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I know this is an OLD thread but I'm in UK and also looking for these... found some on amazon but they are white.   http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B006V4PK6S
Vocal Jazz Classical Bluegrass   London, UK
by the definition of "unique", how can something be "very unique"? (being used multiple times to describe H2+)
I'm in, thanks! enjoyed it.
no way...going to look into it now. I gotta say. the n900 looks dated, it's simply massive and clunky. plus a resistive touch screen in 2010? BUT, it just keeps impressing me. It's stably overclocked to 900mhz for the past year. I was out on vacation last week and sniffed and cracked a wep network in about an hour :)
well, I'm actually going to be in LA for over a month. All of july actually. so, if anyone is interested we could do it then.
I have tiny ear holes so if I were to buy a pack of sony hybrids, I'll have at least two unusable sets. If someone who has larger earholes would like to co-purchase say two packs, we could swap. I would keep the small and xtra smalls and you would give me your small and xtra smalls for my large and mediums.   Preferably this would take place locally.   Is this a silly idea? are tips available to purchase in a pack of one size?  
when you have it ipod headphone out -> e5 -> m50 , make sure your volume is maxed out on the iphone.   I think the gains of using the e5 with the m50 vs directly driving the m50 are marginal if even noticeable.
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