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 How did you come to that conclusion?
 I found the GS1000e's a bit better and less "U" shaped than the GS1000s. That said, I really have been enjoying my PS1000e's since I got them last summer. A bit better down low and more even up top...the mids are a bit more organic too. But you can't beat the comfort of the GS1000s.
 Who's they?  Sorry, but you are drastically under powering/driving/sourcing your $2000 headphones with that setup. The M50xs are fine starter headphones, but no where near (not even close) in terms of being comparable to the LCD-3s. 
 Absolutely....or better still...both! 
 But remember with a used pair of SR-009s, you'll need a major investment for a dedicated stat amp to drive the. The HE1000s not so much. 
 Maybe the SR-007Mk1, (but its really close) but the SR-009s are still on top for me. 
Cool...thanks man for the clarification. I was playing around with my AK240SS and my HE1000s last night with my balanced cable adapter (Moon Audio Silver Dragon) for the AK240SS and it played the HE1000s quite well actually. Definitely not endgame level, but well enough for me to enjoy them. In SE mode, the AK240 seemed a bit dull, but came alive in balanced mode. Just some food for thought... 
LCD-X + "A Night at the Opera" by Queen on Amarra for Tidal = 
 The AKT5ps are the more neutral headphones with a very expansive sound stage, while the Z7s are definitely darker with quite a bit more bass. I prefer the former, but the latter are still outstanding headphones (especially with the Kimber cable upgrade).
 Sorry, it doesn't appear to have switchable voltage (110/230). 
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