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For Sale: My MINT Condition Schiit Audio Wyrd USB Power Isolator.   Price: $69 US (+ PayPal fees/Shipping)   Sorry I am not interested in trades at this time.   Includes: Wyrd USB Power Isolator   Please look at my feedback and buy with complete confidence! Thanks for looking! Peter
Well, as things have changed in my life (and all of our house renovations are done), I've settled back into my main desktop rig. As a result, between my Sure SE535s and QC25s, I've got my portables all set. As a result, (I never thought I'd do this), but I've listed my beloved beyer T51p's for sale.    Please see my signature if you're interested.  
For Sale: My MINT condition and beloved beyerdynamics T51p portable/closed headphones. I would rank these conservatively 9/10 in condition. In terms of my thoughts on them, you can read them here:   Overall, they rank #1...that's correct...#1. Only selling them because they do not get the head time that they truly deserve.    Price: Only $200 USD + Shipping (PayPal fees...
 As I mentioned in the LCD-X thread, I did have the option to stick with my Bryston BDA-2, but after a weekend with the Hex, I knew that wasn't going to happen. Ah well, I guess its an occupational hazard? 
I have heard it, but not extensively, nor at home. In terms of imaging it was right behind the TH900s. I would need to have it side by side with the Z7 to see how they compare.
 I agree with you here...the TH-900s are still the sound staging closed headphone kings in my book, but the Z7s ain't too shabby either.
 Neither did I. 
No doubt. 
 Folks, if you head on down to my signature, you'll find my thoughts on the Metrum Hex...just a wonderful DAC and it manages to extract all the details in a recording without sounding harsh or clinical. This ability is quite astounding...I was hoping I'd prefer my (now sold) Bryston BDA-2 (much cheaper that way), but after a few nights of going back and forth it became fairly obvious that wasn't going to plan.
 Typically less control over the drivers as they are at their furthest point from the magnets. In general, this leads to higher distortion.    Instead of cherry picking phrases, please read them in their entirety. I agree that comfort isn't Audeze's strong suit...but as mentioned, I don't find them uncomfortable either. YMMV here...but 10 minutes is/was hyperbole (which was my point). While the suspension straps are more comfortable...they do look more dorky.
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