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 I certainly wouldn't say the 325s (any version) had more higher frequency details...just more higher frequency...too much IMO as these are my least favourite Grados (along with sadly the RS1e). But this is for opposite reasons...one has too much up top, and the other much too little.
Not harsh per say...but more sizzly...ended up making the PS1000's mids a bit more recessed than on the "e" version.  My GS-X Mk2 has been the best "microscope" into a headphone's sound that I've come across by a good margin...so it could very well end up being our upfront gear? Looks like we both agree on the differences being pretty small....unlike the RS1e and RS1i. 
 Damn this hobby! 
 As I mentioned, they are still voiced very closely with some "refinements" on the "e" version...that's all. So I guess my answer is: no.
 If by "mellow" you mean less treble stridency? Then I agree with that...but to my ears, the differences between the PS1000 and PS1000e were quite small...they both sound like Grado's and have that great "attack" we've come to enjoy!
Lol, sorry I couldn't resist. With regards to the M500s, if they isolated more and leaked less, they would have been higher. But I really did enjoy their balanced sound.
 Update #2 in my original listing. 
 It depends...if I'm listening to 192 or DSD, about 4-5 hours...if I'm listening to MP3s or Lossless, then about 7-8 hours (with WiFi off).
 That's most likely it. I haven't noticed any change in battery life. I always recommend to leave WiFi off when you're not using it. It can really drain a battery (cell phones as well).
 They are quite good IMO and punch well above their weight class! Thanks!
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