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 Agreed, its one of the best headphones I've heard with female vocals.
^^^ Great write up! Thanks for that. I really liked the P7s, their comfort was ok with me, but their lack of portability was their biggest issue for me. They were great sounding/fun headphones! Are those the Mk2 Sony's?
^^ I'm with you Steve. 
Good to hear...I've had intermittent issues with my iMac not recognizing my DAC (new and old one). So I picked one up yesterday...should be here in a week or two. 
 I think it's very good actually...voiced very similarly to the PS500s.
 I never heard of the DT880 variation, but there were rumours of bass-lite T1s? 
Thanks! Actually the DT1350s would have ranked much higher if they weren't as painful to wear and more consistent. I've heard 4-5 pair and they all sounded quite different from each other.
For the current top 3 in terms of noise isolation exclusively, I'd rate them HP50=T51p >> XS. 
 Sorry, but this is were generalizations aren't very useful IMO. Can some solid state amps with low output impedance sound "thinner" with the HD800s? Sure, but with all? Certainly not in my experiences; the Burson Soloist, V200 and GS-X/GS-X Mk2 all sound very good with the HD800s. Without first hand experiences, these generalizations don't really help. If I had a nickel every time someone posted that tube amps are warm sounding and more so than solid state amps, I'd be a...
Thanks for that. Very nicely done.
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