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Between the NAD M51 and DAC2HGC, I'd go with the NAD DAC. The DAC2 suffers from the Sabre upper mids shoutiness to my ears. 
 I'd love to hear that Stratus with the HD800s. 
 ^ This too.
I love the HD800s (so you're set there), but I haven't heard the Sennheiser amp so it's hard to comment much. A good friend (Frank I) liked it very much though. I might however look into your DAC situation sometime in the future.  But the Benchmark DAC1 is still very respectable IMO.
 Personally once on my head, I can't tell the LCD-3/X/2 apart in terms of fit/comfort.
Just let me know. :)
 Just noticed you're in Toronto're welcome to swing by sometime. 
Sorry mate...but having all three here have lead me to my conclusions. I gotta admit after hearing the Stax headphones at meets I wasn't very enthralled. But after I got them home and had many months to get to know them (and get appropriate upfront gear) and compare them with the HD800s, I've come to that conclusion. But again, not to take anything away from the HD800s as they are in my top 4 of all time (with the LCD-X). Your setup is certainly endgame IMHO.
They do...quite a bit more actually. The SRH1540s are more sit-down full sized headphones IMO. Wow, those prices are highway robbery!
Wait, you let her in the car on the way home? I'd have left her in the bush.  You did nothing wrong...she has "issues". Time for a new friend IMO.
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