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 Good point. Stax USA has certainly left a lot more to be desired in terms of customer service. Thankfully the Canadian distributer is really good to deal with from what I hear.
 Problem is most of my high res files are on my iMac.  Sorry...I don't understand "warmer sounding USB cable"? I'm using an Audioquest Carbon USB cable...and digital cables make very, very little differences IME.
 ...I would recommend other DACs. 
 I own both...and completely agree with your assessments.
   ^ Correct!
 Paul makes a very excellent point here too...there's always one's preferences to consider. If that's the case, then all bets are off my previous post.  Then I'd recommend a great pair of Elears...loved them and for the price were a steal IMO.
 I responded on the Utopia thread, but in case you missed it: Congrats on a brilliant pairing!
 I'm listening to this combination right now. Let's look at the FR responses for both shall we?  Utopia: Certainly not a bright headphone...have a look at how the treble is shifted / pushed back from 3kHz and 6kHz peak like the cough...cough...HD800.  Or extreme peaks like the Grado 325is. To my ears (and the measurements bare this out) a very well extended treble that is very much in proportion to the...
 Congrats! I'm in the midst of reviewing this DAC and I'm thoroughly impressed! The clarity and resolution is quite epic really! Throw in the incredibly low distortion and transparent clean sound, I'm definitely impressed! The headphone amp was FAR more than just an afterthought throw-in. At near 0 ohm output impedance, flat FR response and an impressive 1.25W into 32 ohms this amp can power pretty much all of the headphones I have on hand.  Very much reminds me of the...
 Both are amazing headphones IMO!
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