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Depends on your price range really. The PWD2s can be had for some great deals nowadays and the M51 is a great option too. I really like both. But in the end I prefer the BDA-2. I've been a fan of Bryston for many years and they really did a fantastic job with the BDA-2. Good thing, because the BDA-1 was a let down for me (I preferred the W4S DAC-2 to it).
 I just added my 2 cents on how they sound without the ANC. Not disappointing as say the Audio Technica ANC headphones, you could still enjoy yourself, but they are better with it on. 
They are a bit on the dull side with the ANC off...actually I forgot to add that...doing that now....thanks!
I've only used it in iTunes mode; might explain why I didn't experience that bug. Actually I found 2.6 had a pausing issue 10-12 seconds into every song that was a major pain so I stopped using it altogether. Hopefully Amarra works out these other bugs moving forward. What did you think of the sonic improvements? I much preferred Audirvana over Amarra 2.6. But now it's the other way around. Looking forward to see what Audirvana 2.0 will be like in a few days.
 Great thoughts...looks like we're in good agreement with the QC25s. In case anyone is interested, my thoughts have been updated here:
Well, after a few days of A-Bing the QC25s with the QC15s and getting to know them better, I've updated my original listing to now include them:
Really Amos? What didn't you like about Amarra 3? I thought it was a good upgrade over 2.6 (which I thought was a disappointment). 
 Depends on the IEMs. The Shures are fantastic, but I've owned several top flight IEMs that didn't isolate as well as the LCD-XCs and none of them sounded as good. 
Agreed,but a SR009/323S is still quite a bit behind the amps I mentioned earlier and over time I think the SR009s are being held back...and I know I wouldn't be satisfied for more than a few months knowing just how better they sounded. YMMV
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