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A classic pairing for sure!
Lol, that's what we do here...we enable each other. 
 Chord Hugo TT (running balanced out) to my GS-X Mk2. Brilliant pairing!
Yikes...that's not cheap! Based on that and the size, I think I might pass as they're not truly "portable". I'll see if B&W want to send me a loaner pair for this thread (and possibly a full review).
 Wow...I'll have to check them out. Thanks!
 Seemed quite balanced, but that was under non-ideal meet conditions...I would love to review them and spoke with Sankar, so hopefully I can get to audition them under better circumstances soon.
 He was in fantastic shape...could play today and compete with the younger players no doubt. Without David Robinson, I don't think Duncan is the Duncan we came to know. He literally stopped by all the booths and really took his time to listen to as much gear as he could. While I'm a HUGE Raptors fan, I have always appreciated his abilities and as mentioned that Dream Team 1 for me is simply the best ever. The Admiral, Jordan, Magic, Bird, Malone, and you can go on and on...
 Got them here for a review...they are amazing. If you felt the originals where a bit on the softer side, the new V2s come back with plenty of dynamics and punch, but still retain the HE-1000 magic. More to come...
 Yes, yes that was! He was quite impressed when he heard them. That's me just off to the far left actually and we had a nice discussion about the 1992 Dream Team. Even though I'm a Canadian, that team means so much to me and IMHO, the greatest sports team ever assembled (not just basketball). Got to talk with The Admiral on Saturday too (got a photo with him) and side-by-side I felt like I was 5 years old next to him. He's 7'1" and I'm only 5'10".  A true gentleman...and...
I made the rounds and pretty much visited every vendor at RMAF this weekend. The new iSines where one of only a handful of products that really grabbed me. They sounded like full sized headphones! Simply amazing...while not the smallest form factor, they did go on quite quickly and didn't leak very much (even though they are open-backed). They sounded B-I-G, clean and very transparent. Really looking forward to reviewing them sometime down the road! 
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