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 I'm sure there could be...but the differences in models are fairly minimal with the Apple TV. 
I think just the Apple remote works. Not an issue for me...I'm an Apple guy...iMac, Apple TV, iPad (x2), iPhone 6, iPod Classic, etc... My first "good" home computer was the IIc...I know...I'm old. Good time to pick up an Apple TV? 
Just my two cents on the Momentum 2 over ears:   On ears are next on the schedule.
 Good question? Still nothing on the iriverstore site.
^ Awesome write up Frank! Looks like you're enjoying the LAu as much as I'm enjoying my Liquid Lightning 2!
 Hey congrats! That's pretty much in line with my experiences as well.   Thanks!
The Oppos are very intriguing. Is there a price point yet? For me, right now of everything I've heard, the M2s are a no brainer if you're looking for great closed headphones that isolate very well, are comfortable, portable and enjoyed the sound of the originals (but wanted more treble presence and better sound staging). 
 I don't think that would be fair as I consider the Z7 a desktop pair of headphones and they cost quite a bit more than the M2s. I would not take the Z7s with me out of my house.
 I've got the Layla's here for a review...I am very impressed with them so far! They sound bigger than many full sized headphones I've heard and the transparency is incredible!
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