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 I see nothing crazy there Rob.  (but consider it's coming from me). Glad you're sticking're definitely one of the good guys around here. 
The Hugo isn't a balanced DAC, so I'd look for another source.
 Thanks. I just added the "e" to make the list up to date. I didn't add the GS1000e, just jump to the PS1000e and be done with it I say. 
Cool...thanks for the update. I find the T51p's have as much bass as I'd like. I wonder how the Solo2's would compare to the Monster DNAs (on-ears)? I have them here and I need to set aside some time to add them to the listing.
Having owned the SR125s, they're pretty good, but my personal "sweet spots" are the SR80e - SR225e - RS1e/PS500e - PS1000e
 I haven't heard the Chord Hugo, sorry. Glad you're enjoying the combo!
What setup are you using? Of all the Grado's I've owned through the years (SR60/80/125/225i/325i/RS-1/RS1i/PS500/HF-2/PS1000/ I've owned a lot of Grado headphones ), I find that the PS1000/PS1000e's are most "receptive" to upstream amping/dacs/source.
I found the opposite with the T51ps, could be that I primarily use them with the A200p. Of all the headphones in this listing, I find that they benefit most from external amping.
Didn't you hear the Beats were happening?
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