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 I'm glad you'r enjoying the Shure Olives...really special eartips!
 I agree with you FWIW.
Nothing personal...just as I mentioned, I just don't agree with any of his comments, so I very much discount them. 
 Agreed...and I've more often than not disagreed with his data points. 
 Many Sabre DACs can be harsh or bright; absolutely. That's due to improper DAC design for not accounting for the interpolator overloads due to intersample overs. "Good" Sabre DACs like the Benchmark DAC2 had a filter outside of the chipset to account for these overs. The new ES9028PRO and ES9038PRO chipsets now have 7 built-in interpolation filters, so it appears that the folks at Sabre have saved poor DAC designers from themselves.  
And I often discount anything said by Katz. 
 No, as mentioned, the TT was designed to be plugged in 24/7 per Mediahound's comments previously.
Actually I would say that they are the exact same in terms of detail retrieval. The HD800 can give the appearance of "fake" details due to the 6kHz treble spike, but that is not on the recording. The only differences I found were the lack of this annoying hump at 6kHz and some more needed heft down low with the HD800S. I'm not surprised that Amos feels that way...I do too. Only my SR-009s can eek out a win here for detail retrieval over my Utopias.
Yep...same thing with me, but I use the medium eartips. But the shorter length helps further.
 They have the added bonus of offering excellent comfort and noise isolation and don't shave too much off the top like the Comply eartips can.
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