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Glad you're enjoying them! Great headphones for sure!
So the seller isn't very reputable. I'd suggest you note that in his feedback as a warning to others if he doesn't come through.
And that's the biggest reason I sold the P7s. No reason to repeat that error.
 Yep, that's the Grattle. I'd contact the seller and let them know. See if you can return them for a refund if you got them that way out of the box. Worst case, you can send them into Grado for repair. I've seen costs of about $100 or so to replace the drivers. Good luck!
I have, but I'm going to go with my experiences instead. I think it's a total fail for a pair of portable headphones to require external amping to sound really good. They should sound close to their best right out of your player.
Look at that huge carrying case. Large and thick. The other headphones you mentioned all fold up pretty well. The M100s don't and aren't that portable.But I suppose if anyone wants to loan me a pair, I'd be happy to add them to the listing. But I have zero interest in spending my $ on them.
I think you'll like them then. I certainly did.
Depends on the headphones that require better amping. The H6s aren't really one of those headphones.
Except for the PS1000s. I've found them a bit finicky.
Honestly, both are outstanding. Pretty much the same IMO. The H6 certainly doesn't have bass bloat. Some might critique it for being a bit bass lite. I actually liked the h6's bass presentation. (Similar presentation to the hd800's bass).
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