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I've owned both and the new GS-X Mk2 is totally worth the upgrade IMO. The GS-1 is still one heck of an amp and if was still being offered, it would be one of my top recommendations for the $1k ish price range.
LOL, good point. Good thing I've got 2 pairs of old pads then. 
 I think the T51p would be the better choice for a portable headphone. The most portable though goes to the V-Moda XS...they're the smallest headphones this side of IEMs (and they sound pretty good too). If they only isolated better...
I think its ok...not the greatest. My big issue is the simple fabric bag that comes with it. Hardly protective IMO. I did buy a third party storage case that worked reasonably well.
Thanks for your thoughts!
Cool. How do they sound?
For the record, I found zero differences in the pads between those that came on the PS1000e and PS1000...they were identical in look, size. I even have an older pair of bagel pads here (for back ups) and side by side, I can't tell the difference? Just my data points here in Toronto. 
 They are that big? I still want to hear them though...but alas, I think you're right on their lack of portability.
My vote is for the beyer T51p...they sound the best of the three here and actually isolate very, very well! Plus they're the most comfortable. The XS are by far the most "portable" when all packed up.
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