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I love it to death. Unlike the many dating sims with overly simplistic/typical storyline, Kimi ni Todoke has much greater depth and I could actually relate a lot of the occurences in the show to my teenage days back then (realistic?).Anyway, I highly recommend it. It may be a tad too slow for some people but it's still a very good show IMHO nonetheless.Cheers!
Up for sale is a pair of SR-60. When I purchased these from the previous owner, it needed a new cable as well as some touch-ups, perfect for modding. I got as far as recabling with 2m-long, quad-cored 26awg SPC cable (see photo), inserting a little blutak into the crevices where the rods are (to prevent free-sliding of the chambers) and adding cable tiers at the end of each rod to act as 'stoppers' (crude but effective). The rest are how they came to me originally. I would...
I have owned the HD-650 for nearly 6 years now and I personally rank it on top of all the headphones I have tried over the years. I would vote the K-340 too but I have only owned them for less than 4 years. Hopefully I can sample either the HD-800 or LCD-2 in the near future and see if I have a new "champion" then.
Check out Ebay seller furryletters. He sells a lot of sleeving types so make sure you get the monofilament variant, not the stiff, loosely-braided one. He calls them by a different name but I forget what it is. Your best bet is to describe to him what you are looking for and he will accomodate you. Cheers!
Great advice there and with which I concur.OP is unhappy with the K601 sonic signature so a different headphone seems in order. Yes, a good amp will make the K601 sing far better (I experienced it when I moved to a GS Solo) but it is not going to fundamentally change the sound. Like the OP, I initially disliked the K601 too and, while the Solo allows me to now enjoy it, I am always reaching for the Sennheiser HD-650 & AKG K-340 most of the time (which I love to death from...
I have used Navship's pre-twisted, stranded wires in sizes 26-24AWG for headphone recables. Coupled with the cloth-like techflex (iirc it's called monofilament sleeve) in 3/8in diameter size, they make fine cables. Just make sure to avoid the solid, inflexible wires.   I'm curious so many people are calling the wires microphonic as I don't find it to be the case. Granted, I am using wires purchased back in 2008; it's possible Navship is using more microphonic sleeves...
I'm looking to replace the (near disintegrated) foams in my pair. I understand this is a different foam to those normally found lining computer hardware boxes (which I have a lot of). Would a hardware store have this type of foam in stock? Or has anyone actually tried the 'common' foam as replacement?   Thanks in advance.
Love Clannad too. There's just something about everything in it that leaves a warm feeling in the heart, unlike Air and Kanon.     [[SPOILER]]
Got the amp back from Graham today.   Took only a little more than 2 weeks for me to send the amp to the UK (from Australia), for Graham to work on the upgrade and for him to send it back to Australia (from the UK). Very impressive. Graham also promptly accomodated my (many) queries and specific requests as well as keeping me updated on what's happening with the amp, which certainly adds a very personal touch.   Currently burning in the amp by directly listening...
Took me a while to decide but I have finally sent my Solo to be upgraded to Ultra-Linear. This should be fun.   In the meantime, I am back to using my trusty Creek OBH-21, which I personally still like and which presents a nice change of presentation from the Solo.   Cheers!
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