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So today I picked up a pair of W60s. Had some $ to burn from my AK100II sale and I wanted a top flight IEM for my new AK240SS. Listened to them all morning and they are pure Westone. I owned both the W3 and W4 and loved them both (so the W60s were pretty much a no brainer), but these are something special! They are more balanced and sound very wide open.   I've heard the SE846 on several occasions (with all the filters) and kept coming away with the fact that I preferred...
My SR-009s with Amarra for Tidal...listening to Shelby Lynne...seriously good!
For me, for the BLUE Hawaii, there is only one colour for the faceplate.  
Sorry, I hate to derail this thread...but since you asked: I too owned the LL1 and thought the KGSSHV was the better amp, but the LL2 has really kicked things into gear. Not only with my SR-009s, but also with the SR-007Mk1s too (which for me says a lot). My KGGSHV was the off board 1969SA version with the current cranked up to 10mA and it sounded glorious. I'm sure the new owner will love it. Side by side to his modded SRM727II (spritzer mod), the KGSSHV was clearly...
  ^ Correct sir!
 They are great headphones! Seriously good...enough to come in #2 in my collection. I hope to have my portion wrapped up by the end of this upcoming week.
 We're working on it.
 Great write up! Thanks for this!
 Hey Eric...things are good. Hope you're doing well too! Been a while. Funny this thread has brought a few old time friends around (you and Marcel). I've heard several HD800s from 6000ish to 20,000ish and they've all been virtually identical. Gotta give it to the boys (and gals) at Sennheiser...they are on the ball. Agreed with your EQ comments...makes life much easier. I haven't talked to Shahrose in a while. Looks like he's done med school and is now in residency...so...
So this afternoon I tried my Z7 + Kimber upgrade portable cable + my new AK240SS and it was seriously good! I think with this portable setup, I can now convince myself to add the Z7s to my Comparative Thread for portable headphones. 
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