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Here are some of my favourites: Neil Young: Live at Massey Hall Eric Clapton Unplugged Paul McCarntey Unplugged Nirvana Unplugged
 You should be quite impressed with the improvements.
Considering there was between the QC2 and QC15s, I'd say yes!
 I call that part of the Grado "charm".  Even my PS1000e's aren't perfect, but they're fine in the end.
Yes! The Woo WEE is fine as a short term stop gap, but hardly a "long term" solution IMO.
That's likely the copper big problem really as it is only on the surface.
In case anyone is interested, here are my thoughts of the T51p/A200p combination:
In case anyone is interested in my in depth review of these most excellent on-ears:
In case anyone is interested in a more in depth review of the T51p/A200p combo:
That's with the fazor...I haven't heard the LCD-3F. But on the LCD-X, its still very flat.
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