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I haven't heard the Hex with the old m2tech sub, but the Amanero usb is truly jaw dropping...a good improvent over the excellent BDA-2's sub implementation.
I've had 2.0 since it was has been very stable for me. Amarra 3.0 has been the problem program for me. 
 The T51p's do scale nicely.
 The ONLY difference between the T51p and T51i is the inline iDevice controller/mic. They are the same headphones otherwise. And fellas, when run out of my iPhone 6 or iPad Air, the soundstaging is on the "narrow" side, but on my AK100II, you'd be surprised how much this improves. 
 Actually I prefer the T51p's, but man the XS's design is very impressive and the fold up incredibly small. 
Here are some of my favourite rock albums from the 1980s (when I was in high school):   1.) Van Halen - 1984 2.) Def Leppard - Hysteria 3.) Bruce Springsteen - Born in the USA 4.) U2 - Joshua Tree 5.) Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell 6.) Jeff Healey - See the Light 7.) Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms 8.) Metallica - The Black Album 9.) Pink Floyd - The Final Cut 10.) AC/DC - Back in Black
 I also saw absolutely zero difference in the pads between the PS1000 and PS1000e when I had them both here side-by-side. 
 It was to my ears too (as were the PS1000e's a more balanced and good way IMO), but certainly not the the PS500 levels.
Oh yeah...the PS500's are the darkest Grados out there.
I've owned both the WA22 and GS-X Mk2 (still own BTW). My WA22 was tricked out with some really stellar NOS tubes and the GS-X Mk2 was the better amp by a long shot to my ears. Might explain why it's no longer with me and the GS-X Mk2 is still here. 
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