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With Grado, who knows? 
 I bought mine at the Bose Store...but pricing looks pretty much the same regardless of where you buy them.
 That's some pretty crappy customer service. They obviously underboxed it...when I sell gear, I always double box it with tonnes of extra cushioning. I would contact your credit card company...there should be insurance there or they can reverse charges?
No finger prints? The shiny ones are magnets for them. 
 If only the over-ear Momentums had better treble extension. But throw in the much smaller case of the QC25s, superior NC ability and comfort; for travel, I'd go with the QC25s.
 I actually find the bass control on both the on-ears and over-ears a bit on the flabby side of things...but considering the price range, I can live with that.
 LOL, I think I'll keep mine. 
 I certainly did...I didn't find them "tizzy", but I agree that the T51p's were more natural sounding. I do like the beyers better, but at $114, hard to beat the value of MOE's.
 Bestbuy had the blue ones on for $ was too good a deal to pass up! 
If anyone is interested, I just updated my original listing to include the Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear headphones:   If you can snag them at their recent sale price of $120 or less, simply outstanding value for these great headphones!
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