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 It's done in a very nice and gentle way. 
   ^ Some very sage advice!
 Could be the batteries were run down...it deactivates if that happens. The Noise Cancelling on them is just as good (and maybe slightly better) than the QC25s...which is to say the very best on any NC headphone out there.
 They are worth it if you want the best. Nothing is linear in audio, but these headphones compete with $1000 headphones I've heard/owned....easy.
 Different head...plus measuring isolation can be a bit tricky. I was commenting primarily on background television noise and my A/C (which is a good gauge for airplane noise).
 Thanks Frank! For others, just picked up the new Bose QC35s today (couldn't resist the wireless option)...so I'll be adding them too in a few weeks! 
 It can drive my GH-1s and PS1000e's without breaking a sweat!   1.) I have tried several Grado's reterminated into balanced with my GS-X Mk2 (along with the TH-900s, D7000s). And very efficient / low impedance headphones like these don't really benefit much from balanced operation. I personally wouldn't go that route (and I own a GS-X Mk2). Orthos or headphones like the Sennheiser HD800/HD800S or beyerdynamics T1 do benefit quite a bit going that way with my amp. 2.)...
Slightly...but yes, it was a bit better. 
 I wouldn't say the sound quality was much better. But then again, you're a Yankee fan; so we don't see a lot of things similarly.  (Go Jays!!!! ) I had both for an afternoon today side-by-side and I agree the QC35s sound a bit more open and controlled. Funny as super comfortable as the QC25s were, the QC35s have improved on this further. Didn't think it was possible? I will be adding these to my listing...
 Agreed! Looks like we're hearing things the same. 
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