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 Just to qualify...I don't really consider myself a musician much anymore. While I was in my younger days...it never was my day job. I'm a professional engineer by trade who has played music since I was a child (7 years old) and the trumpet was my main instrument (with some trombone)...brass kicks *****.  But after high school, it was studying chemical engineering at university 24/7 and I've worked in that field for going on 20 years now. But I've never stopped...
 I've heard them...liked them quite a bit and recommend them, but at their price, I'd recommend the jump to the PS1000e.
 I agree (on both music and the Utopias ). 
 I keep it on minimum. Gives the recording a more coherent sound. I'm not a fan of having each ear isolated from the other. Seems unnatural. I think keeping it on this level gives a more "speaker-like" presentation. But with say mono recordings (or the early Beatles stereo albums), I turn it up to Medium.
I have to admit, I have played less than I'd like since my kids were born. But my daughter (12) has basically taken control of my trumpet... and she's really good! I have to sneak it back when she's playing on her piano or guitar.
Settling down with Macie Gray's new album ("Stripped"...192kps hi rez download) with my Utopias played directly out of my Hugo TT and on the last song "Lucy" I literally have goose bumps. There is a trumpet soloist playing throughout the song and I am dumbfounded. I've played trumped for over 37 years and know the instruments very well...and this is likely the "realist" I've heard it on a recording as played through this setup. Simply amazing! I've had these headphones for...
 Lol...just in the nick of time I pulled them back! I personally am not a fan of any 325...for me they (all revisions) just come off too bright. I thought the SR225s were a "sweet spot" in their lineup...then the next jump was the RS1/RS1i, but sadly then came the RS1e...I'd skip that one. So for now my recommendations are: SR80/80i/80e then SR225/225i/225e then RS1/RS1i (skip the e), GH-1 (if you can find one), PS500/500e and then PS1000e (or to save a few bucks, the...
 The GH-1s are special for sure. Check out my profile to see the listing of Grado headphones I've owned through the years..and the GH-1s still stand out! I would go for the PS1000e over the G2000e...they were a bit more dynamic and full sounding and in the end portrayed better overall transparency.
 Lower...maybe 80% ish? This is really hard to quantify, but certainly more than 5% improvement IMO.
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