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 Thanks...they are very good headphones and very comfortable too.  In other news, looks like the PM-3s will be here around mid-week. Looking forward to finally giving them a try!
 Cool...thanks man for the feedback. if the MHP1000s are even more open than the AKT5ps, that's pretty impressive for a closed headphone!
 While I think the TH-900s are a better overall headphone, the mids (and treble) are better on the Z7s to my ears.
 ^ I agree with this.  Pretty much sums up my experiences too.
 Very interesting...that's what I've been calling the AKT5p's (also made by beyer). Wonder how they both compare?
 I'd definitely keep the Z7s in that mix too. 
 Great photo and impressions! I've got a loaner pair coming in for a quick review for my Portable Headphone Comparative Thread this week...really looking forward to finally giving them a try!
^ I'm quite sensitive to thin and shouty...and when I tried my AK240SS as a DAC/source I've found it as usual: awesome with great fullness and resolution. Could be your amp? music? 
HE1000/GS-X Mk2 + In Through the Out Door (new remaster) - simply awesome!!!
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