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 I don't think wasn't biased beyond my personal sonic preferences and experiences.  Read all the other comments here as well from listeners with the TT in their home for quite a bit of time and not just a "in-store audition". I didn't want to love it as much as I did as I wanted to not have to pay the really high price for the TT...but in the end I couldn't let it go back so I bought the review unit and here I am later a year with it still in my system. In fact I would say...
I've reviewed and owned many DACs and the TT is one of the very best at imaging and detail extraction. There are also many other published reviews (beyond mine on Headphone.Guru) like Stereophile, whathifi, Hi-Fi Plus, 6moons and Absolute Sound that have very similar impressions to mine.
Oh well...got mine for $35 shipped...no biggie.
I think the initial HD650s (pre-silver driver versions) where where they got the "veiled" comments. The silver driver release (several years ago) did remove much of it and these have those drivers. In other news, the short cable is just way too short for my needs, so I picked up a stock HD650 cable instead. Best bang for your buck I can think of around here!
 Not in anyway a side grade. I found the HD800's brightness too much for many albums in my catalog...and the bass too lite. The HD800S eliminates the 6kHz resonance that allowed me to revist so much of my many treasured albums and the add heft to the bass gave many other recordings a new life. So while these changes weren't "profound" in the end, they allowed me to fully enjoy Sennheiser's flagship that I never could before. And in the end was much more than a side...
 The HE1000's have flat bass down to 10Hz...you might be adverse to that. 
They did...Orpheus 2! $50k headphone/amp/dac setup.
 If you base your planes on science they fly, if you base your medicine on science it cures diseases, it works.....(you can fill in the rest ).
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