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I have an odac+o2 as well as the e5 and use my HD600 on both. Can't hear a difference between the two honestly. It's more about convenience with the e5 really (multiple inputs at once, PC + Phone)   I take my e5 back and forth from the office and the other day I left it at home and my o2 ran out of batteries (don't have it on AC) so I was forced to use my onboard realtek. It was horrendous.
Thought I might share.   I love the ease of insertion of earbuds and their semi environment-aware noise blocking, especially in the office.  When the apple earpods came out was eager to like them but I found myself reaching more often for my old-old e808s that came with sony portable minidisc players back when some of you weren't even born.   These oldies are so cheap on ebay - - £2.99...
price drop
Have a new unopened silver/brown Sony MDR-1R and would like to trade it for a pair of Fostex T50RP's , preferably unmodded and in UK
Tried also with some sony earbuds in my work desk, MDR-E808 as well as a pair of Xiaomi Piston 2   Both of them distort also.. a bit less but it's audible.   Can someone confirm? maybe it's my ear that's messed up
I just plugged my HD600's into my iphone 5s and loaded this song on spotify...massive distortion
I have spotify premium and set to high quality and I've noticed quite a lot of distorting.   windows 8.1 -> spotify -> odac -> o2 -> hd600   For example:   right at 0:40 when Jack starts singing "I got you" and every time afterwards, I get distortion. At all volumes. I have turned down spotify, turned down system volume, etc. On my O2, it's on low gain (1x) and I hear the distortion with all my...
 Tried it again and it works now!Not sure what I did before but as was mentioned Crystal Voice MUST be off to get stereo, which makes sense.I found an app from Apogee called MetaRecorder which allows Stereo 96khz 24bit recording via lightning cable!! this is getting exciting!  The app is free if you record under 60 seconds. It costs $4.99 to unlock unlimited lengths.The only issue is that it doesn't allow switching the input from the internal mic (default) to any other...
 That was the first thing I tried.
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