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Great review man! Really enjoyed it. Hopefully I can get to them tomorrow for some more listening. 
Good to hear! All's well that ends well!
 The SR-007Mk1's sound very natural, fast and clean with a slight tendency to the darker side of neutral (when properly amped). When the amping is insufficient, they can come off as overly dark and a bit on the slow side (I think that's because the bass is less responsive). The SR-009s, can extract every last detail in a recording like to other headphone and still sound very musical and not clinical. The imaging is also better on the SR-009s to my ears in my setup. But as...
^ Thanks    Here's a great '80s rock album: Reckless by Bryan Adams!
Not sure how many hours the previous owner had on them. I'll ask...thanks.
   We shall far I like what I'm hearing (The Rolling Stones: Bridges to Babylon). 
 I find that especially with Pink Floyd, each album is an entire work of art like a painting and I can't just pick and choose songs into a play list.   That said, I'm impressed that someone in the 10th grade would have such amazing taste in music! 
Well today I picked up a pair locally on is typical Sony; which is to say excellent!   Listened to them at work a bit through my AK100II and now with my main rig (CDP - Metrum Hex - GS-X Mk2) and they are quite nice. Laid back and warm without the mush that can accompany them. Comfort is top shelf. More to come...(but so far so good).
 I've had my SR-007 Mk1s for almost a year now and really love what they can do. They truly shine as some of the very best headphones I've heard. But in the end, the SR-009s are just a cut above to my ears. While I haven't heard the SR-007Mk1's on a BHSE (I own both the KGSSHV and LL2 and both sound truly excellent with both headphones), I have heard them on my friend's DIY T2. In the end though, the solution was quite simple....both. 
Sure they are: and Sennheiser Europe: and Sennheiser Canada:
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