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 Yeah I'm curious about these as well. 
 The S2 is fairly different from the B2 and ER4P for sure - greater bass impact (more along the lines of GR07 bass quantity) but definitely not a bass monster, not too much focus on the mids but no recession, and pretty prominent treble. The problem is that it's not as smooth as the UE600, either - few headphones are.  Not here yet - Tyll is currently measuring a bunch of my IEMs. I imagine I'll get the TX1 and TX2 back with all the rest of them.   I would be very...
I wouldn't buy the Brainwavz if I already had an ER4P. 
 I was under the impression that all of the Flat-4 sets are different - Sui, Nami, Kuro, etc - see the release thread here:  Sorry, never even heard of it before.
 I’m still exploring the lower bounds of the T-Peos lineup – haven’t tried the H-200 or H-300 yet.  I should have some early impressions of the DN-2000 ready soon. I quite like it!  Sorry, haven't heard any of those. 
 I haven’t tried it. Sounds like the ergonomics are similar to the old EX-series units.  It’s been a while since I’ve tried the DT770 (250ohm version). From what I remember of them the MS01 will likely be a little too warm and dark in comparison- the VSD1S should be a better match. But, I can’t say with certainty how close it will be since I don’t have access to a DT770.  Might be too close in that respect, actually – the Nami has punchy bass but it’s not an earphone I...
Added the Olasonic/Ocharaku Flat-4 Nami 
Website is back with partial functionality. Looks like it was also attacked by a spam bot - hundreds of fake accounts were created in the past 24h. New account creation has been disabled temporarily.   I quite liked the EX600 and EX1000 as well, though I think they've been dropped from the lineup. I do try to spend my time on things that are worth reviewing but my plan is to at least write up some brief impressions of things that don't get reviewed in full, either due...
 I wasn't a fan of the XBA-3, even chose to pass on reviewing it. Glad my reviews have been useful! 
 Yes... there was a planned site upgrade (additional functionality) and something went wrong . Resource use went through the roof. It is temporarily offline until the problem is resolved (hopefully that will happen today).
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