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 I'm a big fan of the LCD-XC, but if you don't need a closed headphone, I would go with either the LCD-X or LCD-3. But if you need a closed can, the XCs are a great choice. 
 I have done a similar comparison (it's on the PS1000 thread) and came to the same conclusion as you. 
So I'm listening to Live in Berlin (Depeche Mode...Christmas gift from a good friend) and holy moly does this sound outstanding through the LCD-X. The bass is so visceral, fast and detailed...the mids luxurious and the treble extended and smooth. It's like it's 1989 again and I'm back at a high school dance. Personal Jesus sounds as good as it ever has!  
  (Merry Christmas Tyll!)
 Call me skeptical...but I've heard the same thing about the HD800s and I've heard them from 6000 - 22 000 (serial numbers) and they all sounded the same.   
^ Yep...had the same thing happen with an amp I no longer own...changed the fuse and I was back in business. I'd try that before sending it back.
Think TH900s, just not as good. Not too far behind, but the bass doesn't go as deep, nor is as controlled. And the soundstaging seems a bit wider and more coherent on the TH900s. 
I wouldn't say thicker (maybe they are a touch), but not recessed "V" like as they are on both the TH900/600.
If you like sparkly highs, then the TH-600s would be the way to go (I own the TH-900s). But the Z7s have more "natural" overall sound and the mids on the Z7 are better to my ears. The TH-900s have better bass and soundstaging. 
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