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^ I like your prediction better.   
Lol, that report was one guy is at best what I'd call a mid level amp of unknown design. In that case, personally I'd stick with the TT as a standalone. With the GS-X Mk2..the TT balanced is quite a step up with the LCD-4, HE1000, T1G2, HD800S. So like most things in life....it depends.  FWIW, with my easier to drive headphones (like my Grado PS1000e or GH-1), I use the TT only.
 I wouldn't say the Abyss have congested treble...more grainy, shouty and rather disappointing is how I would describe it. The LCD-4's treble is pushed back, but quite refined and incredibly detailed. 
I prefer the SINE, but as mentioned, the new EL-8s might push them. I haven't heard them (new EL-8s) yet.
Really would also depend on what amp you're using. On the GS-X Mk2 with the TT feeding it, balanced is clearly superior with my HD800S (and HE1000 and LCD-4 and T1G2).
They do...the EL-8.  ;) FWIW, the SINE are very comfortable as-is and the smaller on-ear form factor is great for portability.
 It's done in a very nice and gentle way. 
   ^ Some very sage advice!
 Could be the batteries were run down...it deactivates if that happens. The Noise Cancelling on them is just as good (and maybe slightly better) than the QC25s...which is to say the very best on any NC headphone out there.
 They are worth it if you want the best. Nothing is linear in audio, but these headphones compete with $1000 headphones I've heard/owned....easy.
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