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 Measurements are right here and seem to match my impressions. YMMV of course. Both go down to 20Hz very well. To my ears, both offer outstanding sub-bass and bass quality. But the nod goes to the Utopia for quality overall. The HE-6 has had its day (and is still a very good headphone indeed, but IMO and has been surpassed by some of the more recent headphones like the...
Hey, did you break into my place and listen to my rig while I was off at work today?  Throw in a KTE SU-1 in that photo and move the black GS-X Mk2 up on a rack over the L3 Spring DAC and we've got identical setups (well except for a Cavalli LL2 for my stat headphones just to the right). Very impressive setup! Listening to Chesky's "Jazz Side of the Moon" on DSD and loving what I'm hearing. This DAC is not only physically BIG, but sounds even BIGGER! Incredible detail,...
 I would beg to differ on the sub-bass the measurements show them about equal as well. (FWIW, I used to own the HE-6s for a number of years, but like you, rarely listened to them and sold them off).
^ Agreed.
That's how I would rank these three headphones as well. 
 It never does! 
Please not this thing again. 
 It is pretty spectacular sounding that's for sure!
Many people like more bass than what's on the recording! If you want the proper amount, the Utopias are that. They go down to 20Hz and offer some of the best bass quality I've heard.
 Congrats Tim! I can confirm that the Utopia and your Level 3 Spring DAC are a brilliant combination! Enjoy!
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