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 Awesome music for a great pair of headphones! There is hope for the younger generations! 
If the amplifier is balanced (properly that is) then typically it will sound better. My T1 g2 sounds better balanced on my GS-X Mk2.
^ I strongly suggest you check out the HD800S. I own both the T1 Gen. 2 and HD800S and while I really like the former, the latter headphone is definitely a cut above to my ears.
 I don't see that..."skyrocketing"? Do you have some links? Just curious?
You should! They are likely the best (tonally speaking) John Grado headphone yet.
 Hard to say, and I seriously doubt anyone at Grado will confirm this. I can say that next to the PS1000e, these are my favourite Grado headphones. Tonality wise, I prefer them to any John Grado headphone I've heard. 
 I find the differences far more subtle too, but still there and the flattened "U" of the "e"'s hit the right notes for me. That said, the RS1e I heard was sorely disappointing. But that was one of the initial ones released, not sure if they've been changed ("fixed")?
That's mostly because I like my music with less of  "U" than what some Grado fans would appreciate. I actually got away from Grado headphones for a while because I found it a bit fatiguing until really the PS1000e was released and thankfully the GH-1 continued in that flatter...less "U"-like presentation. I'm coming from headphones like the Stax SR-009, HD800S and HE1000 and they are all closer to my personal tastes. If you like the "U" presentation, then get a non-e...
 It would most definitely depend on upfront gear. The T1s are harder to drive and out of a portable product, no doubt the T5p could sound "better" (as it was designed with that in mind). But get them on a really good setup (mine was a Hugo TT --> GS-X Mk2) and the T1s pull ahead noticeably. Very similar to the HE1000 vs. HE-X in that way.Personally, I'd go HE-X...no doubt to my ears. The TH900's had too much of "U" and I agree with you there. Plus the right side of that U...
 Am I missing something here? I didn't realize the pricing of the Cipher standalone cable has been finalized?  Quote:Originally Posted by Focker I spoke with my Audeze contact today and here is a snippet of the response:We allow the purchase of the SINE with Lightning immediately, and then ship the cable when available (as we were short on Lightning cables). I don't think we'll ever be near the $50 price point due to the inherent costs of the cable. If the point of...
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