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I just need a couple. where or who can I get them from without paying out my nose? *frustrated*
here was my first post...and what started it all....of course, I'm mainly a lurker here :P it all started with a sansa clip.
from all your recommendations it seems like the more money you spend the better product you get.
Pics are coming. Well used with accompanying wear but in full working condition. 4Gb microdrive in a 1.8" adapter. headphone output works as usual and the dock is internally capped so all you need is a LOD. (You'll need a headphone amp) Because of the nature of this project, it is sold as-is. Of course, as I'm typing, it works great! $160 shipped and paypaled. Here was my post detailing my experience with this mod.
I inherited this from a friend. I used it's optical output and it's DAC for a while. Drives two simultaneously headphones quite nicely. $210 shipped and paypaled M-Audio FireWire 410 4-In / 10-Out FireWire Mobile Recording Interface: Musical Instruments Product Description M-AUDIO FireWire 410 is a FireWire ( IEEE-1394 ) compatible Audio / MIDI interface that has it all --- power, flexibility,...
γ1 - Modular Miniature DAC Full configuration build. All you can eat inputs: Optical in SPDIF in USB in This thing is sick nice. One of my most used components. Unfortunately (for me, fortunate for you) I'm emptying out my audio gear, getting unloaded for a move. It was a fun build, I recommend you build it yourself rather than buying from me $200 shipped and paypaled. pics are coming. here is a blurb from their website: The γ1 Modular Miniature...
Used a few hours worth....while building my Mini³ haha. Great condition, like new in box. $21 paypal and shipped.
will do tonight when I get home from work
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