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"Everything I say regarding the sound of gear is personal....:-)"   this is ********. everybody wants to hear the sound of the original recording. this way you can enjoy the authentic sound spectrum created by the artist. buying studio monitors are always something really special thing in life.   there are huge differences in focal sound and bowers sound. the more closer it sounds to the real recording the better the results. for me MM1 is amazing. XS book not bad...
and what about E18 kunlun ?
maybe I will pick E17 because of the bass controller.
portable would be more universal solution for me. i prefer to have the ability to "be portable". i heard a lots of great things about the Fiio E12.   what's the main difference between E12 vs E17 (in regards of an AKG K6xx / K7xx line) ? (only the amp section of course...)   are there any other portable amp in this size (or smaller) which are capable of 880mW (at 32Ohm) ? i mean that's an enormous power in the pockets...
for example ?
Grado iGi 59€ B&W C5 Titanium ...129€ Martin Logan Mikros90 ... 99€
Pro-Ject Juke Box player + amp colorway: RED   FOR SALE. DEMO UNIT   SPECIAL: with built-in amplifier easy to use, top notch PRO-JECT reliability   33/45rpm (78rpm optional) 415x365x405mm • Weight: 6.10kg • with Ortofon Alpha included
249€ Focal XS Book (silver colorway) in box (demo unit) FOR SALE 349€ Bowers & Wilkins MM1 in box (demo unit) FOR SALE
249€ Focal XS Book (silver colorway) in box (demo unit) FOR SALE 349€ Bowers & Wilkins MM1 in box (demo unit) FOR SALE  
i bought K612pro now. right now i don't have any amp ( only Fiio E6 - not the best option, i know )   could anybody help me out ? i have 50-150$.   i don't like buy used. is the sound better with tube amplification ?   Hifiman has a small tube amp...
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