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 I wouldn't say the sound quality was much better. But then again, you're a Yankee fan; so we don't see a lot of things similarly.  (Go Jays!!!! ) I had both for an afternoon today side-by-side and I agree the QC35s sound a bit more open and controlled. Funny as super comfortable as the QC25s were, the QC35s have improved on this further. Didn't think it was possible? I will be adding these to my listing...
 Agreed! Looks like we're hearing things the same. 
For Sale: MINT condition Bose QC25i Noise Cancelling Over Ear Headphones. These are BY FAR the best noise cancelling/isolating headphones I've come across for travel. Nothing blocks out the outside noise like these headphones. Throw in the fact that they sound great as witnessed by their "Wall of Fame" status on innerfidelity.com!   I've only used them for a handful of flights when on business, but have decided to go in another direction.    Price: $175 +...
 Congrats! They are wonderful headphones!
Just a quick update...the new Audeze SINE headphones have been included in my listing. 
 Again...still academic...depends on those chips. Would you rather have 2 "off the shelf" and "meh nothing special" chips or one that really nails it? I think it's best for Rob to step in here.
 Being "fully" balanced requires a separate ground for each L and R channels. If the output have that, then that's all that matters if you're going to hook it up to a balanced amplifier. Internally how the DAC operates is purely academic.
 "- Fully balanced outputs using XLR connectors" From Chord's site. So each L and R would have it's own separate ground for being "fully balanced".
 As mentioned the headphone output is SE, but the TT does have balanced outputs to feed a balanced amplifier if you so need. 
 Agreed. The SINE are very natural and flat and Tyll's measurements confirm this too. The last thing I would say is that they have a U shaped response curve. 
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