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 Very much the LCD lineup in terms of DNA but light and small enough to take it with you.
 Most definitely they share the same Audeze DNA imo...and now you can take it with you! These are just brilliant portable headphones!
Yes, I am...thanks! If I had more room (and my wife wasn't so stringent with space) I would have gladly purchased the review amp I had. It is a peach! Throw in the fact that you don't have to break the bank on tubes...it was win-win for me.
I'm a big fan of the Kenzie. Got to review it late last year and it was the total package...great looking retro tube amplifier with a fantastic/clean sound!   http://headphone.guru/the-amps-sound-kenzie-a-brilliant-new-tube-amplifier/
Exactly, works very well with the SINE headphones too. Plus this thing is damn fast. Very impressed with it so far.
Certainly not an unpopular opinion at all. There is no one "headphone to rule them all". I own the HE1000s and hold them in very high regard as I do the LCD-4s.
 I'm still trying to get to know the sound of the LCD-4s as I've been pretty busy at work but will try capture this in my review. PM sent. 
 I don't want to take the focus away from the LCD-4s which I am very much enjoying. With regards to the LCD-4 (200 ohm), I'm still getting to know them better. I like what I hear (and I was very much a fan of the 100 ohm LCD-4) and I will be doing a full write up on them right after I finish my SINE review. 
Just a quick update, the Cipher Lightning cable + SINE's was plug and play with my new iPad Pro (9.7" version just released). Good to see no issues here.
Well, I can happily confirm that the Mojo works flawlessly with my new iPad Pro (9.7"...the larger 12" was just too big for me as I tend to lug my iPad around with me everywhere). Simply plug and play, just as it was with my (or now my son's ) iPad Air.
New Posts  All Forums: