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 Am I missing something here? I didn't realize the pricing of the Cipher standalone cable has been finalized?  Quote:Originally Posted by Focker I spoke with my Audeze contact today and here is a snippet of the response:We allow the purchase of the SINE with Lightning immediately, and then ship the cable when available (as we were short on Lightning cables). I don't think we'll ever be near the $50 price point due to the inherent costs of the cable. If the point of...
Tidal is uncompressed....CD quality (not like Spotify or Apple streaming) and pretty darn close to my 192/24 or DSD recordings too. In the Air Tonight is one brilliant song!
Very much so...I will be doing an update review for Headphone.Guru as well. Great that all of the Phil Collins' remasters are on Tidal!
 I used to own the Z7s and really enjoyed them...but regardless of portability or not...I'd still take the SINEs as they just sound better too!
Damn...listening to Phil Collins' "Face Value" remastered with the LCD-4s and they are just awesome! Punchy, dynamic and detail extraction is right up there with the very best (if not better).  I'm using my GS-X MK2 to drive them and the drivers are lovin' it!
Sorry, the more "general" ones on innderfidelity.com.
Certainly not my experiences having them at home for a few weeks. They are certainly voiced very similarly and the familial resemblance is there (sonically). But the T1 Gen 2s just image better and have a more refined treble (than the T5p Gen 2). But as you noted, the T5p's can be driven quite well out of an iPhone; the T1s...not so much.
The stock...not a fan of the bagel pads compared to the PS1000e. 
 They are very secure on your head...not sure how they compare to the IEM though, but for the $, they sound great and are very well built!
Well...finally updated for the new Puro Sound BT5200 Bluetooth headphones...they offer outstanding bang-for-the-buck performance!   http://www.head-fi.org/t/672743/comparisons-28-of-the-top-closed-portable-headphones-around#post_9622611
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