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Friend gave me his se530's as the cables are fraying and I'll be trying my hand at recabling them. They still work great otherwise. He only had the large olives. Anyone with big ear holes able to give me a set of your small olives? I have all kinds of tips but the inner diameter of the shures are tiny and also very long. Nothing I have fits properly. I'm in London, Uk btw. Cheers! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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Netgear makes a powerline adapter set with built in airplay support (powerline adapters uses the home power line grid as your network grid)   The specific model is xaub2511   Just picked up one of these units and discovered that the DAC part of the airplay functionality is a USB cable. The cable had a bump in it which looked like a DAC cable so I took the cable and plugged it into my pc. Sure enough, it worked in my computer as a USB dac! So I then took my AMB Gamma...
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For Sale: The Original Squeezebox (the version right after Logitech bought the brand from Slimdevices) comes with power supply and remote. Everything works fine, just well used.   40x2 Display Built in Wireless Optical Out   Willing to ship at your cost.
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