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 Good point. To get the most out of the HD800s will be a significant journey.
 The LCD-X are great for opera as well. That's why they're my favourite Audeze headphone...pretty much sound amazing with everything I've thrown at them. With regards to a new flagship for Sennheiser, all I've seen is speculation...and mostly towards an uber pricey Orpheus. 
Well, I was going to add the Blue Mo-Fi's to my listing here, but in the end, I think I'll just put in a link to my review and not put it in the comparison charts. They're just too big and heavy for me to consider them for "portable" headphones for on the go.    In case anyone is interested, here's a link:
 For rock, I'd go with the LCD-X!
 Both are excellent. Amarra 3.0 is a bit more balanced / neutral, but A+ 2.0 is more dynamic with better "punch". 
 I find the sound staging "holographic" and very precise on the GS-X and a bit muddled on the WA22 in comparison. I was more referring to several weeks at home with particular gear with one's music in terms of a good thorough analysis. While I did enjoy my time with the WA22, it was hardly the last word in terms of transparency (as everything sounded "warmish" and smushed together a bit). The WA2/WA6SE were more chameleon-like that way). As well, with both the HD800 and...
So my second session with the Z7s...some Nirvana tonight and I'm really digging their relaxed sound. They seem to isolate reasonably well too. The bass has a bit more bloom (and not as controlled) that what I'm used to (coming from the SR009/007, HD800, LCD-X, TH-900), but overall I'm still enjoying what I'm hearing. Plus these cost a whole lot less, so maybe the comparisons aren't totally fair either?   They image quite well for closed headphones too. 
 That's exactly it. The HD800s are a brighter sounding headphone and if paired with a bright source, the GS-X won't hide it. If someone doesn't like the HD800s, then the WA22's coloured sound (dark with a rolled off top end) can cover for that. But in the end, the presentation comes off somewhat sloppy...which totally goes against what the HD800s are all about. That's why I'm skeptical of amps/sources that make the HD800s sound different from what they are...really makes...
Just goes to show you what in-store sessions are...I've owned the WA22 and the GS-X Mk2 is a league above it. It is neither harsh, nor bright (if your sources isn't). That the issue with a "wire with gain amp" it lets the signal through with very little colouration. The WA22 is somewhat sloppy, slow and rolled off in comparison...and that's with $1200 of upgraded tubes in the amp. Actually, the WA2 gives you much of what the WA22 has to offer at half the price (and I...
Seriously? Maybe you should re-install it? Mine's been flawless (I got it on the release date) since day 1. Amarra 3.0 is another story though. 
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