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 I was a bit let down by the Yggy actually. Conversely, when I reviewed the TT, I really didn't want to like it (it's price point was higher than I was willing to go). Well here we are several months later and I bought the review unit from Chord. No way I was sending the TT back!
 The measurements do show that the original PS1000 and GS1000 do not have sufficient low bass (and my system has plenty of it )...so the "e" fixes this (but not enough still as I'd still like more) and the treble is too much on the originals (also referring to the measurements)...so less is better (for a more natural / neutral sound that is). This is in relation to the HE1000, SR-009, SR-007, HD800S again...I'm no basshead by any means. But it does seem that many here...
 Hey...cool, thanks for the reference. I'll check these out. 
Cool...then they should be good. The ones on the website still reference the GS-X and not the Mk2.
^^ Guys, I think the HeadAmp website is still only listing the specs for the GS-X and NOT the GS-X Mk2. 
Nothing...there have very smooth and extended treble. 
 Awesome! Thanks for the info...I like the interface much more than Tidal for Amarra! I'll have to compare how they sound now!
 Depends on the kind of person you are. I really like both, but I'm the kind that will always be wondering what I'm missing and eventually end up with the gen 2 (which I prefer). But if you're not that kind of person and will happily go on with the gen 1, then go that way. 
I agree that the HP1000 are the flattest sounding Grado...but the GH-1 are likely the flattest John Grado headphone. 
Small world...that's my main rig for the LCD-4s and it is definitely sleep depriving. 
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