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 Lol, that's one idea.  
Yes. to your questions. Though I no longer own the QC35s...sold them a while after the MDR1000X landed. 
Gotcha. Thanks!
Sorry, I don't understand why one would sound better than the other?
I don't think you got what I was trying to get at. I don't believe that balanced inherently makes an amp better. Like most things in life, it depends.
 The quality of the outputs depend on the amp that you're plugging them into. If you're plugging them into a balanced amplifier, then yes, the balanced outs should be better. But, not necessarily better if you plug the SE outputs into a better SE amp.
 Really? The outputs would depend on what you're plugging them into, no? 
Oh gotcha....absolutely! The TH900s are fatally flawed for me due to their U response and problematic treble. Plus they isolate like open headphones.  The Z1Rs are the best closed headphones I've heard. I fell in love with them at RMAF last year and couldn't resist the itch when I found a pair finally on sale here in Canada.
 There is so much more to a DAC's sound quality than "tap counts" to consider. 
I've always been a burn-in skeptic due to the lack of any data whatsoever. In the absence of data, the null position is the one to take. Have they changed...hard to say if it was my brain, music or new Sony/Kimber cables I'm now using? I do plan on it....might take a month or two though. 
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