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 Not a lot of options with detachable cords in that price range... maybe Fidue A83? The Sony XBA-H3 drops below $300 also, though I don't know what the story is with detachable cables for that. For the Fidue any MMCX cable should work.   Anywhere from a few days to a few weeks per. 
 Diminishing returns and all that.. The DN-1000 is about the most difference you can get from the S1 with that sound signature so if that didn't sound significant enough, I doubt anything will. You can spend $60 on Brainwavz S1 or $100 on an S5 pr Rock Jaw Alfa Genus and get a smaller upgrade from the NarMoo, if that's more your budget, but they won't perform at the level of the DN-1000. 
 How much is a Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear? It's a V/U-shaped sig with good bass and treble, and a very decent value at $100 (US price).  Glad you like them! Haven't tried the Rockets but in that price range and for bass-heavy sound they're still among my favorites two years later.
 Sure, thanks!  Don't think I can be of my help here as I'm not at all familiar with the Alpha 1. Wasn't aware it existed until I googled it just now.
 The EX1000 is still better in that regard. In clarity and detail the 7550 is similar to the TDK BA200, which has a similar signature. The BA200 may even be a touch more resolving - can't remember right now.   With low fatigue as a factor definitely the 7550. It's a lot smoother.   Without specifics on what you want to see different from your GR07 and what you're willing to give up for it there really isn't one. When you get to that level straight upgrades in every way are...
 That violet color is a higher-priced limited edition, too.  Easier with the EX1000 because they're so similar. The 7550 is basically the EX-1000 minus some upper mid/treble presence. It's warmer and smoother while the EX1000 is brighter and carries more treble energy. The EX1000 has a bit more intelligibility and the presentation is more airy, but of course it's more prone to harshness as well.
 I've had all the bass I can handle with the FR301, Beats Tour 2.0, and RHA T10i  Speaking of JVC XX, there's a new one coming out this year, the XX Elation (couldn't find a more decent pic): 
Added a review of the bass monster JVC Xtreme Xplosives HA-FR301 
 I don't have much experience with modern hi-fi DAPs/Amps, but they don't need an amp when used with the one I do have (HiFiMan 901 with IEM card). I imagine other decent DAPs are similarly capable of driving them.   Why not the HF5? It's in that price range.  The VSonic VC1000 would be an alternative. Maybe even a T-Peos H-100 if a v-shaped sound is okay. 
 I sent them an email or two back when I had some room in my schedule but it didn't work out. Maybe someday. 
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