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 When I got the WA22, the HD800s pulled out ahead and they stayed there through my Liquid Fire and finally with the GS-X Mk2. I would like to hear the K812...but I haven't yet. FWIW, my sources went from the DacMagic - PS Audio DLIII - Cary XCiter DAC - W4S DAC-2 - BDA-2 - Metrum Hex. It was about the XCiter DAC that I found the same thing (with the HD800's pulling ahead).
 My kids go to bed at 8:30pm (they're only 10 and 6) and are NEVER allowed to go near my audio setup!    Hopefully I can find myself letting them use it as they grow older. 
 Darn kids....that's why I sold off my speakers 10 years ago and got into this hobby. 
Great write up. I did one several years back (about 4 years ago I think?) and with the gear I had I preferred the T1s. Over the years, I've upgraded my amp/dac/source. As I did, the HD800s pulled out ahead. Long story short, the T1s have been sold off and the HD800s are still with me.   Very enjoyable read...thanks!
The Valhalla is on OTL tube amp and not ideal for low impedance headphones. So I'm not surprised it works very well for the your HD650s and not so much with Grados or the TH900s. 
 The GS-X is designed balanced front to back...going with single ended inputs or out will only use 50% of the amp's power. With low impedance / highly efficient headphones like a Grado or the TH900s, that won't make much of a difference. But with say the HD800s or orthos, the differences are well worth it.
 I think you will end up missing the Hex in the long run. I sold my BDA-2 pretty quickly after hearing the Hex for a few days...there was no going back. 
It was bit of a joke.In other news, while my SR-007s are more affected by a change in amplification, I gotta say that my SR-009s are more revealing of DAC/source changes. Case in point, the differences between my new Metrum Hex and Bryston BDA-2 are more apparent with the SR.-009s.
 Excellent photos...looking forward to your impressions! 
 Only difference is one of those boats was actually real. 
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