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 You're finding the H6s have more bass than the M4U1s?
 I'm doing one for my easiest review in the past several years as they are that damn great!
 I think I'd classify less of "mid-bass" with the PS1000e over the PS1000...but more sub-bass with the "e".
 I think sonically, they'd be in the top 1/3rd or so. Quite good actually, but darn big!
 While I liked the Mo-Fi's, I wouldn't consider them as "portables". But you can find my review for them here: Cheers!
 Congrats! They are fantastic headphones IMO. Looking forward to your impressions!
 Lol, hard to say, I'd definitely put the SR-009s first and the remaining four (in no particular order) are the SR-007Mk1, LCD-X, HD800s and of course the Layla's.
 The Roxanne's are awesome. I came really close to picking up a pair last fall. Glad I waited, the Layla's are a game changer IMO.
I really, really like the HE-560s, but I'd take the LCD-X's over them any day. I find they are just more natural (with better bass and detail). 
 Sorry I haven't. 
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