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 I would agree. I've owned pretty much every John Grado headphone released (maybe not every "revision" like the i or e), but looks we hear it quite similarly. 
 You didn't feel the PS500e was darker and a tad "thicker"? I think the GH-1s are my favourite John Grado headphone this side of the PS1000/PS1000e.
I wouldn't say that...the GH-1s have more presence up top and are quite balanced. The PS500e's treble is quite a bit more subdued. 
 Thanks for the kind feedback.  Based on your comments of the Parrot Zik, I wouldn't recommend the H7s then as they are slightly brighter to my ears. Congrats on your M2s! Great headphones!
^ Exactly...and those measurements to correlate fairly well to how I hear it.
 The treble on the Abyss made them "U" shaped and it was likely what made the Abyss incoherent to my ears overall.
I found it engaging as well, but the mids and treble left me wanting.
Abyss: Great bass...great sound stage...somewhat average mids and I would say sub par treble response. Fit is pretty poor. LCD-4: Equally great bass...quite good sound staging (though not as expansive sounding)...fantastic mids and slightly pushed back treble (with the Audeze sound and I like this presentation) but with outstanding clarity (but coherent to my ears; unlike you know ). Fit is ok with my noggin and much easier to get them to sit properly. Just my two cents....
It's there in the "Settings" area.
Sorry, I DEFINITELY won't be able to help you here!  
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