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Just a quick update...the new Audeze SINE headphones have been included in my listing. 
 Again...still academic...depends on those chips. Would you rather have 2 "off the shelf" and "meh nothing special" chips or one that really nails it? I think it's best for Rob to step in here.
 Being "fully" balanced requires a separate ground for each L and R channels. If the output have that, then that's all that matters if you're going to hook it up to a balanced amplifier. Internally how the DAC operates is purely academic.
 "- Fully balanced outputs using XLR connectors" From Chord's site. So each L and R would have it's own separate ground for being "fully balanced".
 As mentioned the headphone output is SE, but the TT does have balanced outputs to feed a balanced amplifier if you so need. 
 Agreed. The SINE are very natural and flat and Tyll's measurements confirm this too. The last thing I would say is that they have a U shaped response curve. 
You should be VERY impressed...congrats!
Yep...mine's a few years old and they are all there!  They've always been there. The MK1 however was only SE or dual 3pin XLR (owned that one in the past).
The GS-X Mk2 has both dual 3 pin XLRs and a 4 pin XLR. You're covered. 
Well my SINE review is in for Final Editing. Once its up, I'll update my listing.   Hint: The king is dead...long live the king. 
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