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I found the BHA-1 a bit forward and thus not ideal with the hd800s. The V200 is a smoother amp without overly forward treble and a better match. For Audeze headphones, it's the other way around.
Sorry, I hSorry, I haven't heard that amp yet.
I like it enough, but it wouldn't be my first choice for the HD800s. I love it with the LCD-2/3, but for the HD800s, I prefer the Soloist and V200 instead (in the same-ish price range).
USD too ....but sadly the Cdn $ is pretty strong agains the US green back. I've got some funds/investments in USD that I'm waiting on moving to Cdn...but not now. Hoping on the Cdn $ to tank for a few months!   
 I've heard the WEE with some real top flight speaker amps (McIntosh, Krell) and I always considered it a great short fix to listen to Stax headphones, but never a long term solution (thus my patchwork arguments). The BHSE will blow your mind in comparison. The absolute best I've heard any Stax headphones was from a friend's T2...that was something special indeed! Agreed on the SRM007a...funny I preferred the SRM727II to it. I hear very good things about the GES though for...
Haven't done this in a while and some changes here goes:   1.) SR-009 2.) SR-007 Mk1 / LCD-X (tie) 3.) HD800 4.) LCD-XC 5.) PS1000e 6.) TH-900 7.) T51p 8.) MDR-10RNC
I just realized that after kkcc's comments. You can read my thoughts on the improvements should really love the BHSE/SR009s! 
Spare change...might take a while. 
The BHSE should "smoke" the WEE / WA5 combination. The latter is a patch work for stats (and does at best an ok job...I've heard the WEE with a few speaker amps). But the BHSE should be one of the top 2 or 3 amps for your SR009s (along with the T2 and KGSSHV).
Definitely on my "to listen to" list. Glad to hear the DAC-2DSDse is a good improvement over the original!
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