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Thanks! Actually the DT1350s would have ranked much higher if they weren't as painful to wear and more consistent. I've heard 4-5 pair and they all sounded quite different from each other.
For the current top 3 in terms of noise isolation exclusively, I'd rate them HP50=T51p >> XS. 
 Sorry, but this is were generalizations aren't very useful IMO. Can some solid state amps with low output impedance sound "thinner" with the HD800s? Sure, but with all? Certainly not in my experiences; the Burson Soloist, V200 and GS-X/GS-X Mk2 all sound very good with the HD800s. Without first hand experiences, these generalizations don't really help. If I had a nickel every time someone posted that tube amps are warm sounding and more so than solid state amps, I'd be a...
Thanks for that. Very nicely done.
I really like the BHA-1....I'm a bit of a Bryston fan-boy. They're a great Canadian audio company just down the highway from me in Toronto (they're in Peterborough). I've been very happy with my BDA-2 DAC.
I agree with your lack of lively treble...but they were very comfortable with my noggin'.
Damn this hobby!
It would be a great work option. Good point. Now if my wife didn't have that bathroom renovation going...and a new pool liner....and safety cover...I'd be all over it. Damn life getting in the way. 
 A few folks I really trust (like Frank I) really loves the Hugo...I'd love to hear it, but I don't need a portable setup for the PS1Ke...not the most portable headphones. I'm sure they sound great out of the Hugo.
 "...other amps"...that was quite the legendary list of amps you went through in short order. 
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