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They are totally not the same. Sorry. And here's what Consumer's Reports has to say: I'm done...good night.
 I never buy extended NEVER win in the long run. The cards are always stacked against you. Home, health and car insurance are totally different and it's plain silly to compare them.
 Yeah, we're going to have to agree to disagree. If you're spending $$$ on extended warranties, in the end, you're paying much more than any benefits you're getting. Extended warranties are the biggest money makers electronics companies have.
I was comparing the AK100 vs. the Hifiman players and they are similar. You will notice that the AK240 is not part of this thread's discussion. 
My son is now using my iPhone 4 as an iPod and I've never had any issues. You're asking to pay for an extended warranty, there's a difference. They might. BTW, Hifiman's top players...also 1 year, iBasso's top player...also 1 year, FiiO's top players...also 1 year; if you're not, just don't buy it (it's that simple). The statistics come from over 17 years in electronics manufacturing engineering experience building everything from server systems for Sun Microelectronics to...
That's if you buy Apple Care. That's extra $ that you're flushing down the drain. I've owned the iPhone 3S, 4, and 5 and have never needed that and the statistics back me up. If you want the option of an extended warranty, why not ask the manufacturer for an option?
I think you're missing it...Apple only offers a 1 year warranty on an iPhone (as much all-in as the AK100 II) and they are a multi-billion $ company who makes a fortune selling these extended warranties to people who don't need them!
LOL, you're obviously not reading my posts are you...infant mortality failures, 17 years in electronics manufacturing, etc... You do realize that these extended warranties are their highest profit items don't you? 
 Yes, $200 is significant considering you're most likely just throwing way good money.
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