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Lol, Justin to the rescue!!!
 A great deal indeed. BBR is one of the most well known hifi stores in the GTA. Congrats!
Thanks! Looking forward to your impressions when you get it back.
Remember, it wasn't just about the sound, but also portability, comfort and noise isolation. Sound wise, they're quite strong, but they do fall behind in the other categories. 
I'm curious to hear what the results will be? Just a quick question, how much does this modification cost?
 If you think the Shure house sound is too forward, stay far, far away from Etymotic IEMs.
   Actually I think the SE535s were a better representation of that. 
 I'm pretty stoked to finally get to hear them.  
Good news, the good folks at Oppo are sending me a review loaner of the PM-3. Really looking forward to finally hearing this highly regarded headphone and adding it to my listing. 
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