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Did you even read my post?  My iMac runs $2000 from year warranty, plus the stuff about if it doesn't fail in the first few weeks, statistically, you're more than likely good to go. Would I like 2 years on everything I buy for over $1k, sure, but let's be fair here an ask every vendor here that sells gear in that price range to offer that kind of warranty.
Agreed completely.  There may be some issues with some of the pre-RMA LCD-3s from several years ago in the upper mids. But from 1kHz down to 20Hz, they're all fairly flat.
 I've had mine for just over a year and it still has me extremely happy with what I'm hearing from my SR-009s and SR-007MkI's. 
I found it also did a fantastic job with my 007 MkI's too. But side by side, the 009s take it for me pretty much every time. A very good step up from the LL1 to my ears.
The MQS Server software is loaded in the unit and has worked flawlessly with my iMac and the AK100 II. With regards to the warranty, it seems very much in line with most products. My iMAC cost a lot more and Apple still only gives a 1 year warranty. On an aside, I've worked in electronics manufacturing for about 17 years now (I'm a professional engineer) and most failures happen early. They're called "infant mortality failures"...and basically if it doesn't go south in the...
 I was not...I'd put the SE846s in the $1k range. But if you head over to, you'll notice the SE535s are flatter from 1kHz down, while the SE846s (regardless of filters) show too much bass to be considered "neutral". I've had the opportunity to hear the SE846s and I can confirm this is the case. As well, the 50Hz and 500Hz square wave plots look more "coherent" on the 535s.
Well, after about a 1.5 year hiatus from IEMs due to some inner ear pain, it seems to have all subsided finally. Not sure why, but thankfully its gone. So I found myself without a top flight IEM and and the SE535s were at the top of my list. I've owned them already twice (and a plethora of other fantastic IEMs), but these are still my favourite sub $1000 IEMs. Glad to be able to use IEMs again...and to have the SE535s back in the fold. Simply magical with the AK100 II!
I'll reviewing for Headphone.Guru the AK100 II and my prime computer is my iMac and while I'd love to have native support (and still hoping for a firmware update to allow this), with the MQS Streaming server, you can still have all the music off your OSX based computer via streaming and none of the hassle of plugging it in with a USB cable. So far, I am VERY impressed with this unit...from my IEMs right up to my full sized LCD-X headphones. More to come with the review...
For around $100, I can't think of a better IEM to recommend. The RHA750s are fantastic as well (just something else to consider).
Here it is to save anyone searching: Here I am about 3 months later, and I am really glad I made the upgrade to the "e" version. Not night and day, but some very nice refinements; with a deeper/tighter bass response and better controlled treble...and mids that no longer leave me wanting. 
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