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 That's not what I asked...I asked how copper (with 7% less conductivity than silver) would get rid of treble spikes? Why not try gold...its even a poorer conductor. 
How would that happen? I didn't realize beryllium had a sound? 
 How so?
 Garbage in = garbage out. 
Over your SRM-007TA, absolutely no need to will! BTW, love your avatar!
 In terms of drive, I agree. In terms of sound quality, the Utopia are quite revealing of both source AND amplification to my ears.
 My comment was more of a general comment about the Utopias...personally I'd just use the Utopia straight out of your DAVE. Great pairing! But also consider the recordings you are feeding your DAVE as well (again, another general comment here). Meet's aren't the greatest forum as they are very noisy and usually there's someone with a really impatient look waiting for you to get off the rig so that they can have a turn. The strengths of the Utopia are transparency and...
 Are you done yet Paul? Are you done yet Paul? Are you done yet Paul?  
 Definitely one of the best "out of your head" sounding IEMs I've ever heard!
 I did own the Wyrd USB a while...sold it after a few months as I personally found it had a minimal affect on the sound. The KTE SU-1 was significant. The USB on the KTE Spring DAC Level 3 is very good alone, but the KTE SU-1 really kicked things up to a new level. I was a bit skeptical at first, but after a week with it, I am very impressed.
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