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I do own them. I was the first to get them in Canada (I think) back in December. Love them them to death. I found myself avoiding certain brighter recording with my HD800 headphones, but that is certainly no longer the case with the HD800S. Frank I reviewed them on Headphone.Guru, but my sentiments are pretty close to his. 
Not yet...but hopefully soon!
Lol, I thought it was an original photograph using film? 
Love the lighting in that photo! 
https://www.sony.ca/en/electronics/headband-headphones/mdr-z1r No need for duties if you get them from Sony.ca   But they ain't cheap!
 Sure, they're really, really good!  Review will be out by Halloween...so I guess they're scary good! 
 Good point there too. Just finished up my review of the V280 (should be out in a month or so) and I agree with your assessments here.
 If you want to drive a power hungry pair of orthos (like the LCD-4s or HE-6s) or electrostatic headphones...those are 2 reasons why you'd want an external amplifier with more power.
 Thanks for the heads up...I'll do some reading on these cans!
 (Plus...you can say adios to your warranty)
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