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 It was the IEM, mic and a bit of electrical tape to cover/hold them together. Again, I was looking at the output SPL's of each frequency relative to the others for anomalies. Then a quick listen with my ears. I wasn't looking for accuracy here, but a precision that would allow me to compare frequency ranges to each other to look for large (ish) anomalies in the range tested. I've seen measurement systems done both ways and the "free" measurements without a dummy head (ear...
Mine too. 
 What you missed here is that the frequency sweep is the same for all it should detect any changes or anomalies. While not accurate in absolute numbers (I make no assertions for that), it is still relevant in terms of comparing different frequencies at the same conditions.  Plus I always follow that up with my ears...and they both were in agreement here.
 It wasn't hard.  Actually easier than with full sized headphones as the opening on the Layla's is quite a bit smaller and easier to centre. I'm not expecting much from a Gage R&R perspective (the accuracy might not be the greatest, but the precision isn't too bad actually), but it seems to work well enough. I would love to see Tyll's measurements. I've got a few iOS Apps that I use on a regular basis. 
 HRTF still does refer to IEMs as the inner ear can still cause differences (since we're all different). FWIW, I really  didn't like the AK3003...I prefer the Shure SE535s to them by quite a margin and it wasn't just the peaky treble. I'd love to see the measurements...but when I've performed frequency sweeps a few different times using both my ears and a SPL "dips" could be detected. I fould them flatter than the Shure 535s (which are pretty flat), but with...
 But again, can you explain why the majority of folks don't hear that? You might want to look up HRTF too...could be something there too. IMO there is no comparison betwee these and the Roxanne's (which I did like but didn't find them anywhere as transparent). I performed several full frequency sweeps and they were as ruler flat as I heard. 
It shouldn't matter...I've heard them from 4XXX to 30XXX, and they all sound the same. Plus I've never seen objective evidence proving otherwise. 
 I do have the SR-007Mk1's here (had them for a few years) and they are amazing headphones!!! That said, I've only had my HE1000s not even a week now so it's hard to really say. That said, the HE1000s are really impressing me so far with what I've thrown at them...they are definitely rocketing up the charts!
 Actually I have the HD800s (had them since 2010) and still think very highly of them. They are still the best headphones for sounds staging and transparency for upstream gear. I love them to death and highly respect the engineering that the good folks at Sennheiser put into them. That said, the HE1000s are better headphones overall to my ears. They are more resolving overall and offer the closest I've heard to stat-like nimbleness this side of the SR-009s. 
 That's likely a fit or HRTF issue with you in particular...or a faulty unit completely? There are no dips whatsoever that I could flat as there is to my ears. Please have a look at my profile to see the other headphones in my collection to see where I'm coming from.
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