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new firmware release, 151105   All they say is:   What's New: Support What-U-Hear recording with external microphone Fixed connectivity issue with iOS 9 devices Bug fixes     KUDOS creative for continuing to support your devices with updates!
Just wanted to share my latest project.   Got a pair of XBA2's with a bad joint at the Y for incredibly cheap. Yesterday I re-cabled it with Apple EarPod cables and the sugru just dried up and they work great!   I had to use a hairdryer for a long time to loosen the glue. Be very careful as the entire housing starts getting really soft!   Once apart, it was good news that the entire system was closed and there was no venting. That meant I was free to do any mods I...
originally from Atlanta, USA, now in London UK   Throughout my life, I've always been attracted to audio gear. The technology behind it and the music that flows out of it.   My first ear-velation was when I put on earbuds for my gameboy classic, playing metroid II return of samus. It was stereo and it was A-m-a-z-i-n-g.   15 or so years later, my next moment of ear-piphany was sparked by a fire sale at Radioshack where the Koss KSC75 was going for around $5. In fact,...
badge me up :)   offtopic - why are you @warrenpchi from LA?
O my.   I found the same track in google play - Track 7 - the preview falls right onto the skip!!   It seems like it's a flaw at the source!! - some red flags are being raised for the "audiophile" label - Nordic 2L !!
Can someone load up this song:   and tell me around 00:49 is there a skip?   If so, this is terrible.
someone explain the cd-rom cd player
@liamstrain : Nice! I like a simpler dial though.
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