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Ringing at a few higher frequencies that made them sound comparatively less natural.
 I found the Amperior's a bit on the un-even side with regards to treble, the on-ear Momentum or on-ear M2s are quite a bit better. your opinion.   My opinion and experience of many TOTL headphones I've owned/heard (please look at my profile for a partial listing) says otherwise. 
 I don't think you know what that means. Have you considered HRTF?  No two ears are the same and how it sounds is were the "rubber hits the road". I'm comparing these to the HD800s, SR-007s among other "reference" headphones. To my ears, they are right up there.  That said, I'm still curious to see how they measure. Plus, "measure flat" isn't reference either...due to HRTF; I'd suggest you read up on one example of "reference" like the Harmon response curve. There is no...
 In my case, that's because I've said all I've had to say about the the Layla's that wouldn't be already covered in my review.  They are simply the best IEMs I've heard by far and they compete with all of my TOTL full sized headphones not named "SR-009"...are they reference...most definitely to my ears! No closed full sized headphone I've owned (and I've had quite the sampling) have come close to the transparency, openness and clarity of them! 
Lol, still haven't figured that one out.
I'd suggest you give the AKT5p's a try, a good improvement over the T5p's and imo one of the best full sized closed headphones I've tried.
I still own my QC25s and use them all the time for travel!
While I can never see the Layla's replacing my SR-009s, I can definitely understand how they could replace my hd800s.
Depends what you're looking for?! For noise isolation especially when on a plane, the QC25 for sure. But for all other times, I prefer the M2s!
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