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Great...that's good to hear that Sony finally got BT right!
If that's the case, then I think you'd like the H6s. It didn't drop out? The Ultimate Ears UE9000s had that issue from time to time when running blue tooth.
Sorry, but they keep us honest and from fooling ourselves. Here's a perfect example: Our senses aren't infallible...far from it. And sorry, but I hear the LCD-X as they measure too.  
The MDR-10RNC are on my listing. 
 Sorry, I don't understand the "taming" the bass comments. If you look at their measurements, they are dead flat (almost) from 1kHz down to 20Hz and the square wave plots are some of the best I've seen. So that would strongly indicate what you're hearing is on the recording; unlike what some other headphones would have you believe. With regards to the mid-treble, again, the FR response shows it is pushed back and not elevated like say the HD800s...but many poor recordings...
But then you're not comparing apples to apples. The LCD-X and HD800s (both better headphones IMO...and measure better as well) can also be modded. It's like only the HE-6s can have this so called "advantage" and others can't? Sorry, but they all can. And one person's mods may not relate to someone else's as the materials, process and people are all different.
If I'm paying $1k for headphones, I don't expect that I need to mod them. 
The H6 does sound better to my ears; though some may find it a bit on the bass lite side of things. 
I see....but the new II series is a complete revamp...and without direct A-B comparisons, I think it's just conjecture at best.
Have you heard both side by side? Do you realize that with DAC changes, older much more expensive gear often times sounds worse than cheaper gear with the latest chipset? That's the biggest reason why DACs don't hold their value like say amplifiers or speakers.
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