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Cool...thanks man for the clarification. I was playing around with my AK240SS and my HE1000s last night with my balanced cable adapter (Moon Audio Silver Dragon) for the AK240SS and it played the HE1000s quite well actually. Definitely not endgame level, but well enough for me to enjoy them. In SE mode, the AK240 seemed a bit dull, but came alive in balanced mode. Just some food for thought... 
LCD-X + "A Night at the Opera" by Queen on Amarra for Tidal = 
 The AKT5ps are the more neutral headphones with a very expansive sound stage, while the Z7s are definitely darker with quite a bit more bass. I prefer the former, but the latter are still outstanding headphones (especially with the Kimber cable upgrade).
 Sorry, it doesn't appear to have switchable voltage (110/230). 
 Very good point...I find the SR-009s (and the HD800s) are quite revealing and picky of the DAC too.
 Congrats on youre new amp. The differences between the KGSSHV and the SRM007II or SRM727II were quite drastic to my ears (a good thing).
 Are you sure you're not Canadian? No need to apologize.  I wrote a review for the AKT5ps on Headphone.guru a few months back and loved them. For sound quality, I'd put them at the top of this listing...but portability would take a hit. If the earcups folded flat and if they came with a storage bag/case, then they would get an uptick in score. I've been toying with the idea of adding both the Sony Z7s and A&K AKT5ps here...if I get some time this summer, I think I just might.
 Quick question...where you running the HE1000s an AK240 in balanced mode?
 While they are on the darker side of neutral, I wouldn't classify them as "veiled" either. 
 Except for the fact that at about 90% max, I was getting about 75dB ish...hardly "damaging my hearing".  Not sure what happened? 
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