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For me they are my favourite dynamic/ortho dynamic pair of headphones. They are simply that magical and I still smile every time I listen to them!
I'd give them a call...I got a fantastic deal (and their prices are quite competitive) and Francois is top notch to deal with!
Not sure if this one has been mentioned:   High End Audio Exchange   I just bought a Metrum Hex from them and dealing with Francois has been top notch. They are in Kingston, Ontario and have Audeze, Grado headphones. They also carry Resonance Labs gear, plus some really high end DACs, speakers, etc...   Worth checking out IMO!
I've got a Metrum Hex coming in tomorrow. So I'll perform a quick "DAC-off" this weekend and I'm planning on writing up a full review for the Hex. Should be a fun weekend!
 Well, after some thought, I just ordered the Hex. Should be here tomorrow. Looking forward to comparing it to my Bryston BDA-2 DAC!
On my list too!  Saw Roger Waters in concert a few years ago perform The Wall too...simply amazing!
 Cool thanks!
 Pretty much sums up the H6s. 
Do you have an Apple store nearby? They're there too for an audition.
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