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FWIW, I hear the HD800S and HD800 pretty close to you. 
   If we strictly look at the measurements, they certainly are not "harsh" nor "bright". But feed them a bright recording and being incredibly transparent, you'll hear the issues on your recording (or your DAC or amplifier).  Many are used to more laid back headphones and may think them bright as well (like the LCD-4 or HE1000). But I would classify them as slightly dark and the Utopia closer to neutral. That said, there are things the LCD-4s and HE1000V2s do that are...
You're a good guy Tony.  I think the HE1000V2 is a great headphone as well and it is in my personal Top 5 (with the Utopias).
Cables can't do that...sorry. But I do find that the Silver Dragon picks up on minute details a bit better and thus can cast a more cohesive soundstage because of it. Though again, these are cables and the effects are not anywhere as profound as sources, DACs, amps and especially headphones.
 I prefer the slightly improved detail retrieval. 
I'm using the Moon Audio Silver Dragons (4 pin balanced into my GS-X MK2) and love what I'm hearing with them.
Stunning clarity and truly impressive sound staging.  
 Lol, yes the laws of physics are still obeyed by the HE-6s and there is more "mystique" about them than science.  I've tried them from LAu, GS-X Mk2 (about 5.5W or more) to 200W Pass Lab speaker taps...I think they are quite good headphones, but nothing magical about the "extra" power. That said, I wouldn't recommend just any old 1-2 W headphone amplifier for them either. Really curious to hear these new headphones though and hear how they sound!
The Focal's have excellent sub-bass...the measurements back this up as do my low frequency sweeps (and measure quite similarly to the HE-6s for that matter and go down to 20Hz). I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to disagree with you on the HE-6s...owned them for a few years, liked them...never, ever loved them. Don't miss them one iota as the LCD-4, Utopia and HE1000V2's have eclipsed them for me. Just in general (just to other HE-6 owners ), yes, I've heard the HE-6s...
Congrats! I think you'll be pleasantly surprised! (I was ).
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