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hmm, if there isn't a way to bypass the ADC and the DAC and just use the unit as an AMP that would be minus a point in my books. More importantly, the fact that the volume is not analog would be a deal-breaker for me! That would mean that lowering the volume means reducing the dynamic range. Can someone confirm this? Suddenly it's looking less promising to me.
Does this thing work standalone, without being connected to a pc?   Without being connected to a PC, can I pipe audio into optical in/line in and enjoy the built in audio processing? can I still control with my smartphone?   Can it also be used as a standalone headphone amp, i.e. signal in, headphone out?
 This is why I love the HD600'sPhysically and sonically, they are my all day cans at the office.
I use a powerline adapter that supports airplay via a usb DAC. It comes with a generic one but I replaced it with my wolfson based USB DAC and it works beatifully.   http://www.head-fi.org/t/690285/netgear-av200-powerline-adapter-with-airplay-support-add-your-own-usb-dac   I'm a paid spotify member and I use this to enjoy spotify on my hifi daily. sure works a treat
ditto to that. These aren't the most comfortable by far... for those with smaller orifices. It's unfortunate as they sound great and can be had for so little.
thanks! that would be awesome!   I found putting them upside down and having the wire go over the ear fits me much better than traditionally... at least that makes up for poor tip fitment
Friend gave me his se530's as the cables are fraying and I'll be trying my hand at recabling them. They still work great otherwise. He only had the large olives. Anyone with big ear holes able to give me a set of your small olives? I have all kinds of tips but the inner diameter of the shures are tiny and also very long. Nothing I have fits properly. I'm in London, Uk btw. Cheers! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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