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   Because I don't have endless funds to buy every headphone under the sun.  That said, the M50 is a fine headphone, but not portable IMO as mentioned.
Depends which German retailer we're talking about. 
   Agreed! My updated LCD-4 review will have my thoughts between the original and newer 200 ohm versions...should be out in 3 weeks or so. 
Using my pair with my Chord Mojo and what I'm hearing is seriously impressive for a small portable setup...competes with many of my desktop setups quite well!
What amp/DAC/source are you using? Just curious.
 I've been an Apple guy since my dad bought me an Apple IIc.  (I know...I'm old). But as you said, the SINE are especially alluring with the Lightning Cipher cable through my iPhone 6 or iPad Pro.  The HD800/HD800S is several leagues ahead of all the headphones in this listing with regards to sound quality (that said, on the right upstream rig built around them). As great as many of these headphones are (and boy are they), the HD800S, HE1000, LCD-4, SR-009, etc... just are...
Agreed completely. In a side by side as much as I liked the Bifrost, the Mojo just seemed to pull the music out a bit more realistically and squeezed a bit more details from the recording. While small, the Mojo is one little impressive unit. Using it right now with my HE Edition X and just love what I'm hearing. Works very well for a small setup for the H800S as well, packs quite the punch!
 Thanks for the kind feedback.  With regards to the HD800s, they would score pretty low on "portability".  Just a bit too different to really say. As with the PM-1s (also a bit on the largish side), I really only have limited experiences with them to really say too much. Cheers!
The Mojo is a fantastic DAC...one of the best I've used under $700 and I do prefer it to the Bifrost (either version) FWIW.
New Posts  All Forums: