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 Its been stated several times, the GS-X Mk2 is a wire with gain type amplifier and of all the amps I've owned or listened to, it imparts as little of its own character into the music than any other. Throw in the ridiculously low distortion, you get added power without having to sacrificing transparency. The GS-X MK2 can be bright or dark depending on your upstream system. http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/HeadAmpGSXmk2.pdf
 I think one thing many newer members might not realize is how well the HD650s scale with amplification and source. In the old days, these were the pinnacle of personal audio (with the K701, DT880 and HD600). Back then, flagships were ridiculously expensive at $350 - $400 a pop.  
 Yes, I have my own office. I wouldn't use these headphones in an open desk environment.
If one uses RCA inputs into the GS-X, you will only engage 50% of the amplifier (regardless of using balanced outputs). I have tried it...it's basically like running the GS-X in single mode and not as dynamic or transparent as fully balanced (which is how the amplifier is optimized to run).
It would depend on a few things. I know that the GS-X mk2 is a fully balanced amp and needs balanced inputs (and outputs for that matter) to use the full circuitry and power of the amp. I needed to get a balanced Silver Dragon V3 balanced cable for my Utopias to run them balanced and I like what I hear!But with really efficient headphones, the differences; while noticeably better aren't as wide as say with the LCD-4sI'm not too sure about the Cavalli amps (which I really...
 I would say it depends on your amp. If your amp is a front-to-back balanced amp, no doubt balanced sounds quite a bit better on my GS-X mk2. Without the balanced inputs, you are only getting 1/2 of the amp's power, so no surprises there. I had a SugarMaple OD300 amp (single ended) here for review and RCA sounded great feeding it. So like most things in life; it depends....
Well, just send in my payment. I owned the original HD650s about a decade ago and moved on to the HD800 when it was released. I was in the market for an affordable pair for my office setup at work, and for $200, these are a no-brainer. Well done Massdrop and Sennheiser!
Exactly...too many legends this year (also Glenn Frey...I love the Eagles). What a bad year for losing so many great artists. 
I do find that...I did review them around this time last year on our site.
 Depends who you ask....plus we now have the $50k Sennheiser stats. 
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