$30 T-Peos sets, maybe. The D200R would be the best option but it is hard to find. The Popular is $30 at mp4nation. Soundmagic sets are good too - both the E10 and E30.   No plans to try the 3.00 but I have reviewed the VSD3 here: http://theheadphonelist.com/brief-impressions-vsonic-vsd3s-ostry-kc06-havi-b3-pro/
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