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    wow. brownie points to Creative! I'd say it's a massive move on their part for a huge corporation. I was just assuming there weren't going to be updates and to just live with the quirks.  I'm glad I'm wrong!
I have an odac+o2 as well as the e5 and use my HD600 on both. Can't hear a difference between the two honestly. It's more about convenience with the e5 really (multiple inputs at once, PC + Phone)   I take my e5 back and forth from the office and the other day I left it at home and my o2 ran out of batteries (don't have it on AC) so I was forced to use my onboard realtek. It was horrendous.
Thought I might share.   I love the ease of insertion of earbuds and their semi environment-aware noise blocking, especially in the office.  When the apple earpods came out was eager to like them but I found myself reaching more often for my old-old e808s that came with sony portable minidisc players back when some of you weren't even born.   These oldies are so cheap on ebay - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SONY-MDR-E808-Headphone-Earphone-Free-pouch-/261748049173 - £2.99...
price drop
Have a new unopened silver/brown Sony MDR-1R and would like to trade it for a pair of Fostex T50RP's , preferably unmodded and in UK
Tried also with some sony earbuds in my work desk, MDR-E808 as well as a pair of Xiaomi Piston 2   Both of them distort also.. a bit less but it's audible.   Can someone confirm? maybe it's my ear that's messed up
I just plugged my HD600's into my iphone 5s and loaded this song on spotify...massive distortion
I have spotify premium and set to high quality and I've noticed quite a lot of distorting.   windows 8.1 -> spotify -> odac -> o2 -> hd600   For example:   https://open.spotify.com/track/5WjDmjD39LsFCRRALhorjd   right at 0:40 when Jack starts singing "I got you" and every time afterwards, I get distortion. At all volumes. I have turned down spotify, turned down system volume, etc. On my O2, it's on low gain (1x) and I hear the distortion with all my...
New Posts  All Forums: