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Works wonderfully with my HD600 Even on the low gain setting I hover around 50-60% on the volume dial (Jazz / Classical)
quick initial impressions, compared to the O2+ODAC, with all effects off, it is just a bit warmer with an ever so slight emphasis in the bass. (tested with HD600 and TF10)   It's quite a swiss army knife functionally. Most products with this many functions require special software and drivers but creative has done VERY nicely allowing it to connect to virtually ANYTHING without custom drivers, but with the option of installing drivers for additional tweaking.   Well...
i got one in the end :)   so the answer is Yes, you can record using the internal mic in iOS though it is 16/44.1 and it is in MONO in fact even in windows/osx the mic array records in MONO. I couldn't get to record in stereo.   I have yet to test the Line in/Mic in with iOS
In pure analog in / analog out headphone amp mode, because of the ADC/DAC process, can anyone tell me how much lag is introduced? Thanks
Anyone tried recording on iOS devices yet?   Also, when used as a headphone amp, does it go through ADC and DAC conversion?
Question, can the e5 be used to record audio in iOS?   Can't find any review touching on this. I guess it's not a common function but I'm interested if I can use apps like fourtrack or garageband. If it does work, what's the max resolution? (hoping for 24/96, if so I'm sold)
Yes, true. I found a helpful article:   so  the question is, what bitrate does the DSP operate in?
hmm, if there isn't a way to bypass the ADC and the DAC and just use the unit as an AMP that would be minus a point in my books. More importantly, the fact that the volume is not analog would be a deal-breaker for me! That would mean that lowering the volume means reducing the dynamic range. Can someone confirm this? Suddenly it's looking less promising to me.
Does this thing work standalone, without being connected to a pc?   Without being connected to a PC, can I pipe audio into optical in/line in and enjoy the built in audio processing? can I still control with my smartphone?   Can it also be used as a standalone headphone amp, i.e. signal in, headphone out?
 This is why I love the HD600'sPhysically and sonically, they are my all day cans at the office.
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