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 Quick impressions: HD800S brilliant speaker-like sound staging. Unsurpassed IMO. But everything else is better on the Utopias across the board. Love both and my HD800S ain't going anywhere, but in terms of traditional dynamic headphones, the Utopia's are top of the heap for me. How they compare to the LCD-4, HE1000, SR-007, SR-009, I'll need more time.
 Way too early to tell. Actually I've only had one night with my Utopias since getting them. Went to the baseball game yesterday (Go Jays Go!!!) and today my son played a double header (and we won the league championship!). Just sitting down right now and gotta say the Utopia's are deserving of their initial hype. These headphones are the real deal. But I'd like to really burn them in a bit and get to know them better.   They compare quite well...the LCD-4s (& SR-009s) are...
 I don't think it doesn't add for the "lack of sub-bass" of the HD800. Both have excellent sub-bass performance when driven right...what it does (at least to my ears) is adds a bit of bloom to the bottom and thus offers a more natural presence. YMMV of course...just how I hear it.
 No worries there...a local friend has them too...so I'll borrow them. Looks like I'll be reviewing them (Utopia's and the new V2 HE1000s as well).
Well, just got a hold of my new Utopia's yesterday afternoon and after one evening with them, I can already assert that these headphones are the "real deal". How they compare with the other top flight headphones around, we shall see...   But so far they are hands down the best traditional dynamic driver headphone I've come across...they have usurped my HD800S for that. 
For Sale: Mint condition Beyerdynamics T1 Flagship Headphones Generation 2 Includes: Headphones TRS 1/4" Beyerdynamic Headphone cable + BONUS 4 pin XLR balanced Beyerdynamic Headphone Cable Box / accessories Price is only $SOLD + Shipping/PayPal (no fees local GTA deal). The balanced cable sells for $189 separately...so you're getting a great deal here as I am including it with the price listed! Sorry I am not interested in trades at this time. Please look at my...
For Sale: Great condition flagship Hifiman HE1000 headphones! These headphones have been babied and are among the very best I've heard. Great price for a wonderful pair of headphones! Price Only: $SOLD + shipping + PayPal fees (no PayPal fees for either EMT or local great Toronto deal) Includes: Everything that came from Hifiman Headphones Case Balanced 4 pin XLR Cable Un-balanced RCA cable These headphones will be a revelation into your music and at this price, a...
 The Focals are quite impressive with regards to low distortion for dynamic cone drivers...that said, they still don't compare to orthos or stats due to the limitations with standard drivers...that was my point. So the measurements infer that the "bass quality" would in fact be tighter with orthos/stats. Whether one can pick that up, like most things in life...it depends (upstream gear, source material, one's ears, etc...).  Just speaking in generalizations. I hope to hear...
 Actually with dynamic drivers, you are still limited with cone breakdown and the Utopias do a great job based on their measurements. But if you look at the distortion of the bass and sub-bass between them (Utopia) or HD800S and compare them to the LCD-4, you'll see there is still a good significant reduction in distortion on the planars (and stats as well).
Got to hear the new GS2000e today and I really liked them. Got to A-B them with the PS1000e and while I still prefer the slightly more punchier and dynamic PS1000e, the GS2000e weren't too far behind. I loved their light weight and comfort; throw in a brilliant open sound and I can definitely see why so many enjoy them.
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