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That's if you buy Apple Care. That's extra $ that you're flushing down the drain. I've owned the iPhone 3S, 4, and 5 and have never needed that and the statistics back me up. If you want the option of an extended warranty, why not ask the manufacturer for an option?
I think you're missing it...Apple only offers a 1 year warranty on an iPhone (as much all-in as the AK100 II) and they are a multi-billion $ company who makes a fortune selling these extended warranties to people who don't need them!
LOL, you're obviously not reading my posts are you...infant mortality failures, 17 years in electronics manufacturing, etc... You do realize that these extended warranties are their highest profit items don't you? 
 Yes, $200 is significant considering you're most likely just throwing way good money.
LOL, paying significantly more for a warranty is NOT the same. And as I mentioned, I've never paid for those as if it hasn't broken in the first few're more thank likely A-OK.
Exactly...wouldn't you expect the company with one of the very largest valuations to offer leading warranties...but yet they don't.
Did you even read my post?  My iMac runs $2000 from year warranty, plus the stuff about if it doesn't fail in the first few weeks, statistically, you're more than likely good to go. Would I like 2 years on everything I buy for over $1k, sure, but let's be fair here an ask every vendor here that sells gear in that price range to offer that kind of warranty.
Agreed completely.  There may be some issues with some of the pre-RMA LCD-3s from several years ago in the upper mids. But from 1kHz down to 20Hz, they're all fairly flat.
 I've had mine for just over a year and it still has me extremely happy with what I'm hearing from my SR-009s and SR-007MkI's. 
I found it also did a fantastic job with my 007 MkI's too. But side by side, the 009s take it for me pretty much every time. A very good step up from the LL1 to my ears.
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