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I'm celebrating my 1 year anniversary with the BDA-2 and it's seriously quelled any thoughts of new DACs. It certainly hits on all cylinders to my ears. 
 Likely the angle...but side by side in your hand they are identical. I've even have an old back up pair of earpads here and looking at them, I don't see any differences.
 Well, I can confirm that when I owned both the PS1000 and PS1000e (still own) side by side, the pads were identical.  
Pads? Both my PS1000 and PS1000e had the exact same pads. Sorry, am I missing something?
 I certainly wouldn't call the Momentums "balanced". They are too bass tilted and the treble is too rolled off. I would classify them as a natural/warm headphone that can bring the bass. I still think they're very good headphones though. I prefer the P7s to them, but I'd take the Momentums over the K545s. 
Really, the lack of any treble didn't bother you? For me that was my fatal flaw when I heard Miles Davis sound like he was playing behind the drummer.  I actually prefer the Momentum on-ears for that reason as they do a better job of this.
 LOL, I'll throw in a Canadian (NHL) analogy...I would say #66 (but I'll take Jackie as a good analogy too ). Here's hoping the Rag will be right up there too.
 Most definitely...they're not going anywhere.   Interesting findings. I found the sound staging on the "e" bigger, but then that could be a difference of setup too?
Just goes to show you that all heads are different...I found the HP50s more comfortable than the PSB M4U a good margin too. 
 And vice versa. 
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