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They sound sublime on the GS-X Mk2. I haven't heard them on a Taurus yet.
Lol, working on it! But imho these are the real deal
Actually, I'd say this is a rather large understatement.
It's not that I prefer the Z7s, but I've finally come to realize with closed headphones you're always making compromises. As I rarely need that much isolation in my main setup, I've settled on the more affordable Z7s.
 The list I put in my previous statement kinda is how I'd rate them.   Don't get me wrong I really like the newer slightly more balanced PS1000e (especially with 70's rock), but the HE1000s are a really, really special!
While the price point doesn't make these the "every man headphone" (their biggest downside IMO), they are the closest to stat-like agility I've come across in a non-stat headphone. I've had my production pair now for a few weeks and while I don't see them knocking my SR-009s off the top, they are nestled in safely at #2 (ahead of my SR-007Mk1, LCD-X, HD800, PS1000e) in my collection. They are incredibly agile, quick, transparent and have me reaching for them quite often...
 I agree that the TH900s had recessed mids, but they weren't as bad as the D7000. I really liked the W3000s when I owned, but found their mids a bit on the honky side (and too forward). Something in-between would have been perfect. Currently the Sony Z7s are my closed headphone (I don't need closed headphones as often as I used to).
^ This
Lol, have a look at my profile. This isn't my first rodeo.   Have you?  
There is definitely something that isn't right. I found their bass incredibly well controlled, dynamic and balanced. 
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