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strictly my opinion. DIYmod > Bantam DAC DIYmod - Bass is fuller, overall a warmer sound and the soundstage is noticeably wider Bantam - tight, very clean and balanced sound. Compared to the diymod ipod it sounds thin at times. One thing to note is that the bantam is setup with Nichicon UHN 1500uf 6.3v for the power cap and two Elna RFS Silmic II 47uf 6.3V caps for the output coupling caps. The generic 22uf 50v coupling caps in the ipod were cannibalized from an...
I'm pretty sure the bantam dac could drive some low impedance headphones couldn't it? With my KSC75's (60ohms) and my D1001 (32ohms) it starts distorting badly like it's overdriven at medium/high levels. You think some tweaks with the coupling capacitors could help? I currently have 47uf silmic ii's in there. btw, I posted my build on my blog
put it this way. When I have my D1001's on and someone walks up and wants to talk to me, I just pause my music. When someone walks up to me and TAPS me on the shoulder, I have to pull out at least one side of my NE-7m's (fill in any in ears here) to converse. For both of those, people won't hear your music but with the Grado's your surrounding friends will get a lo-fi sample of your enjoyment
Yay! I finished my Bantam DAC. I got a good scare soldering the SMD PCM2702 chip. The culprit was simply a bridge between two pins that I didn't catch. On it's maiden power up, the LED lit and the USB device drivers properly loaded audio. Upon running my finger over the circuit board, I found the 4.7v regulator was scorching hot! As the dreaded disappointment of failure settled in, I gave the...
I tried my D1001's and it just gets by...meaning you'll get ample volume but you can't turn it up and play any thing loudly. Pair it with a cheap Fiio and it'll work.
I finished my bantam today and have been listening to it for the past 3 hours. if you don't HAVE to have optical/spdif options, it's the way to fly. Cheap and great sound. I tried to drive my KSC75's with it directly and by half volume it wasn't able to handle. It really can't push anything...then I plugged in my Mini^3 and it began to sing.
Thanks Trav for getting this together. Being new to this whole scene I was planning to stay about an hour and ended spending 3 and half there, only to leave because of hunger. It was great meeting all of you and of course getting to experience all the different equipment everyone brought.
My posts keep getting the "needs to be moderated" because of the number of pictures so I will post some with fewer...and multiple posts. so the original posts may pop up later one the moderator approves....there will be duplicates.
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