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 I'm really looking forward to it! Tidal support, native DSD support, and now MQA! Says end of January...that's today. So looks like a bit more time to wait. 
 Both are great DACs and great audio companies with impressive track records!
 I'm currently using the excellent Moon Audio Silver Dragon V3 (4 pin XLR balanced) with my Utopia headphones. But I will be reviewing both the Utopia and Z1R Axios cables soon...I'll will sprinkle in some of my thoughts when they arrive. 
Just importing my 11,000 albums now into Amarra 4. I did get to play with it at RMAF and loved the GUI and quick interface. Should be ready to use by the time I head off to bed. 
 I certainly don't think the TT would cannibalize the DAVE...they are at such hugely different price points! Here in Canada...the DAVE is about $18,000!!! I think I'll just buy a Honda CRV.  Seriously though, I think the TT can be a gateway drug to the DAVE, but not a cannibal. Just my two cents...
 Can it go toe to toe...certainly! Both are awesome DACs designed by some pretty smart people.   Congrats! You will love it! And please don't short change the headphone near 0 ohm at 1.25W into 32 ohms, it is a very serious amplifier.
 ^ Same goes for the HE1000 V2.
 That's McIntosh....I love the way their gear looks!
Hey Paul...we all have different ears and it's great there are options out there. I like the term "measurebate" I 'm gonna use that one. 
 The only reason I can think of is he really likes the sound with the 6kHz spike colouration and a tad less bass. 
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