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 The Focals are quite impressive with regards to low distortion for dynamic cone drivers...that said, they still don't compare to orthos or stats due to the limitations with standard drivers...that was my point. So the measurements infer that the "bass quality" would in fact be tighter with orthos/stats. Whether one can pick that up, like most things in life...it depends (upstream gear, source material, one's ears, etc...).  Just speaking in generalizations. I hope to hear...
 Actually with dynamic drivers, you are still limited with cone breakdown and the Utopias do a great job based on their measurements. But if you look at the distortion of the bass and sub-bass between them (Utopia) or HD800S and compare them to the LCD-4, you'll see there is still a good significant reduction in distortion on the planars (and stats as well).
Got to hear the new GS2000e today and I really liked them. Got to A-B them with the PS1000e and while I still prefer the slightly more punchier and dynamic PS1000e, the GS2000e weren't too far behind. I loved their light weight and comfort; throw in a brilliant open sound and I can definitely see why so many enjoy them.
Listening to the LCD-4s with some Tragically Hip and I am amazed just how magical these headphones are! Gord has never sounded better. Canada basically shut down on Saturday night to watch their last concert and while their story is ending to be such a sad one, the music they left behind was truly a wonderful soundtrack for Canada!
^ Well said Arthur, pretty much sums it up and like most things in life, it depends. I agree with your previous comments that the LCD-4s need juice to really hit their stride so to speak. 
 I use Audirvana and it is quite the pairing with my TT.
 I'm more of an 80/20 between my SR009s and 007Mk1 in favour of the 009s.
Lol, most haven't had issues from what I can surmise...mine are from Day 1 and worked flawlessly since. The sound quality has been improved (not night and day), but "cutting the cable" was well worth it for me...the freedom it offers was totally worth it for me. YMMV of course.
Made no mention of the gear involved and as I hate to say it, I gotta agree with Jay-Z...with $10 headphones go with Apple. But I've tried Apple, Spotify and Tidal and well, I've stayed with Tidal for over a year now. 
I reviewed the AK T5ps over at Headphone.Guru, but they are a bit too big to consider for this thread.
New Posts  All Forums: