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Would also depend on your setup. The tonality of the treble is quite smooth on the GS-X Mk2 and the bass kicks like a mule. FTR, most orthos don't have a mid bump; nor do I want any.   Nevermind...the 2 channel B22 is far from an ideal amp for the HD800. and the ODAC was far from what I'd consider a "proper" DAC for headphones in the High End forum. Great little starter DAC...but it ends there to my ears. 
Thanks Mike! Actually the 1000e's have improved in the mids...a bit more like the RS1i. Actually I'm running a GS-X Mk2 / BDA-2; about as neutral as I've heard and I really like both the PS1000 and PS1000e with that setup. Funny, with many other setups (including the MAD Ear+HD), I wasn't as big a fan.
Well, I guess that makes 3 engineers (Chemical Engineer...class of 9T5 UofT and 9T6 M.A.Sc...also UofT; but I've worked in the electronics manufacturing industry for over 15 years) in this group. I'm born and raised in T.O. 
I found the BHA-1 a bit forward and thus not ideal with the hd800s. The V200 is a smoother amp without overly forward treble and a better match. For Audeze headphones, it's the other way around.
Sorry, I hSorry, I haven't heard that amp yet.
I like it enough, but it wouldn't be my first choice for the HD800s. I love it with the LCD-2/3, but for the HD800s, I prefer the Soloist and V200 instead (in the same-ish price range).
USD too ....but sadly the Cdn $ is pretty strong agains the US green back. I've got some funds/investments in USD that I'm waiting on moving to Cdn...but not now. Hoping on the Cdn $ to tank for a few months!   
 I've heard the WEE with some real top flight speaker amps (McIntosh, Krell) and I always considered it a great short fix to listen to Stax headphones, but never a long term solution (thus my patchwork arguments). The BHSE will blow your mind in comparison. The absolute best I've heard any Stax headphones was from a friend's T2...that was something special indeed! Agreed on the SRM007a...funny I preferred the SRM727II to it. I hear very good things about the GES though for...
Haven't done this in a while and some changes here goes:   1.) SR-009 2.) SR-007 Mk1 / LCD-X (tie) 3.) HD800 4.) LCD-XC 5.) PS1000e 6.) TH-900 7.) T51p 8.) MDR-10RNC
I just realized that after kkcc's comments. You can read my thoughts on the improvements should really love the BHSE/SR009s! 
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