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   Actually I found the differences from the "i" to the "e" greater than from the originals to the "i". Not night and day, but a bit more...could be the newer/larger drivers? Actually I owned this combination and loved it. That said, I used a very clean sounding Sylvania black plate triple mica power tube with the T1s exclusively. 
A few things..the carrying case is freakin' huge (so you really pay a price for portability...I can barely get it to fit in the holder in the seat in front of me on a plane) and the treble roll off is too dramatic for me. Listening to Chris Botti puts him behind the bassist...not a realistic sound stage. When they were released a few years back, they certainly broke new ground, but some newer headphones have moved things forward IMO.
  BTW, my name's Peter. Cheers!
Basically TimSchirmer's first PM to me is here and my "rude response" was simply a link to this thread with no other words on my part. Go figure, it's kinda the topic of this thread. Totally agreed with your's and Radio_head's points as well.  
Just a heads up that 2 of the others have PM'd me apologizing. So I'm cool with that and I'm happy to help out where I can. For some reason, you're insisting that you're in the right. Please take a deep breath and re-read your PM to me and think if you were to ask a total stranger for help, that's the approach you'd use moving forward?For the record, both Rob (Skylab) and I come from even bigger cities than LA.
But you didn't say please, or do you mind helping. Nothing...just your laundry list of questions. Again, you are not the only one as this is a pet peeve that both Rob and I share. Some common curtesy goes a long way in life.
Exactly, well out Rob.Tim:Just because I have a nice audio collection does NOT mean I have to respond to PMs as curt as yours. A culture of entitlement won't get you far in this world.And for the record, you were 1 of 5 the past few weeks from several members. Your post here just proves my point of this culture of self entitlement, so thanks for that.
So in the past few weeks I've had 4 or 5 new-ish members ask for help (and one as recently as this afternoon)...but no "please" or "thank you" was ever in their request. They simply a stated question and nothing more. On a few I decided to help just to see if they would say "thanks" at the end....and after they got all the info they wanted, nothing out them. Not a thank you for talking the time out or your busy day to help; nothing. Really makes me shake my head to think... wife's uncle has Crohn's...I feel for you! Hopefully things subside soon.  With regards to speed, the PS1000e's still have that Grado attack and doubt about it, or I'd have kept the originals. 
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