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For Sale: The Original Squeezebox (the version right after Logitech bought the brand from Slimdevices) comes with power supply and remote. Everything works fine, just well used.   40x2 Display Built in Wireless Optical Out   Willing to ship at your cost.
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Especially with foam tips, getting that perfect seal is an art and it takes time, only to be ruined by:   "Hey.....hey.... HEY!!...."   with painful hesitancy, you pull out one side of your in-ear monitor, awaiting the important dialogue to follow..  "What was the name of that youtube video?"   Apparently someone at Shure was just as much annoyed as I am in such situations and have included a Push-To-Hear unit on their top of the line IEM's.   I've always...
I know this is an OLD thread but I'm in UK and also looking for these... found some on amazon but they are white.   http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B006V4PK6S
Vocal Jazz Classical Bluegrass   London, UK
by the definition of "unique", how can something be "very unique"? (being used multiple times to describe H2+)
I'm in, thanks! enjoyed it.
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