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   Replied at http://theheadphonelist.com/headphone_review/xiaomi-piston-3-in-ear-earphones-review/#comment-129677  I'd go MA750 personally, Momentum as a close second. The Momentum In-Ear is tuned more like the HD25 than the Momentum Over-Ear, being more v-shaped and less smooth. The MA750 is more of a mix of the two, and just really quite good overall.
 I reviewed the Rockets for InnerFidelity here: http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/lovely-ride-aurisonics-rocket  It'll be a little while before I can re-post the review elsewhere. I like a lot though. 
 Honestly, you may want to bite the bullet on sound quality and just get the Fidue A31s. Dirt cheap, tiny, and have a mic. One of the most comfortable IEMs I have, especially if you spend another $15 to throw some foam tips on them. Or a Xiaomi Piston 3 - it's not nearly as small but it's quite ergonomic and doesn't sit very deep in the ear. Lower isolation, too. There's a slightly larger alternative to these in the Philips TX1 or TX2 as well. I believe both have...
 There are much more updated versions of these lists in sortable format here for the portable headphones and here for the IEMs.  Never tried these, somehow.
 Depends on which direction you want to go with your vocals. If you just want something a little more forward and energetic, then a DUNU Titan 1 could be sufficient. If you want much smoother sound, something like an Aurisonics Rockets would be great. And so on...
 Rockets are the most mid-focused, with extended but not very emphasized bass and very smooth treble. The DN-2000 is the opposite - mids are a bit laid-back while the bass is boosted progressively as you go down into the sub-bass region and the highs are relatively bright for an overall V/U-shaped sound.  The P1 is something I've only listened to a little bit so far but it seems to be somewhere in the middle - theres a small bump in the bass but not nearly as much sub-bass...
  Yep, that's the one! Almost forgot Nakamichi makes headphones   Much appreciated!
Bit off an off-topic, but does anyone recognize this logo? Someone asked what these are on facebook and it's been bugging me. Looks so very familiar.    Love me some FLC8, would be amazing to have something with at least somewhat comparable capability to recommend at $200.
 This is very true, and I think it's because they have no real drawbacks. The bass is not missing, the mids are not recessed, the highs are smooth. Build quality is great, comfort is great, isolation is great, etc, etc. If more IEMs were like that, things would be so much easier - I wouldn't have to include 2-3 different caveats with every recommendation.   Music One is still pretty killer value. Doesn't really give you more bass than the PFE but otherwise it's a great...
Yeah, the ER6i was one of my first proper IEMs, too. I bought those and the Shure E4 in the same week. Ended up keeping the Etys... Also, added a new review for the Pump Audio Earphones - very impressive basshead IEMs for $50. As always, the most up-to-date version of the rating table can be found here. 
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