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 Based on my audition so far, I'd most definitely recommend you check out the Oppo PM-3s...likely the "most" neutral I've heard on this listing.
 It was particularly painful when I wore my glasses...torture on my ears. I was very skeptical of the T51p's, but amazingly enough beyer pulled a rabbit out of their hats on the comfort level within similarly designed headphones.
 I paid $999Cdn...about the same. For some reason, Westone has kept the same pricing even though the Cdn $ has tanked against the US greenback.
 Cool. I'm curious to hear what you think. I won't prejudice your thoughts with my impressions...I'm interested to see if we hear it the same way. Hopefully this one doesn't do the Ottawa to Vancouver back to Ottawa route. 
 Hey, I'm not American.  I found both very comfortable, but if I had to go between both the M2 and T51ps for comfort, it would be a tough call (maybe the T51ps). Funny because I found the D1350s very UNcomfortable.
 I bet the balanced cable is helping...it makes a big difference when I run my LCD-X, HE1000s through the AK240 balanced. Sadly my PM-3 listening tonight will be in single-ended mode...but it still sounds darn good!!!
Nice! Funny you mentioned the AK240...I'll be running them out of my AK240SS very shortly. Is your SD cable balanced for your AK240?
 I think with that pricing I'd go with the Momentum 2s...for me they are worth the extra $80s. But seriously, I don't think there is a wrong decision here as both are quite good. The T51ps leak less, but I prefer the sound of the M2 over-ears. I'd suggest hearing both and going with your ears.
 Good thing you're holding onto your MAD Ear+HD...I miss mine from time to time.
 Of all non-stat headphones, the HE1000s get the closest to stat-like performance (with wonderful body). But that said, I'd still put the SR-009s ahead on a KGSSHV, LL2 over my HE1000s on my GS-X Mk2. But the HE1000s are a game changer IMO for closing that gap in a way I didn't think possible. 
New Posts  All Forums: