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 Used the new Sony flagship Walkman, flagship desktop amp/DAC and the Woo WA5LE (all were excellent with them). I preferred the Elears FWIW. Closed headphones are usually disadvantaged here, but the Z1R is a great closed can and in my top 3 I've heard (with the new 2016 LCD-XC and Ether Flow C). If you prefer the SR007 to the SR009, then these might be up your alley. If its the other way around, then I'd suggest you look at the Ether Flow C for a great pair of closed...
 They are similar, but the V2 has improved preciseness within that sound stage to my ears.
Agreed; and I would say that the SR009s are a tad brighter.
Then these sound like headphones to be right up your alley.
IMO it was outstanding and far from dry. The Z1R was still too overly warmish for me. I'm coming from the Utopia/SR-009 and these were too far into the warm direction. Still great sounding headphones considering they are closed. I would classify myself as a Sony fanboy since the days of the PS1 (own a PS4 now), owned a 32" Sony Wega (back when they weighed 200lbs. ). The Ether C Flows would be my choice for a closed pair of headphones based on what I'm looking for (neutral...
Personally I wasn't a big R10 fan; so not a biggie for me. These new Sony's are a good step up from the Z7s, but the HD800S is still a more transparent headphone IMO (if your upfront rig is up to the task). Actually I'd strongly suggest also listening to the Ether Flow C...they really blew me away!
It was confirmed by this guy   (again, I'm only talking of the headphone cable itself):  http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/canjam-rmaf2016-sony-signature-series-mdr-z1r-headphones-nw-wm1z-portable-player-and-ta#fZi3Rg8t2LmqymOi.97
Yes! Heck it did an admirable job with the HE-6s.
It does much finer. 
 Don't worry, the forces of Natural Selection are still very much a real thing. 
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