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I totally agree with this and I'd add better dynamics too!
That highly depends what you had up front. As Paul mentioned, the GS-X is "wire with gain" (i.e. not tuned and the measurements show a flat amp). Your tube amp is warm and "fatter" sounding...many like that, but that's not what's on the recording. That's why he stated there wasn't much of a difference with his DAVE and the Utopias with or without the GS-X. But as Paul mentioned, the Utopias are very efficient headphones and there would be minimal differences with his DAVE....
I'm in the midst of reviewing the HE1000 V2. I haven't published anything yet....but I'm working on it. 
 Hey man...long time! Hope you've been doing well.  Just to clarify, the $5k includes the DAC/Amp combination upfront. But I agree, I'm not a fan of the uber expensive trend. I remember the good old days when the HD650s were pricey.  This was a very clean sounding setup at RMAF and I did like what I heard (under meet conditions though). Build quality was definitely top shelf stuff though.
Great write up Paul! One thing I would suggest is trying the Utopias balanced from your GS-X Mk2. I wasn't thinking much of a difference when I picked up my Moon Audio Silver Dragon at RMAF but I was pleasantly surprised just how the detail and transparency picked up with my GS-X Mk2. I do have a 4pin XLR to unbalanced Silver Dragon adapter and did A-B between balanced and unbalanced and preferred the latter. I'm a bit surprised. I do prefer the sonics of the Silver Dragon...
Totally agreed here. They are the closest to pushing my SR-009s for absolute clarity and fall just behind for me, but get closer than every other headphone I've heard.
 I own both and would put them at the very top of my collection. If there ever was a headphone that would displace my SR-009s, it might very well be the Utopias. That said, my SR-009s aren't going anywhere as their speed and detail retrieval is still just slightly ahead. Tonally, the Utopias hit all the right notes. Love them both actually! My SR-007Mk1's are just below these two headphones. Actually I'd put the LCD-4 and HE-1000V2 ahead of them too. YMMV of course
The Head Trip was just that...a head trip! The new Milo just released was very good too...totally agreed!
 I was floored when the Looto Gold drove the Abyss so darn well! In fact, that's all that was on the JPS booth with the Abyss headphones. But that said, they did sound quite a bit better on full sized powerful desktop amps like the Woo monoblocks or Wells Audio Head Trip. But for a portable option, absolutely!
 It could drive the Abyss headphones quite well, so I'd say the HE-1000s would be ok. But with regards to "their full potential"....certainly not. The Abyss sounded better on both the Woo Monoblocks and Wells Audio HeadTrip by a good margin. But for a portable setup, the Paw Gold packs quite the punch!
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