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 You know where I stand on the PS1000e over the PS1000...but seriously, the RS1 over the RS1i? I'd take the latter any day of the week (never mind, come to think of it, its for the same reasons as the PS1000e...less mid-bass hump and slightly more "natural" treble). So in writing my response, I've answered my own question....lol.  At least we can agree on the initial release of the RS1e (with the driver housing pultruding from the wood ear-cups). 
 I think you'll be very happy with your incoming T1.2...just listened again to them tonight and they are more than a "refined" T1 IMO. Smoother treble (a very good thing), a tad more down low and the imaging has been improved front-to-back and left-to-right.
...one final quick update...the imaging is particularly impressive. The original T1s had incredible depth, but the L to R was a bit on the "average" size...the Version 2s have kicked things up a notch in this department. 
 I can agree that if the amplifier isn't up to snuff, the HE1000s can come off as a bit "too relaxed", but man o' man, on my GS-X Mk2, they are the best headphones I've heard this side of the Stax SR-009s.
  <-- Me right now. 
 Welcome back Nick! Looking forward to your impressions! The GS-X MK2 has been my endgame amp for quite a while now...the LCD-4s look VERY intriguing too!
Just settling down with the review pair of T1 V2s and so far I like what I'm hearing. Very reminiscent of the original versions, but a bit more full sounding with a bit more down low and a little troublesome treble up top. I owned the original pair back in january of 2010 (I actually owned the first pair in Canada) and had them for a number of years and enjoyed them very much. But some nice improvements on the V2 for sure. More to come...
 Both headphones have detachable cables...I would stick with the stock cables personally.
 ^^ LOL, I was thinking the exact same thing. 
^^ Insert Pulp Fiction reference here. 
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