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Especially with foam tips, getting that perfect seal is an art and it takes time, only to be ruined by:   "Hey.....hey.... HEY!!...."   with painful hesitancy, you pull out one side of your in-ear monitor, awaiting the important dialogue to follow..  "What was the name of that youtube video?"   Apparently someone at Shure was just as much annoyed as I am in such situations and have included a Push-To-Hear unit on their top of the line IEM's.   I've always...
I know this is an OLD thread but I'm in UK and also looking for these... found some on amazon but they are white.
Vocal Jazz Classical Bluegrass   London, UK
by the definition of "unique", how can something be "very unique"? (being used multiple times to describe H2+)
I'm in, thanks! enjoyed it.
no way...going to look into it now. I gotta say. the n900 looks dated, it's simply massive and clunky. plus a resistive touch screen in 2010? BUT, it just keeps impressing me. It's stably overclocked to 900mhz for the past year. I was out on vacation last week and sniffed and cracked a wep network in about an hour :)
well, I'm actually going to be in LA for over a month. All of july actually. so, if anyone is interested we could do it then.
I have tiny ear holes so if I were to buy a pack of sony hybrids, I'll have at least two unusable sets. If someone who has larger earholes would like to co-purchase say two packs, we could swap. I would keep the small and xtra smalls and you would give me your small and xtra smalls for my large and mediums.   Preferably this would take place locally.   Is this a silly idea? are tips available to purchase in a pack of one size?  
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