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 Depends on the kind of person you are. I really like both, but I'm the kind that will always be wondering what I'm missing and eventually end up with the gen 2 (which I prefer). But if you're not that kind of person and will happily go on with the gen 1, then go that way. 
I agree that the HP1000 are the flattest sounding Grado...but the GH-1 are likely the flattest John Grado headphone. 
Small world...that's my main rig for the LCD-4s and it is definitely sleep depriving. 
 Awesome music for a great pair of headphones! There is hope for the younger generations! 
If the amplifier is balanced (properly that is) then typically it will sound better. My T1 g2 sounds better balanced on my GS-X Mk2.
^ I strongly suggest you check out the HD800S. I own both the T1 Gen. 2 and HD800S and while I really like the former, the latter headphone is definitely a cut above to my ears.
 I don't see that..."skyrocketing"? Do you have some links? Just curious?
You should! They are likely the best (tonally speaking) John Grado headphone yet.
 Hard to say, and I seriously doubt anyone at Grado will confirm this. I can say that next to the PS1000e, these are my favourite Grado headphones. Tonality wise, I prefer them to any John Grado headphone I've heard. 
 I find the differences far more subtle too, but still there and the flattened "U" of the "e"'s hit the right notes for me. That said, the RS1e I heard was sorely disappointing. But that was one of the initial ones released, not sure if they've been changed ("fixed")?
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