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 If you like bright and more of a "U"...then the PS1000s are the way to go...if you like "real" sounding well.... 
 Well I'm listening to a pair of open EL-8s for my review on (along with the Layla's) are next up for me. So far I am very impressed with them! Well done Audeze. 
 I would suggest a few days with the Layla's at home. But again, we're having this debate...something I NEVER thought possible with IEMs before them. That is quite a feat.  Don't get me wrong, I love the HD800s and mine ain't goin' anywhere! My top 5 headphones of all time now are the SR-009/SR-007Mk1/LCD-X/HD800/Layla's (in no particular order except for the SR-009).  As I noted, it's gonna be really hard to send these Layla's back after my review. 
Tried that too...I've gone back a while ago.
 I prefer the tonality of the Layla's over the HD800s regardless of the HD800 rig I've heard them. 
 If you're looking for a small pair of headphones, then go for the on-ears. But sound wise, I prefer the bigger sounding over-ears. 
 You get an out of the head experience like or better than most full sized headphones with them...but the HD800s are a special breed that way. 
 Well...based on your post...I'm not switching over to Rebecca Pidgeon's Spanish Harlem (have it in high res.)  The Layla's are the only IEM to come close to my HD800/HeadAmp GS-X Mk2/Metrum Hex setup...and tonally, I prefer the Layla's by a small margin. That's a game changer IMO. No other IEM ever came did most full sized headphones.
 No comparison. I came really close to picking them up last fall...glad I waited. These are a game changer for me...and I really liked the Roxannes! Jude mentioned the universal Layla's are the best IEMs he's heard (custom or universal) in his southern CAN JAM video today.
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