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 Good can add the Stax SR-007 Mk2 and 2.5....the Mk1s are the better headphones.
 It's not the be all and end all amp solution for the HD800s, but I find it does an admirable job with them.
The Layla's have likely some of the best treble I've heard. Far from the HD-800s (that can be problematic if your rig/ source has issues) that way. Not sibilant, nor piercing in anyway whatsoever in my several weeks with them. But unlike virtually all other IEMs (most anyway), the treble actually extends beyond 10kHz (and all without being strident).  I've run several sweeps with them and couldn't pick up any areas of "trouble" in the FR.
 Thanks! Had a snow storm on Saturday...all melted by Sunday; but still. Looking forward to some sun!
I'm going on vacation soon, but when we get back, I'll try and see what I can do.
 I agree...great looking and sounding headphones! 
 Agreed. With the HD800s however, I'm keeping mine around due to their awesome sound staging, but your comments are pretty bang on IMO.
 I wasn't a fan of the HE-400i, so that's a no brainer for the EL-8s. The HE-560s are fantastic headphones and I really like them, but I prefer the fuller sounding open EL-8s. But in all honesty, I'd really love to hear them side-by-side a few more times to make that call. Can't really go wrong here.
Great impressions!   I really like the Roxanne's and came really close to picking up a pair. But that said, the Layla's have brought things to a whole new level. The bass on the Roxanne's was always a bit too prominent for me (even when turned down); this is a bit of a JH colouration (and I can see how many love it). But the Layla's are as devoid of colouration that I've come across. They simply get out of the way and let the music flow through. Plus the imaging beats...
 Congrats! One heck of an amp/DAC combo...sounds great with the PS1000e!
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