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badge me up :)   offtopic - why are you @warrenpchi from LA?
O my.   I found the same track in google play - https://play.google.com/store/music/album?id=Btflcfhrkciv2mwbncvjccxpr3a&tid=song-T4xpn4hfo7peezg2d3uslshydwm Track 7 - the preview falls right onto the skip!!   It seems like it's a flaw at the source!! - some red flags are being raised for the "audiophile" label - Nordic 2L !!
Can someone load up this song:   https://open.spotify.com/track/6KGH1OAYmRmwSP8Ny6zzAF   and tell me around 00:49 is there a skip?   If so, this is terrible.
someone explain the cd-rom cd player
@liamstrain : Nice! I like a simpler dial though.
GWS is an OEM manufacturer for Nite watches actually.   I Looked up BALL Watches - WAY COOL. Tritium watches typically are outdoorsy and look such but these are very classy! thanks for the pointer! Maybe they'll have a titanium run one day
In the process of looking for the perfect watch with   -Tritium -Sapphire crystal -Titanium   I temporarily settled for a GWS G10 PRO DIVER (in PVD black with green tritium and steel bracelet) which only has two of the three features   http://www.militarywatchshop.co.uk/watches/h3-gws-g10/gws-g10-pro-diver-black/   Love the simple layout. All the watches with my three criteria are too crazy looking for me...still waiting  
same here. In fact, connected to my work laptop (dell e5430) I walked to the other side of my office without issues, like 100ft away!
photo courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/SoundBlasterE5/photos/pcb.901273176591848/901272853258547/   Looks like the left headphone jack is less distance from the headphone amp chip. Probably the better choice even though one probably couldn't distinguish the difference.   I guess while I'm at it, I'll post the other two photos from facebook, just for convenience.
- London England UK - HD600, MDR-R1, AHD1001 / SE530, TripleFis, X1, IE800 (TDK) - Odac, O2amp, Gamma1, Mini^3, SoundBlasterE5, SansaClip, iPhone5s, Nexus 7 2013, iPod 4g, (bypass mod), squeezebox, PC work, MAC home - None and would love to try one! - no formal reviews, just various posts in threads - difficult given my work hours, so no
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