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 Thanks for the kind feedback.  With regards to the HD800s, they would score pretty low on "portability".  Just a bit too different to really say. As with the PM-1s (also a bit on the largish side), I really only have limited experiences with them to really say too much. Cheers!
The Mojo is a fantastic DAC...one of the best I've used under $700 and I do prefer it to the Bifrost (either version) FWIW.
I think he wanted to use the Mojo as the DAC.
 The P7s are very rich sounding with a slight "U", the SINE are more natural sounding and in the end just more transparent to my ears.
 Just my 2 cents after owning these headphones for 4+ years. 
FWIW, I owned the HD800 for about 5 years and now own the HD800S and love both...I do prefer the HD800S by a reasonable margin. That said, my SR-009s (had for about 4 years) are head above shoulders better to my ears. As revealing and transparent as my HD800S's are, the SR-009s have me still hearing things on recordings that the Sennheisers would completely gloss over. The HD800S are my favourite dynamic moving coil headphones bar none (obviously excluding orthos like the...
 Speaking of mids, the P7s are a bit withdrawn...thankfully the SINE's have wonderfully rich and detailed mids.
So cool! You should be quite happy!
Congrats! What colour did you get? BTW, the Great White North is north of you.  
 The extra data throughput would not. Galvanic isolation certainly does make a difference on USB...but when you need to water a flowerbed (audio files) a full blast fire hose isn't gonna help. 
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