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You can read my review of it in my signature. It's no bigger than a pack of cigarettes. The HP is the only one with a headphone out (i.e. amplifier).
 Are you looking for an amp/dac one-stop solution? The Concero HP is fantastic with them.
Hi Dave: Listening to them now...they aren't dark, but neither bright. Playing them straight from my Concero HP right now and I'm finding them quite balanced actually. They are a bit brighter than the LCD-X's, but still not K701 or HD700 bright...not even close.
 Not sure if the MAD Ear+HD has been mentioned yet, but it is spectacular with Grado headphones!
 They aren't cheap, that's for sure...but they are amazing!
 Interesting, I found it the opposite. The Momentum 2's have more bass than either...if you're finding the H6 has too much.
 You're finding the H6s have more bass than the M4U1s?
 I'm doing one for my easiest review in the past several years as they are that damn great!
 I think I'd classify less of "mid-bass" with the PS1000e over the PS1000...but more sub-bass with the "e".
 I think sonically, they'd be in the top 1/3rd or so. Quite good actually, but darn big!
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