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The Concero HP/Z7 pairing was so good that I took a stroll through memory lane and pulled out Van Halen's 1984 (like I'm back in jr. high)...simply amazing combination!  The EL-8 is designed to be Audeze's "portable" headphone as seeing how well the HP can drive the LCD-X and 3, I think you would be pretty darn good with the EL-8s.
 LOL, I definitely wouldn't expect the HP to power the H6s...but that said, my HD800s sounded surprisingly good with it! Not super loud (but loud enough) and the sonics were quite impressive too.Congrats! 
Or this:
Ah, what are ya gonna do? 
Atta boy! 
Have you got it yet? What do you think so far?  Congrats! I'm not surprised, the LCD-X are a league above the'll need to go to the HD800s to get a better comparison IMO.
 I noted on another thread I'm currently listening to the Concero HP for my review and it pairs wonderfully with my LCD-X. The DAC while a Sabre DAC doesn't suffer from many others I've tried with an upper-mids shout and "digititus". The amp section works remarkably well with my PS1000e, LCD-X and Sony Z7s. Heck, my HD800s worked fairly well too. Doesn't get extremely loud, but moderately so and for such a small unit, it sounds BIG!.
 Not me...If I could integrate it with a great speaker setup, then maybe...but my kids are still only 10 and 6 and go to bed far too early for me to justify that. 
 LOL, actually last night when I was listening to the Concero HP for my review with my LCD-X....I was absolutely floored at just how good they sounded from something just a bit bigger than my USB backup HDD.
Here is the way I'm currently feeling:   1.) SR009 2.) SR007 Mk1 3.) LCD-X 4.) HD800 5.) PS1000e 6.) LCD-XC 6b.)TH-900 7.) Sony Z7 8.) SE535   Between #4 and #5 there is a wide margin though.
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