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 You should be quite impressed with the improvements.
Considering there was between the QC2 and QC15s, I'd say yes!
 I call that part of the Grado "charm".  Even my PS1000e's aren't perfect, but they're fine in the end.
Yes! The Woo WEE is fine as a short term stop gap, but hardly a "long term" solution IMO.
That's likely the copper big problem really as it is only on the surface.
In case anyone is interested, here are my thoughts of the T51p/A200p combination:
In case anyone is interested in my in depth review of these most excellent on-ears:
In case anyone is interested in a more in depth review of the T51p/A200p combo:
That's with the fazor...I haven't heard the LCD-3F. But on the LCD-X, its still very flat.
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