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 Thank you so much for this post! My left earpiece stopped working a few months back.  I'd been using another pair of headphones and was planning on contacting Harman this week to see if they would repair them when I saw your post this morning - took off the cover on the left piece and found the two little clip wires had both come off.  Re-attached them and now working good as new!!  I'd forgotten how good they are not sure how i've managed without them for 3 months!
Thanks for the suggestions! Any other opinions?
I'd like to buy a pair of closed headphones for listening late at night. My budget is about £150 which puts both these phones well in price range. Just wondering what people's opinions on them are for classical music, what with the closed design? I need a closed pair to minimise leaking. Other suggestions very welcome! Thanks Tom
I've had these headphones for over two years now and love them! Could anyone recommend me some full size headphones with a similar sound signature? A bit more comfy with a slightly larger soundstage would be perfect? Budget £300
So I've been happily living with my AT ATH-ESW9 headphones for over two years now. I love them. Unfortunately a bit has cracked and a screw thread broken so while they've been waiting to be fixed I've been using my spare phones (Denon D1001) and everything sounds so BORING. Listening to my favourite songs sounds completely different and as a generalisation the drums are too loud, I can't hear the vocals, everything is just not as good.   I'll be glad once my...
More ohms means that the 'phones are harder to drive - you'd really need a decent headphone amplifier for the 80 and 250 ohm versions.   I have the ESW9s and think they are great for that kind of music, but if portability isn't a requirement, you could certainly spend your money better :)  
Thanks for the replies so far...I am a little worried about the comfort of tri-flange tips. I haven't really had much experience of IEMs (the only pair i've actually owned was Sennheiser CX300 II) but I found them the most uncomfortable things ever, which leads me to believe (with my general fussiness for comfort) that I could have comfort issues. Initially I was set on having headphones only (not IEMs) but the clamping force of the ones that actually have a decent amount...
Hi all   I'm looking for some IEMs to use on the tube. The most important factors are isolation and comfort - as long as the sound quality is decent and the isolation is good i'm not too fussed about sound signatures.   My real question is whether the isolation comes from the phones, the tips or both? I'm really really picky about comfort and have been thinking about custom moulded tips, but would this impact badly on isolation?   My other worry about custom...
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