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 I'm pretty sure I addressed that in my review.  You might want to swing by the first post. But if you're looking for a more thorough review, I am working on one for both for 
 So as to not confuse others, this burn-in is not the burn-in you're referring it. It's a standard test used in high end electronics to capture "infant mortality failures" before the products are shipped out. Plus a spike in these failure rates is a sign of trouble.   I am very impressed with this level of detail to quality by Audeze.
 Seeing how similar the PS1000e and PS1000 are, I'm not surprised. The Concero HP is a keeper IMO!
  Cool...looking forward to your impressions!
 Let's not forget front end too...not sure what your setup is? Sounds heavenly! 
So tonight I decided on throwing in my favourite opera: Carmen by Georges Bizet. And this time, instead of my SR-009s or HD800s, I went with my Grados. Something I tried a few times with the PS1000s (not "e" version) when I owned them. I've stayed away from that combination since (mostly because I have the SR-009s and HD800s here too, but nonetheless) as I found the mid bass sometimes got in the way of the music. As well, the slightly more elevated highs became fatiguing...
 I have absolutely no issues with anyone preferring anything over anything here ...this is all personal preferences in the end too. But my point of view is from someone who owns both now and has for 2+ years gone back and forth hundreds of times (and as recently as last night) on amps that are more that up to the task to drive both and with a source to match. I was sharing my point of view...isn't that what we do around here?  Pretty much somes up my experiences.
 The SR-007s are warm, no doubt...that is a colouration. Yes, the SR-009s are brighter, but not bright per say (especially depending on your amp/DAC/source; not just the amp!...which many forget to include). I'd suggest you review both FR response graphs on help sort things out for you a bit. If the warmer colouration (with less detail and air) of the SR-007 gets you going, then great. But as stated, my position owning both with 2 amps that drive...
 I had a similar issue with a different pair of headphones and the 3.5mm cable...I then tried another player and it went away. My iPod Nano's headphone out, wasn't so "nano". I'd try another player first.
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