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Here are my thoughts, plus several other headphones that would meet your needs.
Cool...I may have to pick up a pair one day. Thanks!
 Have you heard one? I haven't yet.
Unless you count the limited edition Bushmills Grado :
You realize that there is a F/S forum right? 
I found the P7s had an edge over the HP50s and then Momentums.
I am tempted to give them a go...might order them next week. I shall report back if I do. Great deal on the L2s...let us know what you think. 
If you're looking at approximately $1k, I'd strongly recommend the WA2. With the T1s, that was a great combination!
 I'm simply stating my thoughts after owning both for several years. The T1's go quite deep as I mentioned, but my subjective experiences and objective measurements did disagree with your post. I think the T1s are great headphones, but as I mentioned, I vastly preferred the LCD-2s.
I really like the way they look. 
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