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 That doesn't happen based on any of my experiences or anything I've ever read. It could be your source, amp, DAC? I've never seen headphones adjust that much over time with any quantifiable data whatsoever. The TH900s are horribly V or U shaped and that's the biggest reason I eventually sold them (that and the tizzy treble had me avoiding so many recordings). 
   Guys, there's nothing magical about balanced amps. It's just the design topology that the designer selected. I've heard many SE amps that are a good step up from balanced general rule of thumb here that I've ever noticed. Tube amps are typically SE and the Tungsten has plenty of power on tap. 
 I got to hear it at RMAF last October and loved it! 
 Thanks man! I've been down to the Lone Star state a few times. My company's head offices and main plant are just outside of Austin. I do love going to Salt Lick or Dukes for some awesome BBQ! The last time I was down, the coolest it got was 98'F (at night). But now here in Toronto with 28'F and 6" of snow tonight, I'll take that 98'F! 
 I will be reviewing the Hugo 2, but no, I don't think I would consider it a "desktop" solution. I do need balanced outputs for my 2 balanced amps (LL2 and GS-X Mk2).
My review will be out on sort, I loved the Campfire Vegas! 
I absolutely think they are worth $399. I prefer them to pretty much every headphone in the $499 range for wireless/noise cancelling options. The W80s are a good deal more revealing, transparent and surprisingly more "open" sounding too. Don't let their small form factor fool you (although they do have 8 drivers per earpiece), they sound quite BIG.
 They aren't like Sennheiser or Stax in that I think they are "there" already. Nicely put. 
 I really don't know what else Grado can do with the PS2000e in terms of "new" technology.'s happened to me from time to time. But the GH-2s seem to be calling my name. I'm not really interested in the PS2000e though.
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