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Lol, still haven't figured that one out.
I'd suggest you give the AKT5p's a try, a good improvement over the T5p's and imo one of the best full sized closed headphones I've tried.
I still own my QC25s and use them all the time for travel!
While I can never see the Layla's replacing my SR-009s, I can definitely understand how they could replace my hd800s.
Depends what you're looking for?! For noise isolation especially when on a plane, the QC25 for sure. But for all other times, I prefer the M2s!
 That's a good thing....they are reference level IEMs...if you're finding yourself board, then I suggest better music! Plus, I keep the bass at around 12 o'clock...just perfect for my ears.
 Cool...thanks for your impressions!
 The HD800s are brighter sounding headphones...the GS-X Mk2 will not make them warm and mushy. But they do sound spectacularly together to my ears; but we can't forget about the DAC/Source too.
Based on wear the "rubber hits the road" ears and listening experiences. 
Exactly my thoughts too. With the bass set to minimum the Layla's are as dead neutral as I've heard. Any "less warm", they'd be on the cold/bright side of neutral.My source amp/DAC is primarily the AK100II, but I've had similar results from my GD-X Mk2 / Metrum Hex.
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