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 Exactly. I'm 42 and I can still hear to about 18.5kHz in both ears...take care of your ears and they'll take care of you.  
So the K545s (thanks again dweaver) are also in house...the backlog begins to grow. So Monster DNA on-ears, beyerdynamic T51p, Music Fidelity MF-100 and AKG K545s. If it weren't for this really bad cold (and head cold) plus the Raptor playoff game tonight I would be starting now instead of procrastinating until tomorrow. I'll report back with some impressions...
Great photos...I gotta say I'm very impressed with the T51p / A200p combination...simply one of the very best portable setups I've heard.
Thanks for the heads up! Hopefully they'll be ok. But for the purposes of this loaner, I'll do my critical listening without my Buddy Holly replica glasses.  
 That's not very heartening....I need my glasses to read (my preferred hobby when I listen to music)...that was a big drawback of the DT1350s for me. Hopefully these turn out better. 
Had the DT1350s sounded more consistently, I would have put them ahead of the Monster 2013 Studios (which aren't that bad actually). Good news is that I got to hear 4 pair of T51p and they all sounded pretty much the same....and way more comfortable with improved sonics. I am very impressed so far. Thanks!
Really good to would be great to pair this with my last 30pin iDevice (iPod Classic). Thanks for the update!
The sound quality of the DT1350s I owned was very good actually. But since hearing another 3 pairs, none really sounded like mine (or each other for that matter). So I had to temper my scoring as a result. The comfort was pure torture for me if I wore glasses (which is 90% of my waking hours)...another reason I had to ding them for overall scoring. On the subject of beyerdynamics, I just picked up a pair of T51p's and holy moly...what an improvement (sonically and with...
Thanks Birgir....kinda what I expected. Interesting, I didn't realize that the 450V version could go as high as 14mA (mine is set to 9-10mA). 
Interesting...thanks for your thoughts!
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