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Thanks! I was so impressed with it, I bought the review's the perfect work desktop unit...takes up very little space and drives most of my headphones and IEMs. I didn't mention in the review, but the Concero HP + JH Layla's = audio bliss!
 They are like all other Audeze headphones IMO with guitars...fantastic! Great "bite"...the EL-8s have more of that treble "bite" than the LCD-2s to my ears.
 And that is exactly why I think the Layla's are a game changer.
 But if someone is looking for a headphone to kick back with and relax, the LCD-3s are special doubt to my ears.
 It really depends what you're looking for...I do find the EL-8s more balanced, but the LCD-2s have a texture about them that make them very musical and enjoyable.
 To my ears, the SR-009/KGSSHV kicks as hard as any headphone I have in the bass...and does it with better inner detail, control and transparency. The HE-1000s are really intriguing headphones...definitely on my radar!'s the most flat Audeze I've come across. The LCD-3 is more of a laid back and wonderfully rich headphone for audiophile enjoyment.
No brainer...QC25s...for sound quality and the NC is much improved! Comfort is about the same.
 If you like bright and more of a "U"...then the PS1000s are the way to go...if you like "real" sounding well.... 
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