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 Common workaround for phone issues. My previous Android phone had 50+ ohm impedance at the headphone jack, so I had to use an amp with a lot of BA earphones just to make them sound as the manufacturer intended. 
 No idea what your FXT90 is not liking in your Nexus. Sounds like some sort of clipping, which would indicate that it's a load that the Nexus can't handle for whatever reason. 
 The only sweat resistant/sports sets that I've found recommendable (with price in mind) are the MEElec M6s and the Audio-Technica CKX5 series. The CKX5 sounds better, though I prefer the fit of the M6. I've been disappointed with higher-end sweat-resistant earphones like the Westone Adv Alphas - it's hard to recommend a $200 sweat-resistant set when you can get better sound out of something that costs $50, and just replace it when it fails.
 Yep, sounds like the MA750i is what you want. Just expect a significantly bassier and warmer sound compared to the FXDs.
Smaller chamber should have some effect on sound. From what I remember of the 2009 version, it wasn't as bassy as the later ones, so hopefully it is less muddy as well.
 Right, except for the mic option, the S4-II has nothing on these, either.   Never heard of it before but it looks like the very first M9 that I had... broke in 2009 or so and was replaced with a longer one. It actually was better-sounding than the ones that followed so who knows, maybe these can be competitive at $10. 
 No S5, the only other Brainwavz unit I have is the R3.  Unless your phone just lacks volume at the headphone jack, you won't need an amp for the MA750.   The Xears Revolution (XR120) is the only one I can think of. A little long in the tooth but you can still find them on the Xears site (might need a coupon code to bring the price down) and  Really? I kind of like the plug. I generally prefer L-plugs but some of them don't fit in my phone case while this one is OK.
Added the Brainwavz S1 
 T-400 works fine  The RHAs are good if you are okay with moving in the +bass direction sound-wise. The Flux, while indeed a little warm-sounding, is more balanced. The MA750 is warmer, bassier, a little less forward in the midrange, and more sensitive. 
 Unfortunately there is no list as I've been focusing more on the IEM thread. I mean to review a few of the other sets I own, such as the AKG K550/551 (pretty good, could be a little smoother), Velodyne vTrue (meh), Monoprice DJ (good for the price, but forgettable) and so on, but just haven't found the time. Don't have any of the ones on your list. 
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