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 Sorry, I need a background of what other Grado's you've closely listened to in the past (and ideally owned) to kinda put that statement into perspective. Thanks!
 Is that using the LCD-4 on your Violectric V281? And anymore impact than the LCD-4s is north of what is natural/neutral as the LCD-4s are flat down to 20Hz...yes I agree the TH900s have more bass, but the bass quality, control and detail extraction is better on the LCD-3/4. The TH900s are great closed headphones, but the treble is what eventually did them in for me.
 If you're ever in Toronto, simply the best sandwich I've ever had: http://eatcalifornia.ca/ The veal is to die for...had a buddy from Philly come by and had a hard time going back to the cheesesteak! 
Working on it! 
 They are quite open sounding and more balanced than say the Z7s, but still very enjoyable. Great contrast to the Sony's!
 Fixed it for you. ;)
Lol, sorry about that! They are great headphones though, you should be very happy with them and the wireless functionality is top shelf!
Update: Added Bang & Olufsen H7 Wireless Headphones. I really liked these!!!   http://www.head-fi.org/t/672743/comparisons-30-of-the-top-closed-portable-headphones-around#post_9622611
Definitely not bright...if you find it bright, look to your source or DAC. Get that right and the open window that is the GS-X Mk2 will hit on all cylinders.Actually the measurements on inner fidelity.com for the GS-X Mk2 look VERY linear and help support the notion that you should be looking upstream:'http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/HeadAmpGSXmk2.pdfI've made this amp sound quite different as I changed my DAC through the past few years. It really is an amazing unit...
I really like the Solo2, but the SINE are a class above easily!
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