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No problem. I am mainly curious about what difference to expect going from the old Solo to the current model (and Meier Concerto). Don't want to risk upgrading something I already like to something I may not like. Cheers!
Thanks for the reply, Miguel. Reading through this forum and Graham Slee's, there are mentions indeed about a comparatively anemic bass of the SRG to the SRGII. I'm curious if this issue applies only to the SRG as I certainly don't find the older Solo to be lacking in bass. In fact, I don't want any added bass as I think it would only bloat the sound. What about driving power? I use the insensitive K340 heavily so I want to make sure the newer Solo has at least the same...
Hi all, I am contemplating upgrading my GS Solo which I got in 2006. I can send it in for a factory upgrade to the SRGII (or wait a bit until the Ultra-Linear model is available). OTOH I am also intrigued by the Concerto (hoping it sounds nothing like the Headfive that I so hated and sold). I am really happy with my current Solo (have had it for 4 years now) but I'm also curious how much better (or different) the current Solo is and how it compares to its Meier...
Quote: Originally Posted by li0n I'd like to know if the headband gear is backward compatible with the new ones. Yes, you can. Attached is my vintage DT-880 on a modern DT-990 headband. This should also work with the vintage DT-990 as both use the same headband. Cheers!
Is this a 100-120V or 220-240V unit? Edit: NVM... did not see your postcode initially..which must mean this is a 100-120V unit.
I purchased an Electrocompaniet ECD-1 DAC from Charlie. Transaction was smooth, delivery prompt and item as described & securely packaged. Thanks!
4 pairs of K340s. Definitely pales in comparison to those 9 pairs of DT-48s you have.
Quote: Originally Posted by Steveydubs I had some problems with windows 7 as well. when i was running w7 in 32 bit ii had absolutely no problems at all on my sony vaio vgnz series laptop. When i installed the 64bit version on w7 the problems began. blue screen errors ,computer not booting with card in and not being able to record from the analog inputs in the patchbay the card drivers work properly but it seems to me like the patchbay only works when it...
Never quite got into Madonna; much prefer Celine Dion, particularly her "Falling Into You" album so Celine Dion it is for me.
Hello all, My Er-6i is currently out of commission so I am looking for a replacement IEM to pair directly with my Blackberry Bold 9700 phone. I'm looking to spend US$100-200 (open to used sets from the classified sections). Something with good detail-resolution, bass presence and (perhaps asking too much here) euphonic presentation like the K340 or HD-650 will be great. To describe where I'm coming from, I thought the Er-6i was OK-sounding: clear sound (not...
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