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 I find the treble quite good actually and extended. I would play around with the eartips...they can have quite the effect.
 Lol, I'm still using my launch date PS3 from 2005. I've kept it as it is a brilliant SACD player and can output SACD digitally via HDMI into my home theatre receiver. Pretty much every Sony product I've bought has just lasted and lasted.
I haven't...but the Z1R's aren't that hard to drive and for a DAP under $500, this would be my #1 recommendation. I'm sure if you asked Drew, he can easily make a Silver Dragon adapter too (I have the SD V3 version).
Both were brilliant! The advantage of the OD300 was that it paired with the HD800S and HE1000s so much better.
 That's exactly what I have with my Utopias...a balanced Silver Dragon + TRS adapter. Can use it out of my GS-X Mk2 balanced or straight out of the DAC3 HGC with the TRS adapter. Covers all your bases.
 I'd strongly suggest the Cayin i5...just brilliant!
 The HE1000 V2 has indeed improved  in the mids and has added back the dynamics and punch that I felt the V1 needed.  Actually my SR-009s get plenty of head time...owned them for about 4.5 years now and they still amaze me!
Thanks! I love these IEMs! Very impressive indeed!
I did review it a while back...brilliant amp. You can find my review in the link in my signature.
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