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 The person you quoted mentioned detail retrieval and tonal balance and I thought you were referring to both. Thanks for clarifying.
Why? The Utopias are clearly better at detail extraction to my ears than the HD800/HD800S (and so are the HE1000V2s for that matter). But no doubt the Sennheisers are the "leanest" sounding of the bunch!
 Personally I find the extremely small form factor, light weight, incredible isolation and all with 8 drivers per ear piece quite an engineering accomplishment! (This is from a  professional engineer with 20+ years in the electronics manufacturing realm).
 Try some Canadian Brass...really good stuff in classical brass!
 Sorry man, but brass kicks ***** (says the 36 year long trumpet player)! Miles Davis, Dizzy, Satchmo, etc... 
 I owned them for quite a while several years ago. Great headphones, but dang, they needed a lot of powa!
Congrats to the Empire Ears team! As I mentioned, these are the best IEMs I've had in my ears and are the most tonally accurate I've heard this side of Focal's Utopias. Simply amazing! It was a pleasure to experience them! 
 Much easier! The HE-6s really needed a speaker amp to really hit their stride. The LCD-4's do not need speaker amps, nor would I recommend them with these headphones.
 No plans whatsover.  Plus I own the SR-007Mk1's and love them as well (though they don't get the listening time they deserve with my SR-009s in house). That said, I'm listening to my Utopias right now and these headphones aren't going anywhere either! 
 I'd definitely add the LCD-4 with the HE-6 in terms of needed a powerful external amplifier from a Chord DAC. Then there's the issue with electro-static headphones. 
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