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GWS is an OEM manufacturer for Nite watches actually.   I Looked up BALL Watches - WAY COOL. Tritium watches typically are outdoorsy and look such but these are very classy! thanks for the pointer! Maybe they'll have a titanium run one day
In the process of looking for the perfect watch with   -Tritium -Sapphire crystal -Titanium   I temporarily settled for a GWS G10 PRO DIVER (in PVD black with green tritium and steel bracelet) which only has two of the three features   Love the simple layout. All the watches with my three criteria are too crazy looking for me...still waiting  
same here. In fact, connected to my work laptop (dell e5430) I walked to the other side of my office without issues, like 100ft away!
photo courtesy of   Looks like the left headphone jack is less distance from the headphone amp chip. Probably the better choice even though one probably couldn't distinguish the difference.   I guess while I'm at it, I'll post the other two photos from facebook, just for convenience.
- London England UK - HD600, MDR-R1, AHD1001 / SE530, TripleFis, X1, IE800 (TDK) - Odac, O2amp, Gamma1, Mini^3, SoundBlasterE5, SansaClip, iPhone5s, Nexus 7 2013, iPod 4g, (bypass mod), squeezebox, PC work, MAC home - None and would love to try one! - no formal reviews, just various posts in threads - difficult given my work hours, so no
I guess it's just me
Sorry to hijack the ongoing conversation but since we have DigitalRonyn's attention in this thread, please explain the microphone profiles shown in the e5 control app!
I'm still curious to know what the microphone profiles are. Creative?
    wow. brownie points to Creative! I'd say it's a massive move on their part for a huge corporation. I was just assuming there weren't going to be updates and to just live with the quirks.  I'm glad I'm wrong!
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