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 Actually the treble is more tame (and goes down deeper), and the distortion is much, much better in the bass. Funny, it costs 1/2 as much, but yet measures noticeably better (including the square wave plots too).
 The only time when they were run balanced was when they were run on the AK100II (as mentioned in the review).  I found the AK EQ the "finishing touch" with the AK100II, but as many don't own AK players, I didn't want to dwell too much on it.
 I don't know about that...listening to both right now for my EL-8 review and I stand by the "baby LCD-X" comment. They hold up pretty well with my GS-X Mk2/Metrum Hex main rig and on my Concero HP too. My GS-X is putting 5+W into them if I crank it up (which I won't as I'll go deaf). The LCD-X are one of my favourite headphones ever, but for those on a sub $1k budget, the open EL-8s are a great option.
 Congrats! Curious to hear what you think of the GS-1 (and how it compares to your MAD amp).
 Congrats! I'm a big fan of the AKT5p's...I prefer them over the T5p's...heck I prefer them to the T1s. While you wait for them to arrive, please feel free to read my review of them (in my sig)...should help with your anticipation. 
 I can concur with the KGSSHV (I slightly prefer the 1969SA version for it's touch of warmth). The LL2 or LL2T are great options as well for the SR-009s. The best I've heard is my friend's DIY T2.
 It is (and better balanced with less distortion down low). To my ears anyway. 
 Sorry, but I think the LCD-2 is a MUCH better headphone than the SRH1840s. Funny, I'm a big fan of Shure's IEMs, but their headphones....not so much. The wobbly bass and thin sound signature never really did it for me. Hard to say if the EL-8s are on par with the LCD-2. They are different sounding though...I think I would slightly still put the LCD-2F's ahead. Is the EL-8 better than the HD650 or SRH1840, I would say it is. 
 Give them about 50 hours or so, they'll continue to improve. 
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