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They do...quite a bit more actually. The SRH1540s are more sit-down full sized headphones IMO. Wow, those prices are highway robbery!
Wait, you let her in the car on the way home? I'd have left her in the bush.  You did nothing wrong...she has "issues". Time for a new friend IMO.
No worries Paul. All we need is someone named Mary. 
 Go Blues! I'm class of 9T5 (B.A.Sc) and 9T7 (M.A.Sc.).
 Very good point! I would certainly agree. If anyone wants to send me a loaner pair, I'm game.   Thanks man. Based on your comments, I'd look into the T51p's and BeoPlay H6's...I'm thinking you might prefer the H6's more actually. The T51p's and HP50s have more bass than "neutral" to my ears, but both offer great "quality" bass.
Not going to get good odds on that wager...the LCD-3/GS-X Mk2 is a killer combination!
Doesn't the 727II have more power/voltage than the 717 too? Agreed that the unmodded SRM727II isn't anything to write home about.
Well, I'm lucky to have all three headphones here (SR-007Mk1, SR-009, HD800) and I love all three. In terms of details, I'd easily rank them SR-009 >> HD800 > SR-007Mk1. In terms of soundstaging: HD800>SR-009>SR-007Mk1. But in terms of my overall preferences when all things are said and done, I'd rank them: SR-009 > SR-007Mk1 > HD800s. With the LCD-X's, the HD800s are easily my favourite dynamic headphones and truly end game headphones. 
Exactly...orthos sound best with more power, and the LCD-3s "deserve" the WA6SE. 
Off board. 
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