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 Certainly my impressions (and by far most GS-X owners...and Tyll's measurements) would go against those few ones for sure. Some folks are used to boomy bass and shaved off treble and along comes an amp that is ruler flat, is super tight with no extra added bloom and it might throw them somewhat (especially at a meet with a Sabre based DAC). If you go back over older posts from some seasoned veterans, the respect for both the GS-1 and GS-X is very high! I've had mine now...
Weird? I'm using the Hugo TT and have zero issues with Tidal, Amarra, or Audirvana with DSD through my iMac. 
 Look to your source then. The GS-X Mk2 will sound brighter if your source is so inclined. It's design strategy is simply to add gain and get out of the way. My GS-X Mk2 has sounded a bit bright with a Sabre based DAC (that didn't get the analog portion just right) and then shifted to warm sounding with the Metrum Hex NOS DAC. But with the Hugo TT, it's pretty much spot on now. Have a look at the measurements (very impressive...
 I actually prefer the 727II over the SRM-007t...had better grip of the drivers. But the option I'd go with a starter SR009 amp is a spritzer modded SRM-727II...sounds really good with the SR-009s. Not KGSSHV good, but still very pleasing sound.
 I think this would be a mistake considering just how differently the HD600 and HD650 sound. The HD800S is far from the HD650 in terms of not being warm or veiled. I get your point, but I think the HD850 could be very misleading as the HD800S is very much like the HD800, but with the treble "fixed" and some more heft down low. The HD650 was IMO a completely different from the HD600. 
 Both are fantastic headphones and you can't go wrong with either...that said, I do reach for my HE1000s more often. 
 Sorry, I need a background of what other Grado's you've closely listened to in the past (and ideally owned) to kinda put that statement into perspective. Thanks!
 Is that using the LCD-4 on your Violectric V281? And anymore impact than the LCD-4s is north of what is natural/neutral as the LCD-4s are flat down to 20Hz...yes I agree the TH900s have more bass, but the bass quality, control and detail extraction is better on the LCD-3/4. The TH900s are great closed headphones, but the treble is what eventually did them in for me.
 If you're ever in Toronto, simply the best sandwich I've ever had: http://eatcalifornia.ca/ The veal is to die for...had a buddy from Philly come by and had a hard time going back to the cheesesteak! 
Working on it! 
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