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 Agreed...very impressive measurements indeed!
 Need moar Teslas! 
For Sale: MINT Condition Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad Air (Space Grey).   Includes: USB Cable, Logitech Keyboard, original Logitech box   Price: $20 US + Shipping/PayPal (Canada / USA Only).   Sells for over $50 now and I paid $85 US for it about 6 months ago. I have since moved up to an iPad Pro and no longer require this.   Please look at my feedback and buy with complete confidence.   Thanks!
For Sale: Great condition (near MINT) Audioquest USB Cable. Total length is 0.75 meters and is the Type A --> Type B style.   Price: only $70 + Shipping/PayPal fees (no fees for EMT if you're in Canada or local cash deal in the GTA).   Price new is $128.75...so a good savings here.   Please look at my feedback and buy with complete confidence.   Thanks!
I do as well...but I prefer the LCD-4 to both. 
You get both!
 I'm open to review anything! Right now I have the SINE, Beats Solo 2 Wireless (and then an update LCD-4 review for the 200 ohm revision). Give me a few weeks and I'll shoot you a PM when I get some time. Thanks for the loan offer!
Closer to the LCD-2/X IMO. Once I've finished my full Headphone.Guru review, I will definitely update my listing and it looks like there will be a new pair of headphones on top of the listing. 
 Very much the LCD lineup in terms of DNA but light and small enough to take it with you.
 Most definitely they share the same Audeze DNA imo...and now you can take it with you! These are just brilliant portable headphones!
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