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 Funny you should ask, I just posted my XS mini-review last night:
Thanks. A score of 4 is still very good...but next to the P7s, they weren't quite there IMO. But they're still very, very well built.
I owned the KGSS for about a year (HeadAmp version) and it was fantastic with my SR-009s, when I had the opportunity to jump on a KGSSHV (about a year ago), and I'm glad I did!
 The KGSS is really good, but it depends what you mean by substantial? IMO, the KGSSHV is totally worth it though over the KGSS.
Just added the most excellent V-Moda XS headphones to my first post. Talk about portable. These headphones set the new standard for headphones in that regards and are the closest to IEMs in terms of portability I've come across! Plus they sound fantastic!   
Thanks man. I honestly think the MAD Ear+HD is a very undervalued amp around here. Can it do Grado's with flair? Sure it can, but it's also a very good amp with the HD800s and T1s. :)
 Could be that the headband still hasn't worked in? 
Between the NAD M51 and DAC2HGC, I'd go with the NAD DAC. The DAC2 suffers from the Sabre upper mids shoutiness to my ears. 
 I'd love to hear that Stratus with the HD800s. 
 ^ This too.
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