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Hope you're enjoying the T1s! Wow...California's a long way from home. 
I think the P7s still have tighter bass, but are far less portable. The T51p's are better "portable" headphones for on the go. If you're looking for just sound, I like the P7s by a hair.
I've used a few vintage Pioneer speaker amps too, but the best was the Krell. But still not enough for me to re buy them. But then again, the last thing I need is another pair of headphones and a speaker amp.
I would say that the LCD-2s easily trounced the D7000s, GS1000s and bested the HE500s (though the differences was much closer)...and they often got the most amount of my head time when I owned them. YMMV and by the looks of it, it certainly does. :)
Not true. I've tried McIntosh to Krell (with a few more) speaker amps (think plenty of juice/current/voltage ). And amping doesn't change headphones from ok to wowza.  They can improve performance, but do not make headphones sound like a completely different pair. I think the HE-6s are fine headphones don't get me wrong...
I thought the bass on the HE-6s wasn't their strongest point.
IMHO I thought the LCD-2s are one of the very best headphones around. And as orthos go, more comfortable than the he-6/500s.
On your head, the HE-500s and HE-6s are virtually identical with regards to weight and comfort.The TH900s are however very light and can be used for hours without any sign of discomfort.
I'd like to hear the new version of that headphone. I've had a lot of experience with the hd25-II.
Actually for my noggin it's the other way around. The HE-6s are quite poor in the comfort environment; while I can listen to Audeze headphones for hours on end.You do realize this isn't the HE-6 thread? FWIW, I've owned both headphones for over a year, but I still own the TH900s.
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