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Ask and ye shall receive: 
Just do what I did and buy a new iPad Air....worth the upgrade on the Air alone IMO. 
I've tried two similar ones with no success. 
 I have not heard the LG. But I did used to own both the LF and LL and let's say, I had less than great results with them. 
Very well stated purk!
Thanks for taking one for the team I know to not bother. Maybe "if" there is another iPod Classic this year, it'll have a Lightning connection instead?
I haven't heard the HE90s. Sorry, but I was only ranking headphones that I own. Some love the HE90s and some...not so much (like Birgir). I'd love to hear a pair mind you!
 Yeah, we're going to have to disagree...I think the HD800/HE6s have some issues with the upper mids/lower treble (while the LCD-X sound more natural). The upper mids/treble are the areas I'd like to change most on the HD800/HE-6s...not a lot mind you.
I would definitely say so....and in the bass department... they (LCD-3 and LCD-X) both go equally low and hit hard (like all Audeze headphones). But the LCD-3's bass does linger longer with more bloom. I preferred the slightly "tighter" presentation of the LCD-X. 
To clarify, I was actually recommending the Bifrost. I like it! Poor wording on my part.  A few single malts tonight...
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