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 Thanks Jim. What's the price point of the PM-3?
 Wow...less bass than the H6s? I would say the H6s have the minimum amount of bass I'd find acceptable/enjoyable. 
Yes they are great headphones IMO. Big earpads, very light and comfortable. But on the lighter/leaner side of things that may not be for many. I prefer the richer sounding and more natural M2 over-ears.
??? There is no difference for me with regards putting in "comfortable" UIEMs and customs. I've had both and IF the custom/eartips work with you, then there is no difference. Actually getting in the customs in "right" can take a bit more finicking IME.
    The bass is all Audeze! No doubts there. Deep, tight and controlled with plenty of punch and rumble. I don't have the LCD-2F on hand and I've only heard them a few times (the last was a few weeks ago). But compared to the LCD-X, the EL-8s hold their own in the bass department.  I did some quick back and forth with both and while the LCD-X have some of the very best bass I've heard, the EL-8's offer incredibly rich low frequencies!
 More for ergonomics and fit than sound; Q Cables can't be beat for that, plus my HD800s only come with a single-ended cable. There is maybe a slight uplift in sound quality, but one's $ is best spent on other gear upgrades IMO.
 Lol, yes they are.  Listening to some Leonard Cohen...and the EL-8s do a wonderful job portraying his voice. The old guy can still rock...he won a Juno (Canadian version of the Grammies) yesterday for best Album.
 Fixed it for you. 
 In a heart beat. No IEM sounds this BIG and CLEAR.
 For on the go, I would NEVER leave the house with that much invested in a portable rig.  I'm very happy with the AK100II / Layla's in balanced mode for when I'm on the go (and I won't need a security team around me ) and sorry, but I'll take my desktop rig any day over a portable one for when I'm at my computer.  EDIT: But if I win the lottery, then my portable rig may indeed change. :)
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