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Sorry, but I think you missed my point completely. Power source technology hasn't been revolutionized in the past three years. The TT was designed to offer a destop unit to fill a void that the Hugo left. The DAVE is a no holds barred product that as mentioned costs as much as a base Honda CRV. Comparing portions of these two doesn't compute for me.
And it costs as much as a Honda CRV base unit. Completely different.
But he did use tBut he did use them for the TT because of that. I did converse with Chord over the TT quite a bit when I wrote my review last year FWIW.The Dave is a no holds barred product and a completely different DAC.Just for clarification I wasn't referring to you in my initial post. Not sure if you thought I was?
Read page three of the review I posted...the superior batteries make a difference as well with regards to the power on tap. Matches my experiences as well. It's certainly not just features...I was never in love with the Hugo's sound, and my wallet wanted me to feel the same way about the review TT I had, but it certainly passed the put your $ where your mouth is test and I ended up buying the review unit.
 The one thing with the GS-X Mk2 is really dependent on upstream gear as I've found it a chameleon of an amplifier that passes along what's coming into it. But unless you're thinking of getting some more power hungry orthos, I wouldn't really bother as the Utopias are very efficient and sound just brilliant from my Hugo TT alone. 
Don't bother...its been explained to him several times why there's a big difference both technically and sonically by myself, others (and Rob Watts too). I strongly suggest a listen before anyone makes such comments.BTW, here's a great review from Chris Marten's on the TT:http://www.hifiplus.com/articles/chord-hugo-tt-tabletop-dacheadphone-amplifier/
 The GS-X Mk2 offers fully extended treble with likely the best transparency I've come across (and I've heard a lot of amps over the years). The Utopia's treble is among the very best I've heard and this pairing is just brilliant to my ears. Transparent headphones + transparent amplifier =  http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/HeadAmpGSXmk2.pdf + http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/worlds-best-headphone-focal-utopia-measurements#K8fTc1y3Mjtpg4Gh.97
I've reviewed both the initial version and the newer 200ohm version and love the LCD-4's treble played from my GS-X Mk2 (works great for the Utopias as well!).
Where's that photo of Charlton Heston saying "Over my dead body"? 
 They have completely dethroned my HD800S (which very quickly dethroned my HD800...now sold) and they did this within only a day or two. They are not a mistress...they are the hotter and nicer upgrade wife! 
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