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 It is hard to justify the price difference for the "e"...I however am happy that I did the "upgrade". With regards to the really should hear the PS1000/PS1000e through the GS-X Mk2...the "e"'s go a tad lower and have less "bloat" that leaks into the mids.  In terms of extension, both are about the same, but the older PS1000 has it a bit louder (and the mids sounded a bit pushed back in comparison). So if one prefers a more fun "U" like presentation, the...
 Jay, please read my next post.   At the same price, I'd jump on the PS1000e, but at $1k, I don't think I could justify the $700 difference as they are way too close to each other (to my ears anyway).
 I agree that the PS1000e is more neutral (i.e. flat) and thus a more transparent headphone, but the word "far" is something that is way overstated IMO...they are far more similar than not to my ears. 
Don't worry, the PS1000e are the better headphones. If you want a more "U" presentation with bass that isn't as deep (and with a tad more distortion) and treble that's a bit more sizzly, then I guess you need to search out a used pair of PS1000s. 
In case anyone is interested, my review of the Layla's is up. Please see my sig. for a link. 
 You should be very impressed with it and your Layla's! Killer combination!
 Pretty much my experiences too. 
Ringing at a few higher frequencies that made them sound comparatively less natural.
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