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still for sale
anyone look into the chips on these? I believe it's an ALC272 chip. After looking through the datasheets, it has 2 SPDIF outs and also a pair of headphone amps designed to drive headphones without DC blocking capacitors. Looks cool. I'm thinking about pulling out these pins into 4 of the unused pins of the ethernet jack and making a custom dongle to output SPDIF and a custom headphone out. the datasheet is here at the bottom of the page: Realtek
Head Flexpoint Prestige Mid (93 sq in) Silent Partner E. Stringer
I love these things! I Built four of these bad boys; 2 for my friends and one for myself. This is the extra one. Black enclosure. High performance version. Includes 250mah NiMh 9v battery. $100 with battery, power supply and shipping inclusive. Get ready to rock your portable world. willing to ship to locations outside of the US at additional costs.
yup, it works fine for me.
Our ears in essence are surprisingly sensitive instruments. Sometimes even the temperature difference when wearing headphones can cause irritation
anyone order one? I'm eager to see how they fare.
I just dremeled it....very slowly with a small bit and carefully enlarging and rounding it out until things fit. it was time consuming. I sure wish I had a drill press. The sound out of these things rock. I'd describe it as clean and transparent...faithfully reproducing the source. I have the Fiio E5, don't laugh, and the mini makes it sound bad. still haven't made any decisions on labelling and as Juaquin mentioned, I'm leaning towards minimalism for now.
just FYI, I finished my build today and posted a small blurb on my blog. HERE thanks AMB labs for a fun project and an awesome product!
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