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Does anyone in London or nearby have an ultrasonic cleaner I can borrow? :)
You can see what I'm talking about with a screenshot of the iOS app. I have a pair of Shure SE530's that are super sensitive and will pick up hiss when bluetooth is unmuted and even a little when SPDIF is unmuted. (Even if the slider is all the way left, the hiss will be there until I mute the channel)
this may be obvious but just in case - did you turn down all the analog line in / microphone levels? (or mute them) also bluetooth levels as well as any other ones not being used can be turned down/muted as well.
joined today + first post = troll. Everything you reply after this is now discounted. You should get better headphones if your E5 sounds bad. There are countless number of better devices out there but I wouldn't say the E5 sounds bad.
not sure about the blacking out... as that could easily make it look terribly crappy if not done well as possibly rubbing off. SQ doesn't seem changed at all to my aged ears   good luck though! post back on how it goes!
Who built the dac and amp?
woot! Hope i can make this one!
cheaper than the G5!
 I'm getting quite the opposite experience from you. Which phones you using with it?What source are you comparing this with?What kind of music are you experiencing the sub par quality with?Have you turned off all inputs not being used (bluetooth, line-in/mic, optical in etc)?Turned off EQ and other effects?
I have a mk2 and it works wonderfully with the E5
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