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 Wish it was that easy but I don't have either earphone nor spare time. I stopped updating the review queue on the front page of this thread because I don't think anyone really looks at it, but there are so many new and interesting earphones on the market every week that it's impossible to keep up.
 It's a little too v-shaped IMO. Makes even the DUNU DN-1000 sound balanced in comparison. 
Thanks, and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!  Added a review of the variable-tuning Rock Jaw Alfa Genus while I'm at it.   
 If you were satisfied with the bass of the Xcape they should all be fine except maybe the Havi. The MH1C and SE215 have more bass than the Flux and VSonics, if you're worried about that.
 Haven't tried the FX850 but the A83 and SM64 are both solid options.The A83 is a lot more efficient but you shouldn't have any problems driving either (unless you want ear-splitting volumes straight out of your iPhone, which the SM64 won't do).
  They're certainly up there in soundstage size for an IEM. The 7550 is warmer than the other two and might be a better match for what you're after, both tonally and in note thickness, but the extra treble of the EX1000 gives it a slight edge in airiness and soundstaging. In either case they're neither thin nor thick-sounding, really. If you compare them to a set of Beats Tours 2.0s or an RHA T10i both will sound thin, but if you compare them a VSonic VC1000 or Rock-It...
 DN-23 is warm and smooth but it won't really have the clarity you're used to with the Xcape Full review here: Something like a Shure SE215, SteelSeries Flux In-Ear, or Sony MH1C will get you closer to Xcape performance level and sound signature, and if you want to switch things up you have even more good options, like the VSonic VSD3S and Havi B3 ProI.
 Missed this before. I use an Azio BTD-V400 USB transmitter (CSR chipset, aptX-enabled). Lately I've also been using a Creative W1, which is similar in performance but a hell of a lot easier to use.  I can relate to the "unnatural" partwhen it comes to the XBA-4 but it would be a good start to figure out whether you thought the XBA-4 sounded to small because it's the XBA-4, or because you're so used to larger headphones and speakers that IEMs won't do it for you. Some...
 7550 has the same isolation as the MDR-EX600/EX1000 reviewed in this thread. It doesn't really leak sound, but it lets a good amount of external noise in. It's actually similar to the EX1000 in performance, too, but with a warmer, smoother, slightly less clear and detailed but arguably more tonally natural sound. I don't think they sound very intimate (in the sense that they are pretty spacious) but the mids are not recessed and other than that they fit your requirements...
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