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 Interesting...which XLR cable are you using?
 Which amp are you using? 
 Wow...that was a last second change. FWIW, I much prefer the LCD-4s to the Abyss! Congrats!
 I can confirm that the HeadAmp GS-X Mk2 + LCD-4 is a fantastic combination!!! But that said, the other 2 you listed here would be great too.
 The review is done and is scheduled to be published in early April. They are very light headphones!  I was very much impressed with them (especially when taking in their price point), but there is some stiff competition. The BT5200s also offer outstanding value/performance at an inexpensive price.
Just finished with my first Rush album and they (SINE) rock! Definitely agree with you there.
Sorry, we'll have to disagree there...to my ears the inner detail, sound staging, clarity and dynamics are all better on the AK240SS (and AK240 and AK120II for that matter). But damn, for $599, I can't think of a better bang-for-the-buck portable solution.  Other news...these cans rock with Rush!!! <>  
Lol, haven't tried it yet...go figure. Some Rolling Stones now...but I will be switching over next. 
Have you heard the AK240SS? It really is a cut above the Mojo (as much as I appreciate and enjoy my Mojo). 
 Thanks...I've tried, but the AK240SS as a DAC/Amp is my preferred option. It just sounds better. Not exactly a fair comparison ($3k vs. $599). But the Mojo is quite the revolutionary portable DAC/Amp. Right now, the Cipher Lightning cable is really hitting all the right notes. I'll try my other portable gear over the next few days.
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