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 It's been my endgame (non-stat) amp now for a few years and I really haven't thought of looking elsewhere. Enjoy!
You haven't missed a thing. The TT has only been out for a bit. Likely not for a good long while.
 Congrats Joseph!
Good luck Joseph...hopefully not too much longer.
Definitely nothing wrong with my pair (or most that have reported)...most likely a defective pair on his end?
 This is Head-Fi after-all! 
That's because I felt that the XS headphones couldn't pull it all together into a single coherent audible picture. Really, don't worry about the T51p's comfort. I was a bit hesitant too...then I put them on and all concerns melted away immediately. They are VERY comfortable...regardless of being on-ear headphones.They are great on-ears...but the SINE's are the best on-ear headphones I've used yet.
^ I like your prediction better.   
Lol, that report was one guy is at best what I'd call a mid level amp of unknown design. In that case, personally I'd stick with the TT as a standalone. With the GS-X Mk2..the TT balanced is quite a step up with the LCD-4, HE1000, T1G2, HD800S. So like most things in life....it depends.  FWIW, with my easier to drive headphones (like my Grado PS1000e or GH-1), I use the TT only.
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