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 I'd go with the GR07. 
 Yeah, it was GOING to be brief as I just wanted to get something up about them. Then I decided to anticipate some of the potential questions   Good point. That would make sense, wouldn't it 
 Haven't heard a lot of full-size cans lately unless you consider the HiFiMan HE-560, which has fantastic deep bass and clarity .     That's not much of a budget. Not sure about pricing but I'd look into the Philips SHE3585 or SHE3595, JVC HA-FR201, Ultimate Ears 350vi/350vm, or maybe MEElectronics M6P or M9P. Here they can all be had for $25 or less with mic. 
Posted a (not so brief) brief review of the VSonic VSD3S, Ostry KC06, and Havi B3 Pro I:   Great earphones - all three are going to get full reviews in due time. 
 I agree, which is why the sound score is weighted double all the other categories. The plan for the interactive tables is to (in the future) allow certain columns to excluded from affecting the ranking, at the user's discretion. 
 The IE80 is pretty forgiving and the isolation is not that great. The A83 definitely holds its own on both counts. 
 They're both good earphones - go for the IE80 if you prefer a bassier, warmer, smoother sound and the A83 if you'd rather have a more neutral, just a tad enhanced-bass sound with brighter treble. I'd probably consider the A83 more versatile overall. 
 The BA200 is like a slightly warmer and noticeably smoother Heaven II. It's a good buy for jazz and vocal IMO. 
 CX300 has a good amount of bass... if you want at least that quantity, the GR07 Bass Edition will probably be too lean. The other two should have enough, though.    I'm happy to crowd-source all of my recommendations 
  I guess that depends - a bit more bass than what? In that price range you can now get a GR07 Bass Edition, which will give you a pretty accurate sound with added bass. That would probably be my pick for something that's enhanced in the bass region for rock. Don't be fooled by the name, though, the GR07 BE is still far from a bass monster. If you want something that's actually pretty bassy, the RHA MA750 or Yamaha EPH-100 will do, but those have quite a lot of bass and...
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