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 LOL, gotcha. 
 So I wasn't seeing things! Glad to see that Steve has excellent taste!
Agreed...there's layering, tactility, spaciousness, naturalness, etc... They are still putting a huge smile on my face as I listen to them! Hey Eric: Long time.  I'm finding I prefer the bass around noon...simply perfect for me.
Good question...I should have some initial results by week's end. 
So what's left? Is this the dismantling of the Sony leviathan? 
 Thanks man! I agree with your assessments on the M2 over ears completely. 
Well, I've got my review pair from Astell and Kern here today for my review and I gotta say I am seriously impressed!  I've only been this amazed with a new pair of headphones a few times in the past (when I got my HD800s, when I first heard the LCD-2s and when I got my SR-009s). The Layla's sound bigger than many full sized headphones I've listened to.    More to come...   EDIT: Forgot to add the first time I heard the SR-007Mk1s from a proper amp is...
^ You guys are in for a real treat! Just hang in there...doesn't look like too long now.
 As I'm using the Concero HP, I can't really comment on it as a DAC exclusively. If you want a more natural DAC, the Metrum Octave is a great option as well.
 They are on my radar. But things have been busy...hopefully by the spring.  The Momentum 2 is the real deal IMO.  The difference is that the successor, the earcups fold inwards and thus it collapses better into a smaller package. The case is also smaller as a result over the original.
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