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 The PS1000s were released after the "i" series was introduced, so no need to have an "improved" version since there was no predecessor. 
 That's one headphone I am very curious to hear!
 Sure, if anyone wants to loan them to me, I'd be happy to entertain any portable headphone. 
Wait, what? That's just not so. Sorry man, but I certainly don't agree with you here.
 Isn't that capitalism? Please don't confuse cost with price. The former is the actual cost that it takes to build a product and the latter is what you can get for it in a free marketplace. 
I certainly am! Looking forward to more first hand impressions (and some AK240s go up for sale ).
 That's a good one too!
 Lol, a favourite phrase I like to use when I can (not often though as I came, I saw and I conquered is hard to work into every day speech).
  I absolutely love my Hex DAC, interested on some folks impressions here!
Veni, vidi, vici  
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