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Wow...and the L3000 was the biggest TOTL headphone I've had. Just goes to show, listen first as YMMV. FWIW, I own both the PS1000e and TH900 and really enjoy both; but I end up reaching for my PS1000e's more often.
  No doubt personal tastes come into play here. But my review still had them quite high overall and 8th in sound quality. If you're looking for a great pair of closed headphones for on the go (and you don't require ANC) that sound great, I strongly recommend you check out the new Momentum 2 over-ears.
 You know, I think the Layla's give the HD800s a good run for their money in overall sound.
 BTW, the resale value of custom IEMs?  Just something to consider. Plus, I find the universal Laylas very comfortable as they are...even more so than the Shure SE535s (which were my most comfortable IEMs).
So after some A-Bing with my Fostex TH-900s, I can safely say that while the TH900s have the best soundstaging of any closed headphones I've heard, they are beat by the Laylas. Not only in size, but precision and instrumental separation.    Never thought I'd say that about an IEM vs. a full sized TOTL closed headphone.
Hate to chime in here, but I think the QC25s are great sounding headphones and I ranked them fairly high in my comparative thread here:   Tyll at innerfidelity liked them well enough that he put them on his Wall of Fame. His measurements support exactly what I'm hearing too with bass that goes down to 20Hz with barely any roll...
The stock cable on the Layla is seriously good and very well built. I wouldn't worry about an aftermarket cable for it in anyway.
There is something wrong with your QC25s...sonically they (QC25s) are a bit better than the QC15s...and the NC is a bigger step up.
Sorry I've been a bit late on the on-ear review of the Momentum 2s, but things have been really crazy recently and I've got my in-laws staying with me this weekend. I should have it up next week. But a quick preview, I found the over-ear Momentum 2s a revolution over the previous version and the on-ears are more of an "evolution", but improved nonetheless.
 In the $350 price range...Q701 or HD600s for open and the Momentum 2s for closed.
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