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Technically that is supposed to be an acoustically transparent part (unless I'm mistaken), so you shouldn´t worry too much about touching it. Hopefully you'll enjoy them!
It is very interesting to see that graph, that convinced me of making the mod and comparing to the parametric equalization I'm using now. I'll do that and see what happens.  
  Best time of the year :)! I'm guessing that Norway must be unfreakinbelievably beautiful in the winter (although ridiculously cold?).... mmmm... all of a sudden I have a desire to visit Norway...
Exactly ^^, hopefully I'll have enough free time (as in time away from my computer) to really enjoy it.
Salomon Quest 4D boots:         And North Face Atlas Triclimate Jacket:           I really love them :).
I haven't posted in head-fi in a long time, but I felt like posting my setup in my university room.     Thanks to traveling overseas my setup is pretty minimal (particularly by head-fi standards), consisting only of Duet and HD800, although I'm really happy to be quite honest, I won't be upgrading anything in the foreseeable future. That is how my setup looks pretty much always, the only thing different for the picture is Kenny in my laptop :).   BTW I lost...
Yup, you are right, I just reread some thing and I got a couple things mixed up and ended up with the wrong conclusion.
  I just mentioned s-logic because it is supposed to work when the drivers are positioned in a particular way (and I've read multiple times that ultrasones are very sensitive to positioning), so that implies that the headphones are designed to sound optimally when positioned like that. The square wave measurements are quite sensitive to position (as pretty much any other measurement) from Tyll's youtube videos, so that design choice could have affected the second ear...
The square waves are particularly indicative of being able to reproduce the THWAK on complex passages more than just producing the THWAK by itself, do you agree?   No you are reading the graph correctly. It could be that the S-logic ultrasone thing messed with the measurement on one of the dummy head ears, but given how careful Tyll is when doing the measurement, I doubt it.  
Apart from what others mentioned about the amp, what you might be hearing is the limitation of the transient response of the 650. They are not bad in that respect, but I found that they tend to get confused in very complex songs, some fast metal for example, and although they improved in that respect with the Beta22, that is not their strongest point. Just saying my opinion anyways.  
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