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 Lol, hard to say, I'd definitely put the SR-009s first and the remaining four (in no particular order) are the SR-007Mk1, LCD-X, HD800s and of course the Layla's.
 The Roxanne's are awesome. I came really close to picking up a pair last fall. Glad I waited, the Layla's are a game changer IMO.
I really, really like the HE-560s, but I'd take the LCD-X's over them any day. I find they are just more natural (with better bass and detail). 
 Sorry I haven't. 
I'm listening to the open EL-8s tonight and some Van Morrison and I am thoroughly impressed by them. I'm thinking like a baby-LCD-X in terms of sound signature. More reference / neutral than warm. But still very engaging and musical with that killer Audeze bass. Comfort is likely the best of any Audeze headphone I've heard and for under $900, I can't recommend a better headphone.
 I would go further and put the Layla's in my top 5 headphones of all-time (regardless if they are IEMs ).
 Congrats! I'm listening to them now for my review and I can't think of any headphone in the sub $800 price category that I would recommend over these headphones!
 Thanks! Its in the scoring section for "Imaging"...that refers to sound staging ability. It's one of the widest and deepest I've reviewed here.  Others are more than welcome to chime in too!
 Lol, I'll see what I can do. 
 I'm pretty sure I addressed that in my review.  You might want to swing by the first post. But if you're looking for a more thorough review, I am working on one for both for 
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