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Listening to the new Audeze SINE right now. These are with the with the 24 bit Cipher Lightning Cable and my iPad Air using Tidal...I am very, very impressed with the packaging, construction, comfort and most importantly, the sound!   I will do a full review for these headphones and then I will try and update them here. These are some seriously good headphones folks!
I still don't understand that. More revealing is one thing and FR response is another for me at least. Tonight, I popped in some Diana Krall and Holly Cole and yes, the LCD-4s were eerily revealing of both albums (on a level I haven't heard from the LCD line up) and very enjoyable at the same time.
 Funny, I kinda regret selling my W3000ANVs, but haven't missed my TH-900s since they left. Nostalgia? 
 Which is one thing that I don't understand in the review. They are indeed more revealing and still voiced very similarly to the LCD lineup. I can't make the leap from more revealing and voiced similar to boring? Not on my rig and to my ears at least. Could be tastes have changed over time...mine have from time to time. But I still very much enjoy the LCD sound signature. They do need power to really sound their best. The original LCD-4s on which my review was based...
 Just remember that one person's "flaw" does not translate into another person's perspective. The 200 ohm LCD-4s (which I will be updating my review down the road, as my initial one was for the 100 ohm initial release) are voiced with the same "pushed back treble" just as the rest of the LCD lineup; to account for the close proximity of the drivers to one's ears. And to my ears, I am quite happy with this decision. I totally respect Tyll and loved working with him in the...
 Here is a link to them: http://purosound.com/collections/headphones/products/puro-sound-labs-bt5200-studio-grade-bluetooth-wireless-headphones Puro Sound is newer on the scene. My review will be published first on Headphone.Guru and then I'll update it here.  For size, the V-Moda's are the smallest here and sound pretty darn good. But from my rankings, you can see what I prefer (and why). 
 Thanks again for the loaner! 
 Have you heard them? To my ears they (AB-1266) had some real issues sonically for me that I just couldn't get over for a $5k headphone (heck...even for much less expensive headphone too). But if you have heard the Abyss and you really like them, then godspeed. 
 I guess we'll have to disagree (but I agree that these two headphones are among the very best for clarity and resolution into a recording)...I hear things on the SR-009s many of my favourite recordings that the Sennheisers would otherwise just barely gloss over. The imaging of the HD800/HD800S is simply the best I've heard from any headphone.
^ I'm with purk on this too...and I would extend this to the HD800S as well; though the HD800S has improved upon that transparency.
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