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How does the UM3X compare to the Westone 4?
Hi. Time for me to upgrade from my Sennheiser IE8.   I'm looking for a pair of IEMs that have similar sound characteristics as the VSonic GR07 (ie strong bass, great detail, warm sounding and great isolation). My budget is $500, however the IEM *must* have a 2 year (or longer) warranty. I am not a fan of the Shure SE535's sound, and I think I've had enough of Sennheiser for now to consider the IE80 (they're great, I just want to try out something new).    Any...
Anybody have other suggestions?
I'd like to upgrade from my Brainwavz B2/DBA-02.   I don't like the sound signature of the B2 as it is way too bright and low on bass. I would like something that has the sound signature of a V Sonic GR07 (I regret returning them), something warm sounding with a good amount of bass. The earphone must have treble (I LOVED the RE0's treble and treble quantity), so the Shure SE530 is out. Also, it must have excellent isolation. The GR07 pretty much ticks all my...
Hi.   I have a broken pair of RE0. My credit card company has kindly refunded me the money through their extended warranty service and does not want the earphone back. Now I'm thinking of recabling it for fun so I'll get a bit more from these otherwise broken and useless earphone.    Is there a guide where it shows me how to reconnect the cable to a new jack?   Thanks.
I have the v3 RE0. My source is a Archos 5 or computer sound card, sometimes amped with a Fiio E11 if I'm at home.    With the comply tips, the highs reduce noticeably, I would say it makes the B2 slightly less trebly than RE0. I get more bass, but not much more than the RE0. The isolation is noticeably improved, but I was already getting better isolation than my RE0 with the stock tips on my B2.   I don't think it is my fit, because I found the B2 with silicone...
Hi.    I just got my Brainwavz B2.    First impression: Oh my God they're bright! And that's coming from a RE0 user!    I've been reading a lot about the DBA-02 and B2. The are described as neutral, but I find my B2 to be incredibly bright, to the point voices sound shrill. It is REALLY treble emphasized. I've read that these have more bass than a RE0. I don't find that to be the case. And also, the mids are less than impressive, and it is quite laid...
I'm in Toronto
I have a Fiio E11 for sale. I tried them for 10 minutes, and I feel that my earphones don't need an amp. I'm in Canada, so preferably in Canada and USA (otherwise shipping will become expensive). The asking price is $50 + shipping.     
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