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I don't find the second season that much different to the first one. There is indeed a bit more comedy and, more importantly, plot twist, but it's still in the same vein as the first season. If you enjoyed the first season, I don't see why the second season should disappoint.   OTOH, I'm watching the relatively older "Fushigi Yuugi" and very impressed by the storyline. The romance parts may be a bit much (it's catered to female demographic) but the storyline on the whole...
I do wonder why the Head-F1 error was never fixed by this new batch.   Did they already produce this many back then, was production never informed of the error or did Grado decide they simply like it?
I purchased a pair of ATH-CK10 from Yunki. It had been a pleasure dealing with him, starting from the initial communication to the fast delivery (US to Australia) and the very well-packed phones. Professionally done. I certainly look forward to dealing with him again.   Thanks!
Agreed. I find the K340s to be a refined (and more revealing) version of the Sextetts. Never mind that they are considerably harder beasts to drive. :)    
x2.   I have speaker connectors that look exactly like those and I can use banana plugs on them. Have you tried different banana plugs on those? Failing that, you can always resort to spade plugs.   Cheers!  
You have enough reasons to leave negative feedback. I wouldn't care whether this is the first such feedback to this seller; you had a bad experience with this seller and you have every right to warn other prospective buyers that the same may happen to them. This guy's (in)action means his 100% feedback is no longer accurate, correct?   p.s. Had he tried to communicate with you, there would be room for negotiations (whether to leave no feedback or otherwise) but clearly...
  You found the first FMA run boring? I actually found it faster-paced with more dramatic-sounding OST than Brotherhood.   Not that I find Brotherhood boring (it's on a very interesting finale right now) but I'd put the first anime run ahead of it on excitement scale.   Cheers!  
I've seen that screenshot in a game but I don't know if it was original to the game or a reference to something else instead.
x2. Keep in mind however that you cannot get digital audio signal out of it since it's not supported by DVI connections. Cheers!
Quote: Originally Posted by Jubei But first, need to BACKUP! Pray it does not keep crashing while you back-up.
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