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 I still hold the TH-900s in very high regard and I enjoyed my 2 years+ with them. But I found myself needing closed headphones less and less.
 Not that it matters, but I agree that my SR-009s sound more "right" than my SR-007 Mk1s....that said, the biggest reason I sold off my TH-900s was the treble. Not the most refined to my ears and could be fatiguing with the wrong recording. Something I've never had with either Stax can (or even my PS1000e's for that matter). YMMV of course.
I did? Damn, that was good scotch I had last night.
 I should have put PS1000/PS1000e. My bad.
 No worries. 
It doesn't really....the PS500 is the darkest Grado out there and the imaging is quite closed-in in comparison. I wouldn't say that, as mentioned the PS500s are my 3rd favourte Grado behind the PS1000/PS1000e and RS1/RS1i. They are a unique bird in the line up as they really shave off quite a bit off the top and are the least "Grado" sounding headphone in the line up. But if you think that the others are too bright, then the PS500s would be for you.  While the PS1000e's...
 I'm gonna most likely get a pair of PM3s in the next month or so to trial (curiosity has definitely got the better of me). But the others, I'm certainly open to a week's loaner if anyone cares to lend me a set to add to this listing. 
 The PS1000s were released after the "i" series was introduced, so no need to have an "improved" version since there was no predecessor. 
 That's one headphone I am very curious to hear!
 Sure, if anyone wants to loan them to me, I'd be happy to entertain any portable headphone. 
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