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Amazing how the GS-X Mk2 does that. 
 Actually the "" was the fact that most (like me) would be wondering just how much better the PS1000e's are (and they are) eventually sell their GS1000's to upgrade. I say just jump all the way to the TOTL Grado and be done with it.
If someone would like to loan me one to review...sure. 
 I see nothing crazy there Rob.  (but consider it's coming from me). Glad you're sticking're definitely one of the good guys around here. 
The Hugo isn't a balanced DAC, so I'd look for another source.
 Thanks. I just added the "e" to make the list up to date. I didn't add the GS1000e, just jump to the PS1000e and be done with it I say. 
Cool...thanks for the update. I find the T51p's have as much bass as I'd like. I wonder how the Solo2's would compare to the Monster DNAs (on-ears)? I have them here and I need to set aside some time to add them to the listing.
Having owned the SR125s, they're pretty good, but my personal "sweet spots" are the SR80e - SR225e - RS1e/PS500e - PS1000e
 I haven't heard the Chord Hugo, sorry. Glad you're enjoying the combo!
What setup are you using? Of all the Grado's I've owned through the years (SR60/80/125/225i/325i/RS-1/RS1i/PS500/HF-2/PS1000/ I've owned a lot of Grado headphones ), I find that the PS1000/PS1000e's are most "receptive" to upstream amping/dacs/source.
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