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So running the GS-X Mk2 with unbalanced inputs will only engage 50% of what's on tap and you'll be left with basically a GS-1 instead of a GS-X. In order to get 100% of the amplifier, you're going to need both fully balanced inputs and outputs. I've tried single ended and there's a clear improvement with balanced with the HD800S. This difference is minimized with easy to drive headphones. But with harder to drive headphones like the LCD-4s, this difference certainly...
 Then don't eat the beryllium drivers.  The HD800S does cast a more expansive sound stage...but then again, no other headphone can beat the HD800/HD800S in this regard. But to my ears, the Utopias are better at everything else sonically. They get out of the way of the music like no other headphone I've heard...simply amazing presentation. That said, the HD800S are still amazing headphones and still impress me each time I listen to them. I've said this before, but my HD800S...
Really good actually! I really liked the spritzer modded 727II! 
 The balanced comes into play with your amplifier. If it's a single-ended amp, then you're good to go. If your amplifier has a balanced front-to-back topology, the balanced outputs will sound the best; otherwise your amplifier is lifting the load with one hand tied behind it's back. Balanced amplifiers require both balanced inputs and outputs to sound their best and engage all of the circuitry available for optimal operation. I don't want to argue whether "balanced is...
^ IMO they have the most natural and accurate frequently response of any John Grado headphone, but (and this is a big but), they still retain that Grado Magic. Maybe Stacker & Joseph can chime in here?
Cool...thanks! We really appreciate it!
 Sorry, they'll have to wait.   But I can say that the Utopia's totally disappear and get out of the way of the music like no other.  The HE-1000 V2s, I'm still getting familiar with, but they are a tad more dynamic and punchy than the V1s (a good thing for me) and they are definitely impressing me so far!
 Both are truly outstanding headphones! When I said almost...the other headphone was indeed the Utopias. Going back and forth. Finished my Utopia review...working on the HE-1000 V2 now. 
 You should be quite happy...and the differences are quite a bit more than you'd think. The Hugo was revolutionary when released because it was one of the first portable amp/DACs released that competed with (and bested) many full sized setups. But in the end, I found it suffered from "digititus" and could come off a bit thin and on the brighter side of things. The TT is quite a bit more natural and "real" sounding. Not like my (now sold) Metrum HEX NOS DAC laid back (which...
 I prefer the HD800S quite a bit over the HD800...but no, it doesn't close the gap by much (maybe a little) to my ears. I still love my HD800S headphones and they aren't going anywhere...but the "king of standard dynamic driver headphones" has been usurped by the Utopias to my ears.
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